April 9, 2020
ABC Business Sales –  E-Commerce Web & Retail

ABC Business Sales – E-Commerce Web & Retail

This business has an efficient and very
profitable ecommerce website backed with a retail store that also acts as its
distribution center. The business is now available for sale for the very first
time. Hi, my name is Peter Nola, and profitable import /distribution
businesses with huge ecommerce websites are seldom available for sale but
much-sought-after. This is a specialist business with sales from website and
retail. It has well-proven systems of operation that are easy to replicate so
adding other products will be effortless. The staff are skilled and there are
systems in place to ensure a consistency of quality and service so this should
make for an easy transition period for any new owner. This is a significant web
sales business with a retail presence. It is proven with strong profits, products,
and good supply lines. So this is your opportunity to own this gem of a
business. Call me, Peter Nola, right now and make this great import distribution
business your new business.

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