March 29, 2020
A Simple Tip to Expand your Facebook Ad Audience

A Simple Tip to Expand your Facebook Ad Audience

How does it work with breaking
new audiences for you guys in terms of prospecting? Are you just going entirely? You guys have so many purchases
happening on a daily basis. Are you entirely operating
on look-alikes or do you integrate
other kinds of interest or demographic targeting on top
when you’re trying to break new markets? Yeah, obviously, our conversion campaigns
are heavily look-alike, but we prospect constantly. And depending on what we’re giving away
or what we’re currently doing, we’re prospecting interests only
on top of the look-alike stuff. I started to–
have you ever heard of Glue, the IO? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Shackelford talks about it quite a bit. Yeah, yeah.
I love it, love it. It allows you to build
heavy LTD customers. It allows you to filter through
your customers that are just super valuable, and it’ll let you pull that
and upload it into Facebook. So, I’ve been able to make
a lot stronger look-alikes using that. And then, we still do
the interest targeting on top of that. But yeah, like it will allow you to put people who have
purchased in 180 days, who have purchased like three times,
who have spent more than $300, and it’ll spit out those people
who have done that. And then, if you can make
the look-alikes of those and re-target those people
that showed massive return. And you still layer interest on top? It depends, sometimes. What do you find in that effect? Like, how does that affect you? Well, it depends what you’re layering. So, for example, we gave away
a Polaris RZR this last weekend, or it’s like a side-by-side. It’s like a four-wheeler kind of,
and it was layered. So, I had all the people
who had purchased in 180 days, all this LTV stuff, but then,
who also had interest in Polaris, right, and who hadn’t purchased
within the last week because we didn’t offer that
until the last week. So, there are times
that I’ll layer in there depending on what we’re giving away
or anything like that. But yeah, I still layer as well. Very cool. So, I called the office that I’m in here,
Hong Kong guys because they’re a Facebook agency
and they had a few questions. They wanted to know, how do you typically
break out your visitor re-targeting? On 1 day, on 5 to 15
day or 15 to 30-day basis? So, my business model is different. We run six weeks…

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