April 3, 2020
Advice for Selling T-Shirts Online [Ecommerce]

Advice for Selling T-Shirts Online [Ecommerce]

– Hey, everyone. This is Roberto Blake of Robertoblake.com, helping you create
something awesome today. So, today, we’re going to talk
about something interesting. We’re going to talk about selling T-shirts on the Internet and how you do that and whether it’s viable
or whether it works. Now, we’re doing this video because it was a request from many of you in the audience, both in the graphic design video comments and in some other comments because you guys see that I have the Always Be Creating and the Create Awesome T-shirts. And a lot of you have
been wondering about that. Now, the thing is, I don’t market those a lot because I’m not really in selling T-shirts online to make a ton of money or to really even promote my website because there’s no URL link or anything going to my website. These shirts, for me, were about spreading a specific message and then, also, in my personal branding. Whenever I walk out in these, they’re a conversation-starter. There’s no point at which a day goes by when I’m wearing these shirts that I don’t end up talking
to someone about the Create Awesome philosophy, about creating things and
sharing them with the world and living out your dreams, if you’re a creative. So, that always ends up being
part of the conversation. So, if you have a message
or you’re a personal brand, there might be reasons
outside the e-commerce benefit for you to sell T-shirts
online or to have T-shirts because you might be interested
in building a community, which is what I’m doing. I’m building a community
of people who either want to be entrepreneurs and they’re creating value for other people or they’re creative
professionals or hobbyists. They’re artists, photographers, painters, designers who are creating things and
sharing them with the world. So, Create Awesome and Always Be Creating applies to anybody, really, and that’s the point. So, I’m building a community of people who are interested in that message and want to feel like they’re
a part of something. That’s it. That’s why I don’t spam people with stuff for the T-shirts or go buy the T-shirts in the store. With that in mind, if you are looking to do e-commerce and sell T-shirts for whatever reason, there are some strategies and methods that I can advise you on. One, I would say that I understand if you were trying to go wholesale, buy T-shirts from a wholesaler, print them yourself or whatever, and then keep the largest margin. But I’m against that for several reasons. Because, one, it means that
you’re limited to the market that you can either deal with locally or that you have to
absorb shipping logistics and shipping costs. If you’re doing any
other type of business, all of that for selling the shirts for a very minimal amount of money is taking away time from
your other business. So, I recommend that if you’re doing any other business, any other side hustle, do not print your own T-shirts and buy them wholesale. Just go through an online vendor. Let them keep the bulk of the profits and you make like, $1.50 or $2 a shirt. It’s fine because it means zero costs to you, zero work, and zero of your time. So, I would argue that the
margin that they’re keeping is you buying back your time. So, that’s what I would recommend. The online marketplace that I utilized for my T-shirts is Spreadshirt.com. So, I have Robertoblake.spreadshirt.com, but I also set up my own URL. I set up RobertoBlake.com/shirts to forward to that. So, if you have your own website, I would say, find a way to do the URL redirect and do something like shirts or store and then, push people from your dot com to your store. The reason I recommend that is you’ll have better tracking metrics. It might be easier for people
to remember and to get to you. It might be better for you for linking that up on your website. Obviously, if you’re on YouTube, like me, then, using the YouTube
info cards and annotations are associated with your
website, your dot com. So, that’s going to make it easier for you to link out to that. So, those are my
recommendations with regard to utilizing an online store,
e-commerce platform, as a third-party for selling your T-shirts or your, you know, apparel
accessories online. Now, with regard to, how you go about designing them, I recommend that if you’re
going to do something that’s text-based, like this, or that is an icon or a logo that you take the Adobe
Illustrator EPS file and you upload it. And the reason I use Spreadshirt is specifically because
they take advantage of EPS and Illustrator files, so I know that it’s going to be clean. It’s going to be vector. It’s going to be perfect. It’s not going to be pixelated. It’s not going to be off in any way. So, that’s why I would use it. Also, I feel the quality of the shirts is very good. So, those are my recommendations for selling shirts online and how you approach that. I have links to the stuff I talked about in the description below, so make sure you’re checking that out. If you still have questions about selling shirts online, then, go ahead and leave
those in the comments section. I’ll try to answer as
many of them as I can. But I think I pretty much
covered it in this video. Anyway, like this video if you liked it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Share it with friends. Check out the other awesome
content on the channel. As always, you guys, thanks
so very much for watching. And don’t forget, create something awesome today.

