April 7, 2020
AdPage How-To on AppSumo

AdPage How-To on AppSumo

Designers, getting a handle on all of
your landing pages can be a pain in the you-know-what. You’ve probably tried a whole slew of page
builders, but none fully white-label your clients or make them easier to manage separately. Well, Sumo-lings, if you’re ready to stay
on top of all your sites and totally impress your clients, then you’ll want to stay tuned
for today’s product showcase. What’s up, party people? It’s your girl Chrystie from AppSumo, and
today we’re going to talk about AdPage, an easy-to-use and ultra fast white-label
page builder that white-labels your sites and dazzles your clients One quick reminder to hit that SUBSCRIBE button,
so you never miss another deal. Now let me show you how AdPage works. Right when you log in to AdPage, you’ll
see a list of all of your projects. To create a new landing page, open the template
gallery and select one to upload to your site. Once you’re in edit mode, pages are built
in sections made up of different elements. The left panel lists all of the active sections,
which you can drag and drop to reorder or easily delete. I’m sure you’re excited to learn about
AdPage’s white-labeling feature. All it takes to get started is an agency name. You’ll coordinate brand assets, including
a logo, icon, and login screen image, then hit Next to set up your page’s colors. Once everything looks right, hit the save
button. When you view the login screen, you’ll see
for yourself that there’s no trace of AdPage anywhere. Of course AdPage includes all of the standard
features, like quizzes, galleries, text, videos, pricing, and more. But AdPage stands above the rest when it comes
to easy and fast customization, so let’s take a closer look at a few of their features. First up, we have the countdown feature, which
can be set to end on a specific date and time, or you can select the cookie countdown, which
tracks when users first visit the page. Perfect for expiring deals! You can create pop-ups that integrate with
tools like Zapier and different mail campaign products like Mailchimp. Plus use the quiz builder for market reviews,
client reviews, or personality tests, then generate various result pages based on the
customer’s answers. Talk about targeting your audience! Once your site is Client Perfect, preview
how it’ll appear on a browser, tablet, or phone. We’re sure it’s beautiful. When you’re ready, hit publish. You can connect a domain and generate the
site’s records—and just like that, you’re done! Designers, it’s time to start creating pages
you can actually manage with ease. If you want to build sites
that impress your clients, plus load instantly for site visitors, then you’ll want to check
out AdPage.

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