April 7, 2020

Alaska Web Design Software Programming Company in Anchorage, Alaska

hi my name is chris howell and i am the
managing partner of northwest data solutions in anchorage alaska the purpose of this video is to
introduce our company and provide a schorr overview of the services we provide northwest is solutions has been in
business since two thousand three and has developed software for many
years for department of fence of defense
contractors we are members of the better business
bureau and are committed to providing
exceptional customer service we are experts in information technology
and strive to support your operations to make you more successful regardless of
your business segment throughout the years we have worked in a professional areas
including financial logistics engineering medical and e-commerce we have developed and continue to
support added hangouts three web based products dealing with a vision safety an environmental quality and everyday yes owns these products and
services clash mall over the world with the help abar partners around the globe and i think he s develops software for writing platform
such as the web desktop tablet pc and handheld applications we work with windows and unix based
systems and program in the most common programming languages our entire staff has at least a four
year degree in computer science and or management information systems most have masters degrees in computer
science or m_b_a_’s weather services that northwest data solutions cludes database programming using
microsoft’s equal server oracle and that’s access biased to will and more we can design inhaled and optimized database solutions
for small and large businesses alike we can also provide search engine
optimized sation services many of our clients websites are on the
first page of google search results and cleaned this website for many search
terms without a doubt we deliver and don’t
feed you a bunch of promises well we can design and develop complex
software applications worthless data solutions can also
provide businesses with ic google friendly small business website package that a search engine optimized we provide dotnet nuke consulting kind that new key is an open source
content management system with a very strong community of developers
supporting the application including and debbie d s and uh… media’s his business websites allow you to manage your old
content you can edit the text and or a movie images announcements and more right from your
desktop and we train you how northwest data solutions understands ita
solutions and we understand business processes we can analyze your business processes and reduce some of your pain
indoctrination a ring we’d ended or repented of entry of data and more if your staff require some assistance
with excel an s access sharepoint order the microsoft office
product northwest is solutions can provide
solutions and train your staff on how to apply
those solutions northwest data solutions can also
integrate your database or despaired software programs so they can share data or talk to one
another if you need temporary ite t consultants to provide systems now ur sis software design development maintenance or documentation northwest is solutions
provides i_t_t_ staff augmentation our programmer analyst can come to your
site and work closely with your team this saves you from happening to hire a
permit resource finally northwest data solutions can
help transform your enterprise data into shared information so you can make
timely decisions in a cost effective manner northwest days solution provides report
writing and report maintenace services based on crystal reports and a sequel server reporting services access or excel why should you choose northwest area
solutions we are noted for a high-quality
solutions and are exceptional customer service thank you for considering northwest data

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