April 10, 2020


– I wanna talk to you today
about affiliate marketing and I know there are some people out there that are very skeptical
about affiliate marketing and think it’s nothing but a scam. I’m gonna talk to you today about how you can make $5,000 a month and I’m doing this right now
with affiliate marketing. But I also feel it’s important to explain something about affiliate
marketing to you right off the bat if you think it’s a lazy
get-rick-quick scheme. If you’re watching this video right now there’s an 80% chance that
you work a nine to five job and day in and day out you’re doing work that accomplishes making
money for the company and you’re getting paid
an hourly salary or wage. For some of you, you work in sales and you’re not getting
a cut of the profits that you’re directly
working for and generating. There are some of you that
are probably in the business that you work in, as an employee, some of you have generated, and
I’ve experienced this myself in corporate America,
some of you have generated a million dollars, a
half a million dollars for the company this
year, directly as a result of the work that you did
but you’re not walking away with a $100,000, you’re
not even walking away with $50,000 on top of
your salary for the profits that you helped facilitate. You’re not getting a 10%
commission cut of what you’ve sold. Now, if there’s anything that
feels really uncomfortable or scam-y, I would argue
that not getting some portion of the sales that you
facilitated is a scam but you do it anyway, but
you won’t go on the internet and take a cut and a commission
that might be 20, 30% or up to 50% for a sale
that you can facilitate by just giving good information on something a person was
probably gonna buy anyway, and that’s the scam? Really? All right, let’s talk about it. Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake helping you create
something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. For those of you who
have no idea who I am, first of all, thanks for dropping
by, clicking on the video. My name’s Roberto Blake. I’m a creative entrepreneur,
I made over a thousand videos on YouTube because I came
from the world of freelancing and I wanna help people
get educated and motivated if they have a creative talent to realize that they can make money
from that creative talent. I’ve done everything from
writing to photography, to graphic design throughout my career, video editing and production. And I managed to put those skills to work to build myself a successful
social media coaching business. I’m also a public speaker at events like Social Media
Marketing World and VidCon. Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to grow additional revenue streams, diversify your income and
create financial freedom and security for you and your family. I also think that it’s wildly
accessible for a lot of you. And I wanna tell you five things that you can focus on that
will make you more money with affiliate marketing
and you will not necessarily have to build a YouTube channel. Although it’s a great
platform for doing that. But I do recommend that
some of you explore at least blogging and writing because it is accessible,
it will take you less time than making a video or
maybe even doing a podcast which I also think is a great idea and I’ve given you a lot of information on this channel to start
either of those ventures but at least start blogging. And that’s not even tip number one. Let’s get into how you
can make $5,000 a month with affiliate marketing
and I’m gonna tell you some strategies that can
help you start generating maybe as much as a hundred to $500 a day if you do this right. Aside from the obvious point
that you will have to have some kind of of audience,
and it can actually be a relatively small following. You know, listen and watch
my, how to get started with affiliate marketing step by step. I think it’s gonna help you a lot if you’re just trying to get started. But here’s how you’re
gonna grow money with this. The first thing that I would do is look for affiliate programs that
offer a recurring commission. These are usually gonna be services. This might be easier if
you’re doing something in the internet space
and you can use things that have a recurring
commission associated with them. I’ll give you two very
healthy examples in my case. These are platforms that give, actually, I’ll give you three example, these give healthy commissions. Leadpages for email marketers, Kajabi for coaches, building
courses, both of these do 30% and TubeBuddy which is a
browser plug in service for YouTube content
creators, also there’s 30% but I’m an affiliate
that is a super affiliate and I get a 50% commission on that, but all three of these
particular platforms give me a 30% minimum recurring commission for the lifetime of the account that I sign up for these services and these are things that people in my niche and my industry
use on a regular basis. By doing training and tutorials and videos that help people understand
how to use these products before they buy them or while
they’re on the free trial of them, I ultimately end
up with a 30% commission if I convert them to
being a buying customer and I get that for the
lifetime of the account of the people that I brought in. Recurring commissions are great because maybe it’s not
a ton of upfront money but its long term value,
as long as you brought the right people to the
product or to the service and it makes perfect sense, it’s about qualifying the right buyers. And this means again, you
don’t need a massive audience for this to be very lucrative
and successful for you. A lot of people sign
up for yearly accounts so every year you’ll get
value from that account. People who do the monthlies,