100 thoughts on “Advice for Selling T-Shirts Online [Ecommerce]

  1. Roberto excellent video as always. I noticed you use the standard spreadshirt website layout with the customization options they allow through their backend. I'm wondering if you can help with a video or by pointing me in the right direction how to build a website that is more customized and unique. I have been researching successful spreadshirt business and I really appreciate this website: http://www.styleislam.eu

    Any advice you can give on creating that type of aesthetic?

  2. What about using WordPress and using Spreadshirt's thing to have that shop directly on your website so it looks integrated and people never leave your site?

  3. antone know what that rubbery/palstic like substance that people use on the higher quality T-shirt designs?

  4. For selling niche specific tshirts, do you recommend a specific platform? Which would you recommend, shopify, woo commerce, teespring or spreadshirt

  5. You have answered some of my main questions that have been lingering for a long time. Thanks so much. What is the best site to use to get custom shirts printed? Printful or Spreadshirt? I know you use spreadshirt, but have you used printful?

  6. hi
    I buy T's and use the heat press machine.
    right now instead of going online , I do the foot work in my community to let them know my services. Just thought of a business name so I'm now looking into online. thanks for the help.

  7. Just subscribed. You made some very interesting points. I print and design my own shirts and now you're making me think about outsourcing it, so that I can spend ALL of the time designing and pushing out more shirts. Very informative video!!

  8. I actually would like to add to your first point about messages. There is a line between being a brand that has merch and an actual company that sells collections.
    For example, a brand will try to get their personal messages out in the world. <—This is what +Roberto Blake is doing.
    Whereas a company that sells collections or lines will create a theme then niche it down to messages. In a way, it becomes a transmedia storytelling. An example of this is what +Old Navy was doing back in the early days of their advertisement lives.

  9. I feel a lot better about having an online vendor taking most of the profits now. Your exactly right! I don't spend any money, waste any time, and it's no work for me! Thank you for making me realize that!

  10. I wear a tee shirt with my logo just about every day—it’s a low-key way of marketing my business.

  11. Zazzle and Teemill have my clothes and accessories with nature photography on them.Designer: Jamie stewartBrand: Nature Apparel.Hope you enjoy them.

  12. I've been toying with the idea of setting up a print on demand shop lately, not necessarily just for t-shirts though but a variety of products. I'm not looking to make a ton of money with it, but I thought it might make a nice first venture into passive income and also I think it would be a great way to make use of fun little personal or small/less involved projects I do. I don't want to deal with investing in and maintaining stock either. One thing I cant seem to find a solid answer on though, what happens to copyright when selling via these sites though? Does the artist/seller maintain their copyright and if they remove the listing/shut down their shop then the website cannot use or sell that anymore? Will these sites have the right to create derivatives of works uploaded? Do you think copyright is even worth concerning myself about if I'm just hoping to sell some casual or fun projects to make a little side money here and there? Love to hear your thoughts and thanks for always making consistent quality content!

  13. What program is good for graphics? Can't seem to find the a text design program like the print you have on your shirt. Can you help?

  14. I'd go with Teespring. Much higher profit margins. If you want as much as a $4 profit on a t-shirt off Spreadshirt your shirts are gonna cost $30

  15. Since posting this video have you used other sites besides spreadshirt? Ive read a lot of good and bad reviews. Which is you're favorite

  16. Someone needs to address the issue with tshirt design pirates that are online. I am a retired paralegal and if anyone needs a Cease and Desist notification that works to have the stolen design removed from other sites let me know.

  17. Any website or company where they can print the shirt deliver it..but the design is from me?thanks.i have some designs but i dont have time to print them and ship them

  18. 10152017 REVIEW 69,348th viewer, Thanks Roberto, For Advice for Selling T-Shirts Online [Ecommerce]

  19. Many thanks, I've been looking for "open a tshirt shop online" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Diyaaroih Shirtify Explosion – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got cool results with it.

