March 28, 2020
Activate your retail or wholesale ecommerce website

Activate your retail or wholesale ecommerce website

To activate your website for retail, wholesale,
or both, click on the company info tab located on the main left side menu; then click on
the Retail/Wholesale option. The Retail/Wholesale screen will appear and you will see an “Enable
Site For” drop down menu that allows you to choose whether this web store should be available
for retail customers, wholesale, or both. If you choose retail, the wholesale features
of the webstore will not be active. Choosing wholesale only will ask a visitor on your
website to log in as a wholesale account or to register for an account as a wholesaler.
If so, you will receive an e-mail asking you to approve or decline the request. Choosing
both retail and wholesale customers will display your items while allowing those wholesale
customers to log in and view special pricing if applicable. Once you’ve made your selection,
click the save button and the website will automatically activate the chosen setting.

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