March 30, 2020

42 thoughts on “Active Campaign Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager

  1. how would i get the email out of the link the user clicks from the email into the datalayer? do you have a vid for that? thanks.

  2. Active Campaign is pretty amazing. Your videos are very helpful and easy for beginners.
    I would love to see any other tips you have for AC; like automations that you use etc.
    Thank you.

  3. Hey Julian, your training videos are awesome and you always provide great value. And thank you for that!
    I'm a bit stuck with this process at the point where you identify the key for the data layer variable name:
    Thanks in advance

  4. Is it possible to capture the event tracking data when a visitor views a image? Can you push cache for image tag?

  5. I'm Setting Up my shopify store, I have integration of active campaign. Could you do a tutorial video how to do event tracking of shopify store directly from active campaign? Do you think it's easier that way or the tutorial above is easier for non coding experience people like me ?

  6. Hi Jordan, I done the some steps using this strategy by my automation in Active Campaign contains two steps that belong to Google Analytics Ecommerce Enhance Checkout Behaviour Analysis. How can I transfer data that the email was open and the link inside that email was clicked to Google Analytics?

  7. Confused… I get the {"success":1,"message":"Event spawned"} message but no event recorded for the test contact I'm using.

  8. Hello Jordan

    I added the javascript code, registered the parameters to connect to the AK, but when the script is executed, the event is not sent (((

    {"Success": 0, "message": "An event must be provided."}

    TypeError: Can not read the "parameter" property of the undefined object. (Line 27, file Code) –

    Please tell me why this can happen.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. My website does not have a user login so how can i assign an event to a user when they arrive at my site? This "user" will already be part of my AC account and i will have their IP address.

  10. Love your help! But how would you do with video watching tracking? I got a bit lost with that… Thanks in advance!

  11. Hu Julian, you very kindly helped me yesterday, thanks. If someone opts in to AC on the previous page (via a 3rd party optin form), how would one get the email address to carry over? The Thomas Geiger plugin only inserts the logged-in user into the data layer. Thanks again.

  12. This is great, and I have everything setup and working. But what if we want to use the logged in users email (from the data layer) and then if that is not available use the email stored in the cookie? Your setup only allows for using one variable in the URL string for the email. So we can only do one or the other. But we need a way of saying "use the datalayer email variable if it is available, otherwise use the cookie email variable"… any ideas how to do that?

  13. Total freaking lifesaver. Or at least a 2 hour saver. In the middle of writing a PHP script when I found this gem of a video. Thanks!

  14. You are doing this so you don't have to expose your API key. But you expose a script that has your api key and anyone can use that script to send data to your API. How's this useful? Am I missing something?

  15. Hi Julian,
    I followed the link you provided but unfortunatly the measureschool redirect leads me to an error message by google: "Sorry, unable to open the file at this time. – Please check the address and try again." Can u help?

  16. This video tutorial is pure gold, and it has helped me setup Active Campaign Event Tracking.

    But there is one last problem I can't solve…

    I really want to be able to track events if the user visits my site through an email link, not only if they submit a form.

    Users who submit a form will have their site tracking and event tracking firing correctly thanks to your awesome setup explained on this video. But users who visit my page through an email link will only have site tracking – this is because your event tracking will not fire if we do not have an email address to send.

    Since Active Campaign site tracking is able to identify the user (and therefore identify their email address) is it possible to send that information to Active Campaign through the Event Tracking API? This way users will have event tracking if they submit a form AND if they visit through an email link.

  17. Awesome! I've been looking for a way to do this, when I click the link to get the script it takes me a "page not found" do you happen to have the updated URL?

  18. Great…Thank you…Our users so not login, but are tracked from the AC Tracking code. Is there a way to have the email id use the AC tracking code (which identifies the user) to input to the Event 2AC script? Else you are saying that the email address needs to go into a data layer when people optin to a form. Just one more step to making this work for me. Thanks

  19. Hey Julian, how do I track successful form submissions using Active Campaign – is there a video this? I believe AC uses javascript or Ajax for validating form submission and that way the standard GTM validation is not working and if you switch it off it means that it will fire an event even when the form doesn't submit successfully. Would love some help.

  20. fantastic, I also implemented the tracking of internal links, buttons, timer session and now I start the automation in a simple way 🙂 Thank's

  21. Thanks for the great video! Do you have any knowledge or work-arounds to track events defined by tag manager within Autopilot?

  22. How you can get the Email when somebody enters the website trough a newsletter? So I can measure if they do something after opening the email

  23. Hi Julian. Can you think at any reason why your code may not work? Has AC changed something since? I tried many times and I implemented every bit as you explain, but it returns not a spawned message. Just success 0, an ID account must be provided. Thank you

  24. Hi Julian. Thanks for the video. I got a bit lost around 9 mins when you talked about a plugin for capturing emails and populating the vistorEmail variable – could you tell me what the plugin is?

  25. Hi Julian great video, I've implemented in my site (is a SPA) it's working nice in Desktop but it seems to crash in mobile (devices), do you know if this is normal or this is some workaround to fix it?

  26. Hi! Is there any way for the Google Script to use as parameter the AC contact ID instead of email address? Thanks!

  27. How do we track people who do not sign up and come from different sources and contacts that are added manually? Please help.

  28. Hi Julian! Great videos! I've been following you for a while. I've been searching the internet and your youtube videos all day. I can't seem to find how to create a variable for stored email data. Any where around I can find the answer?

  29. It's not working for me :(. The script doesn't work. I get success: 0 message: An event must be provided. What am I doing wrong?

  30. Hey Julian! This is great. My only question is are you taking the web app from the script you wrote and embedding on the website somehow so it fires when someone does something on the actual site? I must have missed that part

  31. Does it work together with Facebook Pixel using GTM? Cause I think if you have 2 tracking pixel in your footer it will be contradicted

  32. I followed the video it give me success message of event submission but when i am checking contacts it doesnt show anything
    can you please help

  33. Hello Julian, your tutorial are great!
    The script returns me an error: "An account ID must be provided".
    I don't know if it could be useful, but my Event tracking API window in AC says :"actid This must always be <span class="trackId">xxxxx</span> (required)", and so it isn't just a number.
    Many thanks for your help!

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