April 10, 2020
Adobe Acquires Magento

Adobe Acquires Magento

It’s been a transaction, I think,
that’s been a long time in the making. It plugs a really serious hole in the Adobe set. There was a really big gap there around e-commerce which was
surprising. So I think this was naturally going to happen and I think basically if
you look at the other acquisitions that we’ve seen from its rivals in the
marketing space this is where they are always going to end up. The other bit
which i think is really important is that Magento has a really vibrant
ecosystem wrapped around it, and I think that extends the Adobe ecosystem into a
customer’s set which is beyond where they operate at the moment. Look I think we’ve seen a history of our larger tech companies acquiring ecommerce platforms.
So, Hybris acquired by SAP. ATG acquired by Oracle, Demandware
acquired by Salesforce and now a Magento going to the Adobe family. So I think you
can see a very strong pattern here that what retailers and merchants are looking
for is an integrated platform. And plugging together disparate
solutions is increasingly going to get harder in a sophisticated and competitive world. So I
think you know these are very important and I think very smart tech plays by the bigger companies to make sure that they provide an end to end
solution, a true plug-and-play for the merchants from from woe to go.
And I guess that Adobe transaction speaks to that. Look it’s really interesting because Adobe always been a company that’s led with
its acquisitions. It changed the game around digital marketing with its
acquisition of Omniture which at the time was very controversial. It really
changed the game again, I think, last year with TubeMogul in terms of integrating
an advertising cloud directly into the heart of marketing cloud. This
acquisition is interesting because they’re late to market, they’re actually
significantly behind their key rivals like Salesforce, SAP and Oracle, and they’ve
got some catching up to do. Also the culture of an e-commerce company isn’t an absolute natural fit for Adobe, so how they manage the integration issues
around that will be interesting. Having said that, they’ve got a pretty strong
record, track record, of actually succeeded on
that front.

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  1. The market is being cornered. Cloud based garbage. charge charge charge. and charge more. cloud based means less control for you

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