October 15, 2019

100 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing: How I Won The ClickFunnels Dream Car In 4 Weeks!

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  2. hi franklin..i am very eager to be part of your team as well as to be your partner in clickfunnels..but i have got one problem starting, i dont have a credit card to use and its really frustrating. is there any other way i could do to become a clickfunnels member?thanks and i hope you could help me with this.

  3. Clickfunnels won't accept either of my emails, says they are taken "retry and submit again" but when I do I receive the same message I just want to sign up from the 4 training emails you recently sent out. How do I get around the email problem.

  4. Hey just wanted to ask that don't you have any seperate course with regards to online traffic. How to drive it? From where to drive it? Etc.

  5. ClickFunnels is awesome, do you recommend using a funnel for driving ecommerce sales? Have you seen success doing this?

  6. Hi frank we haven’t spoken in a while. Just wanted to let you know we are breaking $50,000+/month on our Shopify store and I’m still using your V1 Ecom turbo theme. Hope you are well mate, cheers.

  7. Hello Frank I just watched your last YouTube video and I will like to ask if you can recommend and funnel builders and Facebook ad makers you suggest , I will really appreciate the help . Cheers

  8. Really interesting stuff Franklin. I've just started exploring funnels myself with my audience.
    I'll have to up my game soon after watching this!

  9. seriously frank you are on my DREAM 100 list.. Thanks for the funnel, really love it… I look forward to get more tips from you…Can we talk privately?

  10. Hey buddy, I just watched your video on youtube about "Facebook Ads in 2018" and your video was extremely helpful, much more than some of the other courses I considered. I think I want to sign up for the ecomelites but I had a question or two first. Question 1: Since facebook changed their privacy policies, how does this effect anything taught in your course and does anywhere in your course teach how to find the particular audience you're looking for? I'm selling a particular product specifically homeowners but since facebook removed that targeting option before my store goes live I'm not sure how to reach my particular target audience anymore. Is there anything in the course or any other course you offer that helps to find your target audience through particular interests etc? Thanks

  11. Franklin..Regarding clickfunnel affiliate, I have few questions. 1- Do i need to build a Web site? If yes what niche it should be? 2- How much I need to invest initially e.g email tools or other software?

  12. Usually I do not enjoy so much content as most say "action". Every video I have seen of yours does not promote action but is "real" enough to explain the "CHOICE" is upon self to do something. No promises, no guarantees just "this can work" and this is how you worked it. Thank you.

  13. okay… so, I wan't to grow my channel and make money on youtube, but i'm not sure if the type of videos I make can make enough money! any advice?

  14. Hey Frank, I am an artist posting on Instagram every single day. The sad part is I have about only 400+ followers. I want to start getting sponsorships on Instagram and want to earn a few bucks. How do I do it? My IG handle is @antaradeystudio

  15. New subscriber here! Great content πŸ™‚ I'm just starting with affiliate marketing with clickfunnels and clickbank so all your videos help a lot, thank you.

  16. Really interesting stuff Franklin. I've just started exploring funnels myself with my audience.
    I'll have to up my game soon after watching this!

  17. Hi Frank. I have tried contacting you twice recently regarding your free Clickfunnels 4 day training videos that I recently signed up for and watched, but as yet I still haven't received a reply from you. I know you are busy and don't always have time to reply to every comment here, but if you could respond to my question about the course I would appreciate it. My question is: Apart from the free 14 day Clickfunnels trial what other costs are involved with the set up of the affiliate program? I am really interested in getting involved and signing up using your link, however, as I am currently short on funds at present I am little concerned that there might be additional costs once I join that I won't be able to cover. For example, what other costs are there besides the Clickfunnels monthly subscription (after the free 14 day trial expires). Finally, how easy do you think it is to get at least two sign-ups – so that I at least get my monthly subscription covered? I would appreciate your reply this time and posted on here as I cannot get a reply from you using your email address in the video training.Thank you.

  18. Hey Frank! Awesome vid and congrats on winning the challenge. Curious to know: what did you roughly invest to get to the 100? I have funds but also heard to expect to spend about $100-$150 per trial. True?

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