  20. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "sell customized t shirts online" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Diyaaroih Shirtify Explosion – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  21. Many thanks, I've been looking for "where to sell t shirt designs" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Diyaaroih Shirtify Explosion – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  22. Hello,

    I am apart of an AIGA student Chapter at my college. We sold t-shirts last semesters through a local shop and using tilt to track who bought what size. tilt was bought out this summer by air BNB. Without me using Exce spread sheets is there any other way to get sell these t- shirts to other students with in my college? I was looking at red bubble but idk how much it would cost. We charged 15 for non- members and 10 for members. Thank you guys so much for any help you could offer.

  23. Thanks Roberto, super helpful! I want to have a batch of physical shirts I can take to event as well as the online store, how would you go about that?

  24. The issue I have with Spreadshirt is that the prices are too high. I only make $2 from my design. Yet, with shipping, my customers are paying almost $30. If you are just starting out, like me, its really hard to justify such a high price point.

    Any suggestions?

  25. Hi Roberto. I love your channel its has good information and you get to the point. Hey, I have about 250 ideas for shirts, bumper stickers, posters, buttons, mugs, mouse pads and other items. Zazzle, just let me down big time. No help or customer service when I needed it, a huge run around. In your opinion what are some other good places on the internet to have stuff made and then sell the different items? Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

  26. Hi Roberto. Good information. I like the good points you mentioned about why it might not be a good idea to buy and wholesale t shirts, and the value of the time, unless you want to run a full-time t-shirt business. I have another business that I spend a lot of time and money on, and I'd love to capitalize on this concept without having to spend all of my time and money doing it.

  27. Roberto, I just wanted to say thank you. I have only been a YouTube Creator for just over a year but I have been trying to learn much more recently. I don't think I will make a huge profit making tshirts, but I will use your principle that you mentioned here. My friends, family and a few of my small base of subscribers mentioned that they would be interested in shirts, so this looks like it might make it possible for me to do it with this method.

  28. Hopefully you can still answer my question. I am looking to do this but I am looking more at redbubble, designbyhumans, and threadless. Would these provide good platforms to sell shirts online? Also when selling your designs like this do you give up your right to owning your design? Like does the company own the rights to your art if you put it on their website or do you still own it?

  29. How many shops can you have on Spreadshirt? I have multiple business concepts that don’t overlap. Appreciate your time.

  30. This is perfect for me. My focus is not selling t shirts but I want to offer them with company logo.

  31. Hey Roberto, I saw this video and wanted to try it out for my channel! I ordered a sweatshirt I made on adobe illustrator and the turnout is a bit faded and nothing like the quality of yours as far as print is concerned. Any advice?

  32. Thanks for the video! I am thinking about selling (or trying to sell) shirts with my channel logo/channel art. I see this video is 3 years old. Do you still recommend the approach you discuss in this video?

  33. How can I connect with you via email for consultation? Or are there any courses in ecommerce or literature you recommend about social media marketing.I have a market I’m just not keen on how to monetize without exhausting my resources or content.Please Help ‼️any advice on how to get started properly would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance.Humbly

  34. We are looking for an online printing and order fulfillment service to print on OUR shirts. Any suggestions? We have found many order fulfillment services which will warehouse our pre-printed products and there are many online services to do custom imprints on THEIR products. We are looking for someone to warehouse our choice of trendy clothes, imprint the article as the order is received and ship to the customer. Suggestions?

  35. Thank you for sharing this… Deeper than what I usually see with t shirt videos.. cheers to this beautiful message you are creating.

  36. What’s your thought of having another company print your shirts but you keep the inventory and you ship it out when there is a sale? I don’t want my design on a website that sells shirts and I don’t want to print out my own shirts so is this an option?

  37. Hi Roberto first off I want to say I love your videos I've gotten a lot of informative information and I want to thank you for all the inspiration as well I need to ask you for some help once more you can help me before with buying a webcam which works beautifully thank you and 920c Logitech but today I want to talk about I have 10000 subscribers I can't find the monetization button to link my teesprings account to my YouTube channel and the second question if you can do I need to do anything special to promote my t-shirts for my YouTube channel and if so what is it

  38. Question: so building your brand and selling tshirts…did you get some sort of copyright trademark or registration, so people don't take your designs?

  39. All I know is, I went to custom ink and wanted to make a couple hoodies $55 a piece, would have to charge someone $70 to make a profit …Nike isn't even that much lol

  40. thank you for the video but do you use SpreadShirt anymore? reason i ask is your merchandise at the bottom of youtube is from Teespring.

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