April 2, 2020


hey guys Rachel Astley here and in this
video I’m gonna give you an honest review of my experience with Spencer
Meekins build up rune ORS course affiliate secrets and you could decide
if you if it’s right for you if you’ve been on the fence about it or thinking
about it so just a little bit of a back story I’ve been doing online marketing
for like gosh six years now and got the clickfunnels 2 comma Club award last
winter and doing affiliate marketing like not even seriously for a year yet
but I’m like all-in I love it as my main thing and since I am in the clickfunnels
community and I and I had some affiliates under me I really wanted to
hit that hundred if you hit a hundred you get they pay for your car your dream
car and you get another trophy and I like my two comma Club trophy and I want
the car trophy and the car and more money more affiliate commissions so I
started researching online who are the top click funnels affiliate who are
really succeeding with this and how can i hack them how can i funnel hack them
and do what they’re doing and being active in the Facebook groups I quickly
learned that Spencer is the top affiliate and after some further
investigation he got a lot of his signups through Google Adwords but it’s
not just through Google AdWords there’s other ways to sorry if there’s a here
the helicopter I’m here in Hawaii I love affiliate marketing let me just
say that so anyway I saw that he was the top one and I knew his strategy was like
Google AdWords but there was more to it especially getting people to stick you
can get signups but you also want people to stick also you don’t just want people
you don’t want just your income to be from click funnels or from one source
you want it from to be from other sources so I knew he had a course and I
went through a lot of his free stuff like his case study and was in his
Facebook group and I loved Tube channel lots of good stuff on there
I was like hmm secret it’s gotta be in in the Fillion secrets course so I got
it and when I was in I thought it was super cool because there’s a lot of
template downloads like funneled downloads so it’s the same funnels that
he uses in his campaigns and like walkthroughs screenshare walkthroughs of
how his automations work because that’s a big thing with affiliate marketing and
scaling is automating things so you can relax and chill and travel or do
whatever you want so there’s a lot to it like big email marketing section Google
AdWords section click funnel strategy sections and other parts but it’s also
not just click funnels Spencer he’s also a builder all dream car winner and
that’s also one of my goals too because they pay for your car so he has a case
study on that and a lot of things about getting people to buy more stuff through
other automations and email follow-up which is really important for us
affiliate marketing marketing affiliate marketing people in make money online
niche also I like that he updates the course or if something like isn’t it
something changes then he updates it or lets you know and I have made money from
the things I’ve learned from it but what’s funny as I’ve also made money
being like being an affiliate for his course and his program so I was like
totally funnel hacked him and thought okay well how did I even get into this
funnel and what strategies did he use that persuaded me to upgrade into buying
the course so moving from the free stuff to the lower ticket stuff like email
swipes into the full course or you have access to everything so I have affiliate
links for his other things that he offers his lead magnets and all I have
to do drive traffic to the lead magnets which
is super cool so and I have it on automation like I have this email
sequence up I used some of the email swipes he gives but I also like
customize them and made them even better and my email sequence is good like I’ll
check my affiliate portal and I don’t know I’m not as top affiliate yet but
that’s like my next goal to get there and he really supports you in promoting
that too so if you’re on the fence of getting it just I mean I guess decide
what kind you got to identify what kind of affiliate marketing that you’re
trying to do if you do want to promote online marketing software’s or like make
money online niche and like automation software’s that’s a perfect fit for you
if you’re more into building out like niche sites it’s not necessarily like
about that you just teach a lot about SEO – like how he gets commissions from
YouTube which has really helped me and my youtube SEO and I hit a thousand
subscribers today yay so that’s also from stuff from some things that I
learned from Spencer any teachers Instagram strategies – and that’s a
great way to get traffic and you know you can’t do it all at once
I wouldn’t even suggest when you get in the course to like watch it all in one
day and consume it all and try to do your Google Ads and your Instagram and
your emails and like your social media and all of that just take it step by
step start going through the content build out your machines I would say
build out your machines like your funnels get that set up get some email
automation set up then work on the traffic part of that once you get that
down you can super super start scaling like if I know that for every person or
every hundred people that go through my funnel is going to result in a certain
amount of money I can reverse-engineer that and just hey to get more affiliate
commissions as long as you set it up properly and you test and that is a lot
of the things that Spencer teaches in his course so
put a link down below to resources if you are interested and thanks for


  1. Affiliate marketing is the best online marketing channel to start. A lot of newbies are jumping into crypto and Shopify, later wondering where their money went. I might create a video around affiliate marketing too. Nice one Rachel.

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  3. I love how you share your secrets with all of your subscribers. It only goes to show that you really wanted to help everyone to become successful in online marketing such as myself. I am learning a lot from your vids.

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