April 3, 2020

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners #2: What Platform To Use? [2019]

– Hello once again guys. Welcome back to the series here on affiliate marketing for beginners. This is going to be part number two where we’re going to be talking about choosing your platform. Now if you guys haven’t
checked out part one where we talked about
figuring out your niche, you’re going to want to
check that out first. I’m gonna link up to the
entire series playlist down in the description below. And if you guys haven’t checked
out my free training yet on affiliate marketing, that’s the very next
thing I want you to do after watching this video. That is the top link in
the description below. It is literally a two
hour long free training, just like this video is going to be on my business model
and affiliate marketing. And I will also be revealing
two affiliate products that have earned me over
$50,000 over the last year. So you definitely do not
want to miss out on that. But what we’re talking
about today in this video is choosing your platform when it comes to affiliate marketing. Now myself I’ve been doing online business and building followings
on different platforms for the last two and a half years. So I have my YouTube channel, I also have my InvestingSimple Instagram, I have my InvestingSimple blog and then I also have a free
course that I put together. And these are the four areas that derive my affiliate income. Now beyond that, I also
have my Facebook pages and my personal Instagram but
I don’t actually use those for affiliate marketing just
because I have not found them to be effective mediums
for affiliate marketing. But if you look at my entire earnings for the affiliate site of my business, about 60% of it comes
from YouTube right now, 30% comes from my InvestingSimple blog. And I’m expecting this
to take over very shortly as the dominant affiliate
income source for my channel. Then 5% comes from my
InvestingSimple Instagram and about 5% comes from that free course that I put together about a year ago. And that was actually
kind of an interesting affiliate experiment for me
and it’s one of the methods that I show people in my
affiliate marketing course, Steal My Business Model: 6
Figure Affiliate Marketing. And essentially what you’re
doing there is putting together a free course or free
resource that teaches people how to use something that
you are affiliated with. So, I did this with the course
creation platform that I use. I created a free course and then I used some paid
advertisements to get people to sign-up for that course and
then if they’d follow-through with that course and
signed-up for that platform, I earned a 30% recurring commission. And that still consistently earns me about $500 every single month from a course that I put
together over a year ago. So it’s definitely not something where I slammed it out of the park, it’s not a huge amount of
money but for most people, you know, $500 per month, that’s a significant amount of money. So, that is what my business looks like. I have my YouTube channel, my blog and then this free course and then also my
InvestingSimple Instagram, and that is where the affiliate
revenue is coming from. Now, I just want to stop
you guys right there and go ahead and make
this disclaimer here. And that is that you don’t wanna be doing all these different things at once. You may see me having all
these different avenues for affiliate marketing but
what I wanna tell you right now is that I built these
things one at a time. And if you’re just starting out, what you wanna do is
dominate one platform first, whether it’s Instagram, maybe it’s a blog, maybe it’s YouTube, maybe
wanna go the free course route. Whatever you wanna do, you wanna
dominate one platform first and then decide to branch out. And another thing I wanna mention here is that I have a lot of
different people helping me behind the scenes with
these different things. I have a partner in the
blog, it’s a 50/50 partner, he does a lot of the writing. We also have a writer for the blog and we have an SCO guy and a web designer. As far as the Instagram
goes I have somebody who manages my Instagram pages full time. So if it was only me doing these things, I would not have time to do all of these different platforms at once. So, once you reach a certain size, once you have enough income,
you can afford to hire people and hire out some of those tasks that you may not love doing yourself and then you can scale up
your affiliate business. But when you first start
out you need to focus in on one platform, dominate that platform and then over time figure out how you can maybe outsource
some of those tasks and then diversify into
a different platform. So that being said,
let’s get into what I see as the three core platforms right now for affiliate marketing. And these are in no particular order here. And I’m basically going to be
giving you guys some advice as far as who I would recommend for each of these different platforms. So starting off number one,
let’s talk about YouTube. That is where I started
with affiliate marketing was by doing some review videos
using Amazon associates and then eventually I
established some relationships with some brokerage accounts and some different investing
platforms out there. So, when it comes to a YouTube channel what you are building is
called a personal brand because you are the face of your channel. Unless you’re going to build
some kind of stand-alone brand, maybe you’re going to do
