April 3, 2020

97 thoughts on “Albion Online | Introduction

  1. Welcome to the official Google+ profile of Albion Online – the first true cross platform Sandbox MMO!  Learn more about the game in this video:

  2. RMT plus PvP full loot? No sale. That points to laziness and expediency. Not good game design and skillful play in a PvP environment. By copying EVE Online's gold seller mantra, you've hobbled yourself out of the gate. It's always funny. Developers hate gold sellers, unless they're the ones doing it. Then they say it's for the good of the player.

  3. Hey DemonOfSnake, there are safe zones at the beginning as well as in your own territory/village. But in general you can kill whoever you want almost everywhere.

  4. This looks. Freaking. Amazing.

    Just the type of game I'm looking for!
    Do you have an eta for the game launch?
    I'll be following the dev closely!


  5. according to the website their going to avoid making this game Pay to win. Any items bought in the premium service can also just be found in the world, whether this imbalances this game or not is going to have to be seen during the release.

    Also the idea of losing your gear if you die in PvP really enhances the idea of danger. If you want to keep your gear and become successful at the game you're going to seek out other players for protection.

    This game looks pretty innovate, i'm sold.

  6. Guilds who have territory can choose certain times during the day at which their areas are designated as "free" to attack. At these times, their territory can be contested by other guilds or players and claimed back off them if they are defeated. This is done to ensure that territory is safe if members of a guild are AFK, but can be fought for when the guild is ready for battle! 🙂

  7. Well we'll take that as a compliment, but we hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by the differences in Albion Online 😉 If you haven't already you can sign up for alpha testing on our website to give the game a go. We're not giving out keys just yet, but if you like us on Facebook (just search for Albion Online) you'll get a chance for a test key as we'll be giving some away there too! Thanks for your interest in the game!

  8. We think the German accent sounds great on English :p we're not giving out keys for testing yet, but if you haven't already you can sign up for testing on our website and like us on Facebook for a chance to get a key! Thanks for your kind words about the game!

  9. I love the style and village-building of this game. I just really cannot stand the idea of player corpse looting. It's always been the big turnoff for me in sandbox MMOs that had it as a main mechanic (I worked hard for my gear, and I'll lose it all if I slip up once and die to another player? No thanks). But you guys have an amazing game in the works. I'm sure it will be phenomenal!

  10. im so tired of Point and click games, can never understand what is so amazing about a tiny little character hwo makes repetitve movements using the point and click system.

  11. Hello Albion Online thanks for this amazing game.Art work is very clean , colors and gfx are very nice.
    I have tried 80% of the MMOs on the market since UO looking to catch that same feeling but like many of the people reading this knows no game could give that freedom in such entertaining way , Albion Online looks like gonna be the game that breaks the curse.
    Please make more videos about the game like grp pve/pvp fights , loots , crafting , buildings i know there are many people like me wanting to know more about the game 😀

  12. Game looks very impressive. I can't wait to give it a try, but I also have few questions.

    1. Are there will be any non-PvP areas for players who don't enjoy the thrill of combat?
    2. What's the motivation behind the full loot system? I'm former Tibia player and I believe that this is the most frustrating feature I've ever seen. It leads to random violence and brings nothing but sorrow.
    3. Will it be possible to run the game on android-based smartphones?

    Also, I hope to become one of alpha testers. 😉
    I would be glad to provide you with feedback.

  13. I hope they use a good interface for the supply/demand aspect of the economy. Something like EVE Online's buy/sell escrow services.

  14. It would be cool if when you get richer or a bigger city, you can hire NPC workers to mine for you. Of course it would cost more than you'd make if you just gathered the resources yourself.

  15. Honestly feel like the game might get dumb'd down to support mobile players, already just looking at the UI you can see thats a mobile UI, we don't want that terrible UI on PC

  16. Please dont use runes of magic woodcutting system, please use ruenscape odlschool system. And please no abilities, I want combat system like runescape odlschool, thats much better.

  17. 25 Wow-Tards got lost here so far. Lucky for the players of AO, the Wow PvPers will not like the PvP here so we won't see them. They don't like consequences for their actions.

  18. I was sad when they said there are no levels (experience point) but then i was happy again when they said that you can change class by changing armor/ weapon, kinda like runescape..missed that a lot! 

  19. какая-то 2д браузерка за 30 баксов. Очередной современный прорыв.

  20. can we loot ourselves? I mean when we die and restart the game, if we go to the place where we died, can we see our body and equipments? can you expalin it please ?

  21. Hi I just really want to know how is the player control / movement in the game. Is it buggish and crappy like in for example RuneScape or is it more optimized and smooth like in League? This is really important to me.

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