April 1, 2020
Advertising? How Often Should You Be Changing Your Creative?

Advertising? How Often Should You Be Changing Your Creative?

In this video I’m going to talk to you
about how often you should be testing out your creative my name is Traci
Reuter and I’m the CEO and Founder of Divine Social. We’re a Facebook and Instagram advertising agency and I’m coming to you
from the tail end of my vacation at the beautiful southern coast of Maine and
this is York Harbor. So let’s talk about your creative and testing your creative
one of the things that we find especially with e-commerce businesses
when it comes to running Facebook or Instagram ads it’s very very important
that you are prepared to be testing creative every couple of days now if you
are gonna be running a lot of traffic a lot of traffic that’s something you
really need to take into consideration and be prepared for now the reason this
is so important is because when it comes to social media when it comes to the
newsfeed people get something called banner blindness or AD blindness and so
you have to be making sure that you’re constantly changing out your creative
and that means changing images out that means testing images versus videos that
means testing images versus gifts in different sizes and I’m not talking
about a/b testing where you’re trying to find the winning image in the winning ad
now for some businesses especially when it comes to info products coaching
consulting that is something that you don’t necessarily have to test out your
creative as frequently or not just test out but swap out as frequently as you do
if you’re an e-commerce business ecommerce businesses absolutely need to
be thinking about at minimum once a week if not sooner it’s possible if you have
the staff so if you don’t have the staff that’s something you want to be thinking
about before you decide to really start scaling your ad spend you see this is an
absolute key to be able to scale from a smaller spend to some of the bigger
spends where you’re talking about a thousand two thousand dollars a day and
more in ads and if you’re an e-commerce business that’s a place that ideally you
want to get to for most companies so what do you do with us the number when
you want to make sure that you have a good graphic design team whether you
have someone in-house or you use something like design pickle there’s
there’s a couple of other firms that you can use but you want to be testing
different different images different styles right now as of the time of this
video anything that has movement works really well so short slideshow videos
gifts videos anything like that on the e-commerce side of things those
15-second taystee style videos work incredibly well and sometimes what you
can do is you can have a long shoot and then cut those images
up into smaller pieces and test those in the newsfeed if you are not an
e-commerce business then a video like this can work really really great
something that can stop the scroll get people to stop doing what they’re doing
maybe in this case you paid attention because the background is so beautiful
anyway just be prepared and understand that if you are going to be investing in
paid social traffic that you have to be prepared on a regular basis to be
swapping out your creative it’s very important some of the biggest Facebook
and Instagram advertisers and we’re talking people that are spending
millions of dollars a month they are testing out or swapping up their
creative on a daily basis a daily basis so I’m not suggesting that you do that
but I am suggesting that odds are you probably would not lose if you decided
to swap out creative and test new creative more frequently try it and see
what happens to your social ads if you’ve done something like that if
you’ve had regular success by changing up creative and you’ve got some success
stories to share I’d love to have you leave some comments below make sure also
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and I’ll be back here next Tuesday thanks so much for watching and we’ll
see you next time.

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