January 27, 2020
About Us Page: How to Make the Perfect About Us Page

About Us Page: How to Make the Perfect About Us Page

When you’re getting started in ecommerce,
you’ve got a million things to do. Creating the perfect About Us page probably
isn’t your top priority. So, what do you need to know to quickly set
up an effective About Us page? Hey all, it’s Jessica with Oberlo, and today
we’re going to share 12 easy steps to creating an effective About Us page for your dropshipping
store. But, before we dive in… What’s the Purpose of an About Us page? Your About Us page helps you to establish
trust with customers, by letting them get to know who you are. Why is this important? As Simon Sinek said, “People don’t buy
what you do; they buy why you do it.” Your About Us page needs to introduce your
brand, values, and mission to your customers. The idea is to humanize your brand, so that
your customers can relate to you on a more personal level. Relatable brands are profitable brands. So how do you communicate your brand’s mission
on a single webpage? Simple: Just follow these steps. Step #1: Realize that your About Us page,
isn’t about you. Your About US page is actually about your
customers, and their need to bond with you before they’re willing to buy. This is crucial for you to keep in mind. Every single thing on your About Us page must
be tailored towards the needs of your customers. So, don’t share the entire history of your
business, or list out all of your accomplishments. Write only about what is most interesting,
and relevant to potential buyers. How do you make sure you get this right? Well, when creating your About Us page, constantly
ask yourself, “Why would my customers care about this? What’s in it for them?” You can also count the number of times you
write the words ‘I’ or ‘we,’ and the number of times you write the words ‘you’
or ‘your.’ If you do a good job of relating your story
to your customers, the numbers should be roughly equal. Step #2: Maintain your branding. Your About Us page is the epicentre of your
branding. It’s where you get to boil down the ‘who’
‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how,’ of your business into one simple web page. So, make sure you show off your personality. If you’re quirky, create a quirky page! If you’re serious, create a serious page. Whoever you are, let it shine through every
element of your About Us page. Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a socially conscious
business, tackling extreme poverty through sustainable employment. They do this by selling hand-woven hammocks
from artisans in Thailand. So their brand addresses a serious issue in
a positive, fun way. As a result, their About Us page contains
statistics related to the poverty the company is addressing. At the same time, the page is colorful, vibrant,
and full of pictures of happy people who are benefitting from the company’s efforts. This makes for a meaningful, compelling brand
page. If you check it out, you’ll find yourself
eager to order one of their hammocks! Step #3: Create an engaging design. No one likes to read walls of text — especially
on a mobile device. What’s more, the human brain processes visual
content 60,000 times faster than text. And with the abundance of visual content online
today, people expect to find pictures, videos, and graphics on your About Us page. So, bring your page to life by using these
visual elements. Think about what you need to say in writing,
and what might be better communicated through images, graphics, or a short video. How many words should your About Us page be? Well, marketing expert Neil Patel recommends
that you keep your About Us page under 500 words. Fashion brand Whipping Post keeps their About
Us page, short and sweet. There’s a few carefully chosen sentences
showcasing the company’s dedication to simplicity and quality. But, the real work is done by the large images
and a short video which showcases their earthy and masculine brand. Step #4: Include a mission or vision statement. Customers want to know that you’re in business
for more than just profit. So, tell them: Why are you selling a particular
product, and what do you hope to accomplish beyond making money? Nike for example, strives to bring inspiration
and innovation to every athlete in the world. Maybe you’re trying to make mom’s lives
easier by selling cute children’s clothing online. Or perhaps you’re selling watches so that
your customers feel confident–and show up to work on time. Try to convey your values, your culture, and
what makes you different from your competitors. Keep it short and to the point. It should be inspirational and motivating. Step #5: Share your story. Your customers want to know how your business
got started and what the circumstances were. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Your story is a key opportunity to create
a connection with your customers. Ecommerce store Harper Wilde shares their
unique story in an extremely compelling way. They start with the headline, “It started
with a question… why are bras so expensive?”–a question
many of Harper Wilde’s potential customers have probably asked themselves. The About Us page then guides customers through
a relatable, humorous story of why this bra company got started. There’s a link in the description below
if you’d like to read the rest of their page yourself. So, what’s interesting about your story? Step #6: Include social proof. Social proof is great because it lets customers
know why others love your brand. This puts customers at ease and builds trust. You can use social proof in your About Us
page in the form of reviews or testimonials. You can also include the logos of any major
publications you’ve been featured in, or of any awards you’ve won. If you don’t have these things yet, don’t
worry. Even one positive review can do wonders for
your credibility and authority. And if you don’t have any reviews, consider
including screenshots of some fun interactions you’ve had with customers on social media. Glam Seamless does a nice job with this on
their About Us page, including a live feed of customer’s Instagram photos featuring
their products. However you do it, including social proof
on your About Us page will make your brand all the more trustworthy. Next up on our list of top tips… Step #7: Show off your team. Add another emotional element to your About
Us page by adding details about the people behind the business. This is a great way to shatter the image of
a faceless company, and connect on a human level. An added benefit? Your employees will feel more valued. Pure Cycles, for example, shares images of
all of their staff, and the images are fun and full of personality. So, even it’s just you working on your business
right now, include a photo and a bit about yourself! Step #8: Add an opt-in form for your mailing
list This tactic gives visitors to your About Us
page a chance to learn about your business. It also gives you the opportunity to nurture
visitors into paying customers. Why is this effective? Well, you can assume that anyone who visits
your About Us page is interested in your business and might like to know more. For example, when QualityStocks added an opt-in
form on their About page, it resulted in a 158% increase in subscriber growth. Step #9: Include Links To Your Products
You want to optimize your entire website for sales. And, after a visitor has learned about your
brand, they’ll be more likely to trust your business and might be ready to buy. So, it’s a great idea to add links to a
few choice products on your About Us page. Estee Lauder approaches this in a unique way. After sharing their story, they give visitors
the option to ‘shop the story’, by sharing three products related to what they’ve just
shared. Simply, give interested visitors an easy transition
to browse your products. Remember, keep the focus on your customer,
let your brand’s personality shine through, and don’t be afraid to get personal. What’s your mission statement? We’d love to know, so share it in the comments
below — we read them all! Thanks for watching, and if you liked this
video, remember to hit the subscribe button below, and turn on the notification bell for
more videos on how to grow your dropshipping business! And until next time, learn often, market better
and sell more.

44 thoughts on “About Us Page: How to Make the Perfect About Us Page

  1. That was fun. About us page completely updated. I completely forgot to do something with it. I had to completely wipe mine and redid it. It was awful. 🙁

  2. Hey Jessica, love that you smile and cut the vids quick and informative. Hate fluff on other videos 🙂
    i rewrote my about is thanks to you 😉 so my mission as a sunglasses (i sell them for free with some shipping cost) seller is something like this :
    Our goal is to offer you cheap sunglasses, so you dont have to worry when they drop and scratch – just get a new one!

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  11. Great stuff; a few things I never would have thought of without watching. I'm a media archivist; for my business, it's, "Every family has a history; every family has a story. At Renewed Memories, our mission is to help you teach that history and tell that story, in today's digital format." It's simple, I think it could be tweaked, but that really is WHY I do what I do.

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