November 19, 2019
adidas Case Study: The Full Value of Mobile

adidas Case Study: The Full Value of Mobile

adidas has always felt like mobile is the
right thing to do it’s the right place for us to be. It’s really the ability to connect the investment to the return My name is Nicole Mills, I’m the senior digital marketing manager for e-commerce at adidas America. My name is
is Kerri Smith and i am the director of mobility at iProspect based here in New York City. When it comes to measuring mobile if we were to look at a 1:1 response, or a 1:1
measurement of what our media budget is driving on our
mobile site, we’re missing a big part of that picture. As performance marketers a
lot of the time to look at direct response and what mobile has required us to do is
redefine direct response. We’re just noticing that a lot of people
are finding stores using their device so the central goals where for adidas and iProspect
to sort of come together and figure out a methodology to measure consumers on mobile devices
coming into retail and purchasing products. When we worked with adidas as to figure
out what this equation should be we use a lot of their internal data
were able to then apply that 1 in every 5 store locator clicks would result in a visit to a store Based on that, we knew that 13% of in store visits would result in a purchase And that the average order value was about
seventy one dollars. Because we knew that 1 out of 5 store locator clicks were actually going to a store it indicated a higher level of intent. So we applied a 20% conversion rate and an average order value of eighty dollars. after we ran a couple of tests we were
able to identify that every store locator click was then worth three dollars and
twenty cents for the brand. Once we applied this equation we found at six hundred and eighty percent
incremental lift in ROI. Before all we would be able to track was if someone made a conversion in the e-commerce channel. After this case study, we now can apply some of these assumptions, to then net a positive ROI. At adidas there was like this…haha! We can play in this space!

8 thoughts on “adidas Case Study: The Full Value of Mobile

  1. What?
    So you had some assumptions.

    Then did no more research, but you decided to tweak those assumptions based on more assumptions to then provide you with a benchmark to give you an assumed value.

    And now you are saying how useful it is to have those tweaked assumptions , forgetting that they are based on nothing.

  2. This is all based on assumptions. Where's the evidence that 1 in 5 go into store? Where's the evidence that they will spend more than anyone else who intends to go into the store? 

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