you’ll get that monthly. So that is recurring income
that you can more or less have some level of reliability around. In my case, I do over
$5,000 in recurring income from affiliate marketing specifically because of prioritizing it and I think that this is a massive
advantage if you lead with it. Tip number two, focus on higher earning affiliate commissions. While it’s great to get recurring, sometimes it’s not that
high of a recurring. Because it’s 30%, maybe
that represents you know, 10$ a month, you’d have to
do a volume of high sales before that adds up to even a $100 a month in recurring income but in terms
of individual upfront sales there are affiliates out there where you can get a $100 per commission, $30 per commission, $50
per commission or more and that, and knowing what those are in your particular niche is important and that’s where you would focus building content and building
an audience around it. Now, while these still pay
out on a monthly basis, the reality is, you can set a
daily income goal around them and you can start
generating and setting up for a nice payout at the end of the month by focusing on these,
you know, higher ticket or, you know, decent tier
single sale products. Now, a good example of this
would be, that’s successful to a lot of you is
something like web hosting. If you already do anything
in the online space you have a website that you’re hosting with a company and the
odds are that that company has an affiliate program
and by just recommending that people use the service
that you’re already using for your website, guess what? Those people will generate sales for you in the form of you getting that commission so maybe it’s 50 or a
hundred or $200 a sale just depending on what your
web hosting company is offering in their affiliate marketing program. Some web hosting companies even offer what they call a reseller program which can be even more lucrative for you. So, for those of you who have
any kind of online business or venture, affiliate marketing through the web hosting company that you already are using
is a massive opportunity. The same goes for some email marketing. Not all email marketing related things are recurring commission, some
of that is up front as well. Some of it will be a percentage and some of it will be a flat rate. I’m a big fan of flat
rate affiliate marketing because if you know there’s
a $100 or 30 or $50 bounty, you know how many sales
equals how much money in a very transparent way. Making an abundance of
content that facilitates these individuals sales
is gonna be very practical for you and that’s how you can know, oh, well I’m making 300 a day, 500 a day because it equals how many sales? Three sales, five sales, 10 sales, right? How much content do you think you need in order to accomplish that? We’ll get to that in a moment but I feel that by focusing content around these higher ticket
or individual products it makes total sense. Tip number three, diversifying
your affiliate marketing. Just like we make diverse,
multiple income streams, I talk about that a lot on this channel, through a lot of business related content, a lot of the content around passive income or building your online business, I constantly stress the
importance of diversifying. ‘Cause again, if you work
in a nine to five job, you’re just one person
deciding they don’t like you or one person wanting to push you out or god forbid, one person in
your department screwing up away from you losing the only way that you have to provide
for you and your family and take care of yourself. So what I’m saying here is, I don’t think that affiliate marketing gets all of you to $5,000 a month and quit your day job. I’m very realistic. But I do think that if you guys are making a few extra hundreds of
dollars every single month, the first year that you do this, it adds up and maybe down the
road you get very good at it or you grow an audience and it scales. Either way, I don’t
think you lose on this. I think it’s just a
matter of giving up time that you might be spending on Netflix. So let’s talk about how you can diversify. Obviously, you know that I’m doing multiple affiliate marketing ventures because I’ve talked about a
few of them here on the channel but I think the problem with a lot of you who aren’t making money
on affiliate marketing and maybe I’ll do a dedicated
video about this topic. But I think the real
reason that a lot of you don’t make money on
affiliate marketing is, you’re focusing on just one
affiliate marketing program and then getting discouraged
and not doing anything else. I also think that a lot of
you are just putting all of your eggs into Amazon basket
because it seems accessible and there are the most products. And here are the couple
of the issues with that. I love Amazon, it was
one of my first forays into affiliate marketing
but the reality is that the margins on it are not great, meaning that the percentage of commissions that you get aren’t great and
you would have to take traffic away from your own site for a
very small potential pay out unless you’re selling a
ton of their products. I mean, so, that’s very
uncomfortable for me and it doesn’t feel like
it’s worth it sometimes and a lot of money, that’s
why I told you to focus on recurring and to focus
on higher ticket items so what else do we mean here? Well, I would say that it’s overwhelming to do a bunch of things at once so maybe pick three really
strong affiliate programs. I would say, find one that
is a recurring program that you can start with and
then find two very good ones with, you know, flat rate commissions, something that’s like, you know, maybe it’s like 20 to $50 range and then something
