April 7, 2020
About Ship&co

About Ship&co

Ship&co is a online solution for
e-commerce. We connect with e-commerce platforms marketplaces and shipping
carriers all over the world. Online sellers can connect their stores and their own carrier accounts to save time and money on shipping. About 10
years ago, I started Bento&co. Bento&co is an online store selling bento boxes and Japanese kitchen where we have customers in about 100 different
countries. Every day, the shipping process just took hours to create the shipping labels and invoices using different carriers. It was
too overwhelming for us. I knew there had to be a better way to connect stores and carriers but none of the solutions existed for Japan online
sellers, so we created Ship&co and started using it for Bento&co
and we just saw how many hours we saved. Today Ship&co supports online
merchants in Japan and many other countries. We also have an API to provide
support to big warehouses with our powerful shipping solution. Besides our
office in Kyoto, we also opened office in Singapore early 2019 to support
e-commerces in Southeast Asia. From now on, we are really excited to support more
sellers in Japan and beyond so they can save time and money on the shipping

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