April 5, 2020
About Us Page: Tips & Tricks for Sharing Your Brand’s Story

About Us Page: Tips & Tricks for Sharing Your Brand’s Story

An “About Us” page isn’t just about you
or your company. It tells why a customer should emotionally
invest in your brand. It highlights why you’re the best person
to solve your customer’s problem. Hey! It’s Andris from Printful. In this video we’ll talk about why your
website should have an “About Us” page , the elements it needs, and the biggest
mistakes made when writing the page. Before we jump in, a quick reminder
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an edge against your competitors. So don’t miss out! Now back to today’s topic! Why is an “About Us” page important? “About Us” is a page on your website that explains
what you and your business do. Get it right, and it goes from
a random page nobody cares about to an essential element for creating
a bond with your customers. On average, more new visitors
go to the “About Us” page than just about any other page on your website. People are naturally curious,
and not only about your products. They also love stories
and learning more about the brand. So it’s crucial to create a page that capitalizes
on the curiosity of your potential customers. No other company in the business shares your
exact story and reasons for creating your store. By highlighting your unique aspects,
you’ll attract new customers, and make your products
more meaningful, raising their value. And if you can hook audiences
on your mission and purpose, they’ll be more likely to keep buying. All this can be achieved with a page
store owners tend to ignore. Four elements an effective “About Us” page needs. Your “About Us” page should be one of a kind, but there are a few general guidelines you
can follow to make sure it gets the job done. So here are 4 elements you could and should
include in your “About Us” page. Number 1: Catchy headline. Investing time in writing a catchy headline can make all the difference between
a well-perceived “About Us” page and a dud. So, let’s learn how to write a headline
that attracts customers and makes them read your whole story. Keep your customers in mind
when drafting a headline. Research your target audience
and answer these questions: What can they relate to? Are they more likely to respond to humorous,
adventurous, or very direct headlines? You’ll find the best results
when designing your title according to what your
customers find interesting. Make the reader want to know more. A headline that leaves the reader wanting
more has done its job. If the title intrigues the reader, they will
look for more information on the rest of your page. Keep it short. You don’t want to reveal too much
with your headline either. The longer your headline, the less likely
it is that someone will read it. So limit yourself to no more than 8 words. Number 2: Your story. Telling a story on your “About Us” page is a great way to build trust with your potential customers. A well-written page makes people
emotionally invested in your brand. If they can relate to the same values, hardships,
or victories that you have , you’ll start to build rapport. If you’re drawing blank and can’t think
of a way to present your story, consider answering these questions: How did you start your brand? What makes you and your brand unique? What are your brand values and beliefs? What are your products all about? Take a look at your products
and what they represent. Are you selling t-shirts with punk rock designs? Then make your “About Us” page
with punk attitude in mind. Or maybe you sell coffee cups
that give motivation to start your day. Then write a calm and inspiring page. You can also write about
what inspires you and your team. Talk about your culture. This helps to paint a picture
in your customers’ minds, plus it might attract potential
job candidates if you’re hiring. Number 3: Customer benefits. Despite the title, a good “About Us” page
should revolve around your customers. Arguably this is the most important aspect
of your page because it tells your customers why you’re the best person
to solve their problems. So be sure to answer these questions: What value do you bring to your customers? Why should customers choose you
over your competition? Why will your customers love
working with you or using your products? Including these answers in your text will
give your products more value in the readers’ eyes. Just avoid sounding arrogant
or selling your product too aggressively. You don’t want to scare customers away. Number 4: Visual proof. Our brains are hardwired to love images. Almost 50% of our brain
is involved in visual processing, so visuals are more powerful
and easier to understand than text. What’s more, visuals
tend to elicit immediate emotions. So be sure to add photos, illustrations,
statistics, or videos to your “About Us” page. Show the people behind your company. The human eye is naturally drawn to faces. By including the faces of your founders,
the entire team, or just yourself, if you’re a solopreneur on your page, you give your brand and its products a human touch
that customers are always looking for. Show your company timeline. Use timeline storytelling
as a great visual way to portray important events
in your brand’s history. A timeline can include: The moment you had the idea for your brand. The day you sold your first product. The time you made your first 100 sales. Your first employee’s first day of work. But you’re not limited to these occasions,
so be creative! Share what’s happening behind the scenes. Customers want to know
the inner workings of your company. Embrace your uniqueness and show what goes
into creating your products and running a business. Consider using behind-the-scenes photos with
explanations of your production process. The number of users
shopping on mobile increases each year. So make sure all your visuals
are optimized for mobile. Write short paragraphs, add bullet points,
use headlines that stand out, and share videos of you
and your team working. If you’re a Printful customer, check out
our production footage page. We created a gallery of photos and videos to help your customers get a closer look
at how your products are made. You can use these when creating your “About Us” page. So we talked about what you should put
in your “About Us” page, but what to avoid? 5 “About Us” page mistakes you’re probably committing. We noticed that there are
a lot of similar mistakes people make when writing
their “About Us” pages. We’ll go through the five most common ones,
so you can avoid committing them. Number 1: Too much going on. There’s a lot of information
you can include on your “About Us” page, but that doesn’t
mean you have to put it all in. The best writers are selective
about what goes into their works. If you catch yourself wondering if something
you wrote should actually be there, it probably shouldn’t. No matter how tempting it might be, don’t
write a story that stretches over 2000 words. It’s very unlikely
a customer will read it all. Instead, keep it short, relevant, and on-point. Our suggestion is to stick to about 300 words. Number 2: No Call to Action. Think about it—why are you writing this page? You probably don’t want your customers to be left sitting at the bottom of the page
and do nothing. Your end goal should always be
for your customer to take action. So make it clear what’s the next thing your
customer needs to do when they finish reading. Create a “Call to Action” (CTA)
to send them to your shop, include a contact form
to get in touch with you, or get them to sign up to your newsletter. At the end of your “About Us” page
your reader is engaged with your brand and ready to take the next step,
so use this wisely. Number 3: Not updating the page Don’t forget to update your page
once in a while. A well-written “About Us” page can build trust
in a way that no other page can. But an old, outdated page shows laziness and,
as a result, damages trust. To avoid this, get into the habit of updating
the page regularly. Especially if your page has dates,
for example, company timeline. You should also experiment with the page
to see what works best, so don’t be afraid
to try different things. What’s best for you and your brand is something that only you can figure out
through regular testing and assessing! Number 4: Creating a sales pitch. Your “About Us” page is there
to build a bond with your customers. You don’t do that
by just saying how great you are, or by stating that your product
is going to change an industry. You do that by showing who you are. Avoid being too self-praising. Even though it’s important to showcase
what you can do for your customers and how your products help,
don’t go too far and avoid making the “About Us” page
into a sales pitch. Number 5: Sounding too generic. A lot of “About Us” pages
end up sounding boring and generic. If your page doesn’t explain
what makes you unique, how will your customers find it out? Your “About Us” page needs to showcase
how you stand out from the crowd. Give customers a chance
to connect with you and your team. Tell your story. Avoid generic corporate speak
and show your personality. Have fun while explaining what you do and how your business
solves a pain point for your customers. An “About Us” page should do a great job
at giving the customers an insight into the inner workings of your company, highlighting the whats, hows,
and whys of your brand. So be honest and pick the words wisely. Most importantly, don’t forget to be human. That’s it! Did you find this information helpful? If you’re looking for what to watch next, we have a great video about
top 10 mistakes ecommerce store owners make! It’s loaded with great tips to improve
your store performance right away! That’s all from me, see you later!

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