April 2, 2020
Add Ecommerce To WordPress With Easy Digital Downloads Review & Setup

Add Ecommerce To WordPress With Easy Digital Downloads Review & Setup

Will be back for another video my name is
Adam from WPCrafter.com and I’m doing this video with the WPExplorer and I were working
together on some content in this video is going to be all about easy digital downloads
now if you want to add e-commerce to your WordPress base website you have pretty much
two main options in the first one is WooCommerce but it is a little complicated at times and
the next option is going to be easy digital downloads and as the name implies it is very
easy to implement easy digital downloads now it is primarily geared towards a digital product
in I have noticed the majority of online plug-in and theme sellers in the WordPress marketplace
they’re all using easy digital downloads because it’s so easy to deliver software or to deliver
e-books to deliver themes to deliver any kind of a digital audio it is ideal for those situations
but it can be used for so much more is not just limited to digital downloads and here’s
the website right here it’s easy digital downloads.com in the main developer behind this plug-in
has a rocksolid reputation of supporting all of his products he has a full support staff
and development staff behind this product making it better in supporting it and maturing
this as an e-commerce solution for your website and it is a full-featured e-commerce platform
for your website the version that you can download right now has different payment processing
gateways built in it is pretty amazing what it can do is a list of the different features
that it has you have this shopping cart that you revealed add to your site you can fully
manage your customers and what I like about it is this one is screen customer view that
it gives you which is pretty awesome’s you can click on your customer and see all the
purchases that one customer has made on your site it has discount codes really good reporting
and there’s even an iPhone app that is available where you can get all this information on
the go and it’s just packed with features now it has the extension model that’s where
if there is a feature that you want in easy digital downloads there is a high likeliness
that there is a add-on that you can purchase to add that function to it and so there’s
a variety of add-ons that you can get here in the even have a bundle of add-ons that
you could use to make your e-commerce site more powerful now like with any e-commerce
plug-in is gonna work perfectly with your WordPress website however it may need to have
some custom styles added to it so if you’re going to use easy digital downloads to power
your e-commerce story might be a good idea to take a look at some of the themes that
have been designed to specifically work with easy digital downloads to give you a gorgeous
storefront and there is a tab here for themes that you can look through and see all the
various themes that you can have him purchase for it one of the ones that I tend to see
a lot and I think is very nice when you scroll all the way down here it’s right here it’s
called the check out theme and I hear it is right here more information on this theme
upper right here here’s the makers of this theme and I can go ahead and click on this
demo to show you how beautiful your easy digital downloads based storefront can be and this
theme is only $50 so it’s a it’s a huge deal so when you scroll down it really just takes
your products and it displays them in a really beautiful fashion and it’s packed with features
and here’s what one of the product pages looks like and you can have these different pricing
options which is really nice so you can kind of have an upsell available when someone is
looking at the product now this is used a lot with software if you have a license that
might be a single site or unlimited sites or maybe you have a one-year supporter a lifetime
support it gives you a real beautiful way to display those options to someone before
they actually purchased your product so let’s go ahead and install easy digital downloads
I’m on a vanilla default installation of WordPress and I’m using the new 2017 theme from WordPress
so all you need to do is go to plug-ins and click on add new right here and then do your
search for easy digital downloads okay so it’s the first one right here and words can
go ahead and click on install and then as soon as it’s done I’m going to go ahead and
click on activate so now the plug-in is activated on my site here some information about the
plug-in but what working to do is working a first take a look at the settings of the
plug-in to go to downloads in the world to click on settings right here and I just want
to give you a quick overview of some of the settings and number to go ahead increase our
first product so the first settings pages were working to configure which page on our
website is good to be our checkout page in our purchase confirmation page in our transaction
page really get an option to choose all of those settings right here and there were also
indicated a chance to to choose our country right here is well and then the next option
in these general settings is the currency settings right here now by default it’s canoe
default to the US dollar but you can choose whatever currency you want all the most common
options are listed there and then you can have some API settings as well that’s a little
bit more the technical side a second look at these payment gateway tab now they’re very
generous by default you can integrate this with two different payment gateways and there
