March 29, 2020
Adplexity eCommerce Review 2018: The Best Shopify Product Research Tool

Adplexity eCommerce Review 2018: The Best Shopify Product Research Tool

– Aye-o. It’s your boy Ngo.
I hope you’re doing well. So, I’m pretty excited
today, AdPlexity is finally launching their e-commerce spy tool. If you don’t know what a spy tool is, it’s a piece of software, that kinda automates the process of you checking out what your competition is doing. So AdPlexity has done amazing tools for native ads, and mobile pops, and with those tools you can see what kind of landing
pages, what kind of offers, what kind of ads they’re running. So you can kinda reverse
engineer profitable campaigns. Now, they don’t guarantee that if you copy a campaign you’re going to make money. But if someones doing
something really cool, or using some new scripts,
or using a new angle, then it’s a way for you to get inspired for your own campaigns. So right now, for the past two years, a lot of people have
been running e-commerce Shopify drop shipping campaigns, and there hasn’t really been
a great spy tool for them. Choosing and selecting a hot product, is probably 70 percent of the battle. So what this tool promised to do, is they promise to help you find hot products before they get
hot, before they get saturated. So, fortunately, AdPlexity hooked me up with an account to check it out. I’m gonna to a walk through, log in, show you guys what the tool is,
and share my thoughts on it, and if it’s something that is worth an investment, you can check it out. This is what the tool looks like. So, once again, AdPlexity has already developed several other SAAS products, so, the layout is very familiar. If you’ve used AdPlexity products before, you can easily navigate
your way through this. So first thing I noticed is this is not really as traffic source spy tool, this is purely just for products. So you’re not gonna see any ads here from Facebook, or native ads, or wherever they’re scraping it from. Instead, you’re just seeing products. So, over here on the left side, they have different days
that you can check it out. So, I think last seven
days is pretty cool. I wish they had some
kind of custom feature, because I personally like to
search by last three days. So let’s do last seven
days, and something here, they have a unique algorithm, a unique formula called the product strength. Product strength is a
score that they created to measure quote-unquote
how hot a product is. And they derived this formula from how many people are promoting it, how many people are buying it, how may ads, so the higher the score the hotter the product is. So that doesn’t necessarily mean the product with the highest score is the one that you should be promoting. So let’s take a look right now. This is the hottest product in the last seven days: it’s
a Bluetooth headphones. So there’s two things to consider: number one is if a product
has too high of a score, that could mean it’s already saturated, like other people are
already running this, so what they actually recommend is, the perfect score, according to them, is between 25 and 300, so
that’s where it has potential, it’s selling, but it’s not too saturated. So let’s go ahead and go
by their recommendation, 25…Close enough. 26…
Alright, 26 to 314, okay, and we’re gonna
to the last seven days. Dates added, and something else you should do if you’re newer, is you’ll probably have a budget for the kind of products
you wanna promote. What I mean by that is,
if you promote a product that’s too low, then there’s probably not gonna be enough profit margin, and if you promote a product that’s too expensive, let’s say it’s 300 dollars, well, you need a really big budget, and your not gonna collect a lot of data. So let’s just choose
something 20 to 50 bucks. Okay, so let’s see what they have. So first thing they have is privacy automatic, intelligent mas- Oh God. Aw Jesus. So, apparently
it’s a male sex toy, so I’m not gonna
investigate that too much. It’s probably like a knock
off Flesh Light, or something. So for the sake of keeping this review PG, let’s check out some other products. Okay, silicone cat touch night
lite, alright, a night lite. Car wax, salt lamp, what else? Hip trainer, tee shirts,
oh this looks pretty cool, electric wine decanter, okay
so let’s just look at this, because I haven’t seen
this product before. Eclectic Wine Decanter, so what this is, if you drink wine, a decanter is a way to kinda make the wine taste better, it airs it out, so whenever you select a product to promote, it’s important to calculate the potential profit margin. So, you see that this person
is selling it for 50 bucks. The question is how
much can we get it for. So they’re selling it for 50 bucks, what’s this called?
Electric Wine Decanter. So you can go to Aliexpress,
Electric Wine Decanter. My typing is horrible today. What does this one look like? Alright, it looks like a barrel on top, alright, so I’m pretty sure that this is the product that they are promoting. Okay, so looks like they can get it for 30 dollars, and they are
selling it for 50 dollars. Personally, I don’t think the
profit margins are that great. That’s like a 20 dollar profit margin, but you have to consider
Facebook ad costs, the virtual assistant cost, like man Shopify merchant processing fees, you also have to consider the cost of virtual assistants, all that stuff, so I would personally try
to find something else, just because the profit margins
are not really high enough. But so anyways, that gives you a good look at the product search. Let’s go over here: Find Stores. One other good feature about this, is if you find a really good store, than you can kind of spy on them. So, right now most promoted, so one thing that you
have to be careful of is a lot of these are
stores that are really big, like Fashion Nova does like, I don’t know, 15, 20 million dollars a year, so it’s not really worth
spying on them that much. I mean, you should check them out, to kind of see what apps they’re running, and maybe you can get some ideas, but for the most part,
you should be trying to spy on other affiliate marketers that are drop-shipping as well, just because if it’s working for them, than you can reverse engineer,
and make it work for you. So the point of this is several things: This can help you find different stores, and if you actually have a store, one of your competitors than you can go ahead and see what they’re up to. So, let me think of a store… Okay, so I know of Big Baller brand for example, is an e-commerce store, now, they’re not exactly
an affiliate marketer, but I just want to show you