behind the scenes videos, some of those videos were
you’ll see them draw out stuff as that you’re narrating
over the top of it. Unless you’re doing something like that, it’s going to be a very personal
experience for your viewer and people are going to get to know you. So, some people like
that, some people don’t, but what you are going to do is build a very strong connection
with your audience. Now, not everyone is excited about that vulnerability associated
with being a YouTuber. And this is one thing I
wanna clear up as well because I’ve had a lot
of people emailing me, asking me about my course and saying, hey, you know, do I have to do YouTube? And absolutely not. Not only do I show people, you know, how to build a YouTube channel, grow it and then make money through
affiliate marketing, I also show you how to
do this through a blog, through an Instagram page,
through that free course method as well as a couple of other additional affiliate marketing methods
that are 100% behind the scenes. So if YouTube is not for
you, it is not a prerequisite to have a YouTube channel,
it is not the only way to make money with affiliate marketing. But that being said, obviously
having a YouTube channel is kind of more extrovert friendly, you have to be comfortable
with going on camera and making videos but the
beauty of a YouTube channel is that when you compare it to a blog, there is less competition and
so it is a little bit easier to grow a following on this platform. Now, it’s not going to happen overnight. I always tell people
and this is the truth, it took me seven weeks to get my first 100
subscribers on YouTube. So it’s very slow growth at first but there is less competition
than the blogging space just because blogs have been
around for multiple decades and YouTube has only been
really popular for the last maybe 5 to 10 years as far as creating your own YouTube channel. Now that being said, there
is lower search traffic because when you compare
the overall search traffic on YouTube versus the
search traffic on Google, there’s obviously more
people searching for answers to their questions on Google
than there is for YouTube. And just so you guys understand
what I’m getting at here, essentially what you’re doing
with affiliate marketing is finding a niche that
you’re passionate about, figuring out what are the
biggest questions in that niche or pain points for people and helping them on that customer journey. So let’s say for example, somebody was doing the cameras niche and they wanted to do, you know, best DSLR cameras as a niche on YouTube. They would figure out, you know, one of the most common
questions people have like, what’s the best DSLR under $500? And they may make a YouTube video on that or maybe they would make a blog
on that if they had a blog. What I’m saying is that more
people are gonna be searching for that on Google than
they would be on YouTube because Google is the
dominant search engine. However, it is going
to be less competitive in the YouTube space. So that being said, lower
competition on YouTube, less search traffic, it is slow growth, it’s not the slowest growth out there, the slowest growth is
going to be with a blog, but as far as the income potential here, I’m gonna say it’s about
a two out of three. So, it’s in the middle here. There’s a decent amount of
money to be made on YouTube but the majority of the affiliate income is going to come from a blog and I’m gonna explain why that is now. So when it comes to blogging, you can either go the
personal brand approach and have you be the face of your blog or you can do what I’ve
done with InvestingSimple and just create a stand-alone brand. If you are introverted
and you don’t want to be, you know, the face of your product and you’d rather be behind the scenes, I don’t blame you, there’s
a lot of reasons to do that. And so what you can do is
literally just go on Fiverr, have someone make you a logo and build a brand around your blog. Now, as far as that goes,
blogging is introvert or extrovert friendly because
you can either be the face of your blog or you can
go behind the scenes and build a personal brand. But when it comes to blogging, it is much higher competition but there is a lot more search traffic. Like I said, most people their
searches originate on Google and so if you can piggyback on the largest search engine out there and get free traffic for your website, that will eventually lead to conversions. There’s a lot of money
to be made with blogging. But that being said, because
blogs have been around for a much longer period of time, it is a lot more competitive. As far as the other things
with blogging that I like, first of all, you own it,
you own your audience. If you build an email list,
you own that email list or as with YouTube and with Instagram that we’re gonna talk
about in a minute here, you don’t own your audience. If YouTube decides to
shut or ban your content and only show you to 5% of your audience, they have complete control over that and you do not have a
direct line of communication with your entire audience. Same thing with Instagram, they could shut or ban your content and
not show it to people and there’s literally
nothing that you can do. When it comes to blogging, you
can send out an email blast and everybody’s going to receive it as long as it makes it
through the spam filter. And you own the blog,
you own that website, so you have a lot more control over it and you don’t have anybody above you that could potentially
be pulling the strings and messing with your business. That is one of my favorite
