April 6, 2020
About L2

About L2

L2 is a member-based business intelligence firm
that benchmarks digital performance of consumer brands across 11
industry sectors globally. Members receive access to L2 research
including brand rankings by sector and deep dives that offer actionable insights
to shape a brand’s digital roadmap and inform capital allocation decisions. Members also receive invitations to 60+ executive education events hosted around the globe. L2 products include: the digital IQ index a ranking of over 1,800 brands by sector
registering 1650 data points across four dimensions site, digital marketing, social, and mobile. The Commerce IQ product
measures and benchmarks brands on third party e-commerce platforms, including Amazon to help brands improved performance. The category IQ benchmarks a brands performance within a specific product
category and provides a quantitative assessment of visibility, assortment, pricing, merchandising,
and content investments. Strategy modules explore topics
of specific interest to our members including omni-channel retail and data and targeting that inform decisions around digital strategy
and tactics. L2 members include the world’s most iconic brands. For information on membership email us at

23 thoughts on “About L2

  1. I can barely understand Scott when he speaks at the pace of a normal person. So used to his 100mph speech – I prefer the fast pace.

  2. It seems like many of the comments are referring to a sort of video expertise. This is a business intelligence company. Yes, they make great vids, but that's not the point.

  3. L2, I want you to know something.

    Most people say they just hit the "skip" button when an ad pops up. This of course precludes that channel from being awarded the advert credit for that viewing. I'd prefer to support that channel and allow the ad to play thru,…IF that ad is of a reasonable length.

    Should that ad become intolerable, I turn the sound down and let it play thru.

    If the ad is of an obnoxiously long time, I automatically turn the sound down and tune out.

    Your 4 minute ad is too long – to put it plainly, and so I immediately turned the sound down and went on with 3 1/2 minutes of my life I kept to myself.

    Had you produced that commercial to be 15-30 seconds long, I would have listened.

    …as it is, I know nothing of your company and until you reduce the length of such ads, I never will.
    …and this pretty much goes for everyone I've talk to about this. You're making ppl tune out.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. Is this guy really so naive that he doesn't know the media is weaponized by the United States and I know this is not the right video but IAM not looking for it

  5. Why would I go with your company when you make a prediction or statement about Nike that is so blatantly wrong by saying genius, when it wouldn't took somebody with very much knowledge to realize the heartbeat of the country was saying that they very much disagree with anything associated with Kaepernick. Is it because you are such a liberal that you are also brainwashed by the silly bureaucracy that is expressed by the left at all times, or at least most of the time. There is one thing I will give you credit for, you at least tried to explain why you thought that move would be genius, whereas most liberals just act like parrots and repeat what they hear and then when you ask him to give you a specific example or to give you facts, that usually either walk away or start calling you names. But I promise you, when history reveals itself, this deal that Nike did with Kaepernick will be the beginning of a long. Of downside for Nike sales. Nike makes a good enough brand to recover from this very major mistake, but getting back to my actual point of this comment, is why should I trust you with my business decisions when you make such an easy obvious wrong decision about the relationship between Nike and Kaepernick? If you would like to answer, I would love to hear it. But to be honest, I don't really see what you're going to be able to say to justify that decision you made. You see, this is a big problem with people from the left, for some reason they have a problem seeing the big picture or the whole picture, I believe a lot of people from the left might be book smart, but have very little to no common sense. Whereas, people on the right, tend to be a little bit more analytical and also tend to look at the big picture, we read the book we don't just look at the cover

  6. I wrote the comments below this comment, I would appreciate it if you did read it and answer it, I do have to apologize a little bit because as I read back over it, it may sound a little bit rude and I really didn't mean it to be that way. It is addressing what you said about the Nike and Kaepernick venture. I just have a hard time when any potty puts the word genius Associated anything that deals with Kaepernick because of his disgusting actions that he chose to do to advance his protest. He could have chose many other items besides the main situation that, no matter what your race or Creed, we as a country, can come together as one, and he did nothing but disrespect that situation

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