guys the data that this pulls. So it shows that they have 101 products, cheapest price 20 bucks,
most expensive 497, average price, so lets just actually go in and see what they show. Okay, so down here you can see the latest products
that they are promoting. Are you serious? 190
dollars for some BBB slides? I think I can get some
Gucci slides for that price. I don’t know how they’re selling. Okay, so this is a better feature: the most promoted
products, so let’s just say you have a dog store, and you found a competitor who is a dog store owner. So then you can go here and you can see what their top products are. So let’s take a look at a tab, Find Stores, so we can take a look at all the different stores
featured on Shopify, so let’s do promoted last seven days, store strength, you
definitely want to change it, because if it’s zero, then you’re gonna get all the stores that
don’t make any money. So let’s just pick something like 25… And you also don’t want
infinity on the higher end, just because now you’re
gonna get all those really, really big stores like Cali Cosmetics, or something like that. So we want to really try
to find other affiliates. So let’s just try 657, add
in new products between, so this just means when was the last time that they added a new product, so I think last 14 days is pretty solid, because you don’t wanna spy on a store that the last time they added something was three months ago, because that store is probably dead or something. And then over here, number of products, so I would actually
lower this quite a bit, because if a store has
50 thousand products, for example, it’s not really an affiliate. Okay, so this is weird,
it goes from 51 to 3,500, I think there’s definitely
a problem with the slider, I would have really preferred if maybe we could add in
some custom variables, I mean I see what they’re going for. They’re trying to make the UI easier, simpler to use, but it’s not as accurate. What you want to do next is think of a product that you want to promote. Let’s say the wine decanter, a concealer, or maybe a baby tent. By typing it in, it’s gonna show you all the other stores that
also sell that product. So you can either get product ideas, or you can get an idea on how they did they copywriting,
what videos they put in, or how they did their
Shopify store design. So let’s just choose baby tents. Okay, so there are
different stores here… Let’s take a look, okay,
so let’s go with this one. I like this one, because they just added a product a day ago,
decent store strength. So let’s click it… So looks like they are adding a product every single day, so this is good. It shows that they are active. Looks like they have a lot
of different categories, so it looks like it’s a
generic store, a general store. So over here it shows you
their top selling products, their most familiar products,
so I can look over here, one point one K car blind mirror. Car blind spot eliminator mirror. So that tells me that
whatever the store is, this is their hottest product, and even though I typed in the word baby tent, I left with a product that I can promote now,
so let’s click on that. Oh, nice. So good pictures, product demonstration video, testimonials, so yeah, this guy’s definitely, whoever this is, is
making money with this. So this is definitely
something that I will promote. So that’s the beauty of
AdPlexity e-commerce, because one of the hardest
parts of e-commerce is trying to find the
right product to promote. You definitely don’t want to promote something that was hot last
year, or hot three months ago, because a lot of other people
have already promoted it, so you’re kind of like
behind the eight ball. However, let’s just say China is innovating with new products all the time. And they just came out with a new product, and you don’t know about it, however, if your using this tool, and people start promoting it yesterday, and
now you start promoting it, the benefit is because
you get in on it early, you’re gonna be able to build
that Facebook pixel data, that sells data, so you’re
gonna have an advantage over everyone that’s launching
in, like a week or two later. So that’s kind of what this tool does. If you invest in this tool it’s not gonna guarantee that you’re gonna make a lot of money, however, it saves the time it takes to
find a winning product. So that’s the value proposition. So one more thing: let’s take a look at a popular apps, so
there’s a lot of different places out there to find
what apps are popular, so this one, they aggregate the data from over 100 thousand Shopify stores, and just kond of shows what
they all have in common. So, if you want more apps
for your Shopify store, this is a great place to look, just because it’s social proof. If other people are using
it, it’s probably good. Okay, so I hope that gives you guys a good idea of what this tool is about. Alright, let’s talk about the price. The price is 199 dollars a month. Now, I know that’s not
cheap, the good news is, if your watching this
video on August 8th, 2018, I do have an exclusive
discount code for you guys. So, for the next 48 hours,
click the link below, you can get the tool for 129
dollars a month, for life. Trust me, this is the cheapest
that it’s ever gonna be. If you are watching this
video in the future, check the link below, maybe I have another discount code for you, so if your in Shopify, you’re doing drop-shipping, you’re doing e-commerce, I highly, highly, suggest this tool,
because it just automates, and makes the process of finding a hot product so much easier,
and if you use this tool, and you can even find one product, you’ll make your money back, you’ll make your investment back, so I just think the ease that it makes
it, the time it saves you, and to be honest, I think
if you’re doing Shopify, and you don’t have this tool, I just think you’re at a competitive disadvantage, because everyone else
is gonna have this tool. Alright, so I hope you
guys enjoyed this video, enjoyed this walk through,
and some of my tips. If you do like this product, feel free to purchase it from my link. Alright, appreciate it,
and see you guys later.

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  1. Is this primarily for dropshippers? What about those of us looking to build a brand and have 1 or 2 dedicated products that we private label or manufacture?

  2. Kinda sucks they only show products and not ads like they do on Native etc. There are other tools that show products and Ads, i won't name them but i don't see how this is any different…

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