are many other gateways so supported you just might need an add-on for it but by default
you get access to PayPal standard and that’s what most people are going to choose but they’re
also going to give you the option of the Amazon payment gateway platform which I never used
personally to go ahead and choose the options they are in for PayPal standard when you choose
that there some information you want to put here but there’s plenty of guides throughout
the plug-in there to show you exactly where to find this information when you log into
your PayPal account was to go to the emails tab and this is where your be able to add
your logo to the emails that get sent out now if you want to make additional customizations
to these email receipts there is an add-on that you can get to make that super easy to
do and so here’s your email settings your purchase receipts and your different sale
notifications that we are styles to have here we can change some of these styles for the
shop and then we got eight taxes where you can choose the different tax rates based upon
where you are in your store is and then just a few miscellaneous settings now what I want
to do though is I want to actually create a product with you right now so I’m in a go
to words is add new and on the start doing that so let’s call this my e-book just like
that okay we can go that in years to put some information about your e-book okay and then
we scroll down to start seeing some of the options that the plug-in has when you’re creating
a product was like the others Lysol snapshot right here it shows you the sales youth out
of the product in the earnings scroll down and take a look at some of these settings
right now the first one is probably the most obvious option and that’s the choose a price
for this product so go ahead and choose $10 that seems good and then right here’s where
I’m actually going to link up this product page with the actual product of the download
that is good of email made available to the purchasers of it so first you choose the product
type and it’s just a single product but you can also bundle products if you wanted and
regularly give the file and name and it’s just be book now to add this file in the click
right here this option that says upload a file and I’m in a drag and drop this e-book.zip
that I have already prepared for for this product okay now that it is uploaded I’m going
to click right here it says insert into download and so now I’ve got my download there are
enough got the name of it right there as well I can add some notes if I wanted her some
more info to this product like a excerpt right there and there’s some also options here to
restrict the access that were giving someone to this product so for instance I can limit
the amount of times someone can download this e-book and also what’s nice is there’s a short
code that it gives you that you can place anywhere on your website that would display
a purchase button for this product that we just created now Leslie you can click right
here to add a product image I don’t have one of those available right now and I would just
scroll up and click on the publish now I can go ahead and click on view download and let’s
see how this looks so here it is my e-book and here’s the info I obviously didn’t really
put any information in there and here’s the purchase button that someone can go ahead
and click on and it will add it to the card but you can actually have bypasses adding
to a cart and go straight to check out but you can see the button change to say check
out when I click on it it takes you to a really nice styled checkout page right here were
someone can fill in all their information and go ahead in purchases I actually like
the checkout experience of easy digital downloads a lot more than I like the checkout experience
of WooCommerce I feel that the WooCommerce one is kind of ugly it’s not as smooth and
there’s less visually attractive so anyways this is the easy digital download check out
which by far is a much more beautiful experience in nicer experience so as you can see I just
scratched the surface on easy digital downloads but you could see within a matter of minutes
you can have a beautiful e-commerce platform integrated into your WordPress website and
it didn’t cost any money of course if you want any of the add-ons to add additional
functionality to your site you can go ahead and click on the link that I have down below
that will take you to the easy digital downloads website and you can look at all the different
options that they have for you there write out the bad zero cost you have a beautiful
e-commerce platform and you can see this theme was not designed for easy digital downloads
is the default WordPress 2017 theme and you can see by default it looks beautiful on this
theme with with no customizations done at all before you go I have something for you
and before I get into that I wanted to ask you to do something for me to give me a thumbs
up on this video and if you’re not a subscriber click on the subscribe button right beneath
me if you have a question on this video be happy to answer and you can also leave a comment
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three steps to WordPress success is an awesome course you’re gonna love it I would love for
you to join in in role as a student in this thanks for watching this video I really appreciated
and I do it just for you

61 thoughts on “Add Ecommerce To WordPress With Easy Digital Downloads Review & Setup

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