reasons for owning a blog, is that right there, the amount of control that you have over it and the direct access to your audience. Another reason why I like blogging is that people are more
likely to click links and that is because with
the YouTube channel in order to get people to click
your affiliate links, they have to scroll down
to your video description, open the description, scroll into it and then click on a link. Whereas with a blog, the
links are right there in front of them, you can make them bold, you can make them any color you want and it’s a much better platform for people to be clicking links. Now why do we care if
people are clicking links? Well that is when you’re going
to be earning commissions, is when you include your affiliate link and somebody clicks on
that affiliate link. So, it’s a much better platform and it’s more click friendly, you know, link friendly I would say. So that is one of the advantages
I’ve seen to blogging, is that you may have a blog article that’s getting a lot less
traffic than a YouTube video but you’re probably getting
an identical amount of clicks, just because more people
click links on a blog than they do on a YouTube channel. But the main downside to blogging is that it is the slowest growth out there, highest income potential but the hardest platform
to grow on in my opinion. So, I’ve been growing my
blog since August of 2018 and now I’m starting to see, you know, decent growth and decent results with it. But early on with your blog, you’re basically putting out content, nobody’s looking at it,
you have no validation or proof of concept and
you just have to trust that eventually you’re
going to get indexed and you’re gonna start getting traffic. So, of all the platforms that
I’ve grown an audience on, I will 100% say that blogging
is the slowest one out there but as a result, it has the
highest income potential because you can piggyback off of Google being the largest search
engine in the world. And then third and
finally, the only other one we’re going to discuss in
this video is Instagram. Now, in my opinion if
you’re a complete beginner, this is one of the best
ways to get started with affiliate marketing and
you can create a personal brand where you are the face of the product or you do a separate
brand like I’ve done here with the InvestingSimple Instagram. And essentially, you know, this could be introvert
or extrovert friendly. But the thing is that there’s no search
traffic on Instagram. You don’t go on Instagram and type best DSLR cameras under $500. That’s not how Instagram works. What you would do instead is build an Instagram page around your niche. And basically curate content that your audience would be
interested in looking at. So, what I do on my page
is I create and curate and I’m not the one doing this. My page managers create and curate content around business
entrepreneurship and investing and that naturally is going
to attract an audience of young people who are looking to invest or learn about business. And then what we do is
we do page shout-outs, we do some affiliate promotions
through the Instagram story and we also collect emails by offering a free investing guide and monetize on the back-end
through affiliate marketing. I know that may sound like a
lot coming at you guys at once but in my course Steal My Business Model 6 Figure Affiliate Marketing,
I literally walk you guys through that process step by step of doing any of these methods. Building a YouTube channel,
starting out a blog or building out on
Instagram and in some cases being able to make money from day one. The income potential for Instagram is on the lower side in my experience but you do have a much
faster growth potential but it is possible to start
making money on day one with Instagram by curating
interesting content, building a following
and then putting offers in front of your audience
through the story or setting up an email
autoresponder on the back-end. And like I said, I walk
you guys through this step by step in my course
if you are interested. So, hopefully at this point
you have a general idea of what platform is going to
be most interesting to you. If you are introverted and you
wanna be behind the scenes, you’re probably leaning towards
a blog or an Instagram page. If you’re extroverted and you
want to make YouTube videos, YouTube is also an excellent
platform to build an audience, establish a personal
connection with people and leverage affiliate marketing. Now, these are not the only
three platforms out there but because this is YouTube, I gotta keep things shorter here. If you guys do want to learn
more about affiliate marketing and some additional platforms that I use, including my free course strategy that still earns me about $500 per month. Take a look at my course, it’s down in the description below, it’s a full-blown
affiliate marketing course that walks you through
everything from A to Z. And if you’re on the fence about it or you’re still just
looking to learn more, I do have that completely free two hour affiliate marketing training, the top link in the description below. And like I said, I’ll be
revealing two affiliate products that’ve earned me over
$50,000 in the last year. But that’s gonna wrap up this video guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Drop a like if you did and
leave your comments down below and I will do my best to
answer every single one and I will see you in the next video.

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