that’s a $100 plus range and then I would add in this, something that’s wildly accessible that doesn’t necessarily
have the highest commissions but it’s something that
will generate a volume of sales that can add up over time. So that could be something like Amazon or another platform that offers
that level of accessibility in your niche, some of the
app stores do that as well so maybe that’s practical for you. (upbeat music) Tip number four, and this one I think is really the focal
point of a lot of this. I think you need to buckle down and make 30 to 90 days worth of content. And I think for a lot of you
the easiest place to start is to start with blogging articles and making things that
could be resource lists. Meaning like, you could audit and say, here are a bunch of
products I use every day, whether that’s for your
lifestyle or your business. Now make a list, so that you can make a top five list or top 10 list. Here’s an idea for those of you who aren’t doing an online business and you’re, let’s just
say you’re a parent. One thing you could
consider is writing a blog that is just a resource for parents and does a collection of all of the items, the products and services that you use for your family and write
some short list style articles about why you use these five things or why, if your kid has an allergy, these 10 products are a
must have in your household. There are other people like you
who would benefit from that. There are a lot of people who
feel like affiliate marketing is scummy and uncomfortable
but if you set out to be a resource for people like you, it’s not, it’s actually very helpful because people don’t have
to hunt this stuff down on their own and figure it out. They can have a perspective of somebody that shares their experiences
or shares their struggles and has come up with a solution. And finally, tip number
five for making more money with affiliate marketing. Build a niche website and drive traffic to that nice website. This is one of the most
underutilized tactics that I think I’ve ever seen. You can specifically take a
problem, just one problem, it doesn’t even have to be a whole theme or whatever, just one problem. And specifically make 20
or 30 pieces of content around that on a website
called a micro website. And that’s all the website is, you don’t have to update it every week, you don’t have to do any of that, you just outline all of the information that you think is relevant
in 20 or 30 pieces of content and that solves the problem
and you can put resources and affiliate links into
that that are practical and are part of the execution
of solving that problem and all of a sudden, you have
a great resource for people that directly benefits you in
terms of affiliate marketing, sales, passive income and
you can put multiple items, it can be 10, 20 items that
are resources and tools into this that people will buy. It could be a hundred items. So I would say, find a problem to solve, make a list of all the resources that solve that problem and
then find affiliate programs and commissions associated
with tools, resources, associated with solving that problem and then build and farm
out content around that and own a website for it. Then use things like email marketing and a free download or other means to drive traffic, SEO, whatever it is, drive traffic, social media distributions, drive traffic to this website, get people this information and resource and help them buy things
that solve this one problem. So there you go, five tips
on affiliate marketing. Five ways that I think if you
implement enough of these, you can put yourself in a position where you’re making three
to $5,000 plus a month in affiliate marketing, not over night, not in the next 30 or 90 days, you’ll have to work your way up to it but I do feel that it’s possible for you because it was possible for me and I think that it’s
more accessible even now because there’s just so much attention, there’s so much traffic on the internet, there are all these
great new opportunities in YouTube, podcasting and
blogging is still relevant so I really feel like this can help you. Now obviously there are affiliate links in the description down
below for resources that you can take advantage of. We have a discount with
our friends at Bluehost. They’re not a sponsor,
but they are an affiliate and they got us a discount for you if you need to start a
website or a micro site. Or if you need to start a
website for hosting your podcast, we have that in the link
down below with a discount. If you need to build a coaching business and you’re going to do that, we have a link for Kajabi down below, you can start a free trial. If you’re a YouTuber, there
are a ton of resources in the description down below for you. And all of those of
course are affiliate links that help benefit this channel. I think you guys see
exactly what I did there. Question of the day, what is your biggest challenge right now? What is it? It can be anything related
to either work life balance. It could be making money online, it could be, you know,
trying to figure out growing your platform, I
would love specific questions so that I can make videos in the future for you guys that help you out. This is something that
a lot of you requested around affiliate marketing
because, you know, there are other videos
that I’ve done about it but you’ve wanted specifically to know how you could scale it
and make some real money and I hope I provided that value for you. Anyway, like this video if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff here on the channel. As always you guys, thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget, go out there and create
something awesome today. Take care. (upbeat music)


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