April 9, 2020
Add Your Own Domain Name To Your E-commerce Website

Add Your Own Domain Name To Your E-commerce Website

To add your own domain name, go to the top
right corner where it says “you are logged in as” and from the drop down list choose
“Switch to order management” You will be at the administrative site, head
to the Manage menu , choose Domains & Email and click on My Domains
From the domain center / activate domain names screen you will be provided with 2 required
steps. You can see there’s no domain names added to the account yet so in step 2 I will
add the domain name I will use, however, once I click on add I will receive a warning which
states that step 1 must be completed in order for the domain name to work properly. Step
1 is to be completed through your current registrar and they should be able to assist
you with this task. Go ahead and click OK and you will see that the domain name is now
tied to the account and also set as the default. The redirect to drop down list includes all
of your current pages and can be used in case you want to set a specific page as the landing
page of this domain name. Again, remember the importance of step 1 before the domain
name will properly work. If you change or no longer use a domain name, you can easily
remove the domain name by using the delete button on this screen.

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