February 18, 2020
A Simple Explanation of Domains, DNS and Web Hosting

A Simple Explanation of Domains, DNS and Web Hosting

(gentle music) – Hi, this is Peter Moriarty, and today I’d like to explain what is DNS. Now this can quite easily get confusing. Everyone has a website, but
they have a domain name, they’ve got DNS, they’ve got web hosting. Who can make sense of it all? I understand it can get
a little bit confusing. It even got a little bit confusing for me when I first started. Let me explain the three
elements that you need for a working website and then
how they all work together. Now the first thing that
you need is a domain name. And so this is your www domain name. So it might be www.onlineshop.com.au or www.myname.com.au
or mysmallbusiness.com. That’s your domain name, and you need to get this registered every year. So that might be somewhere
between 10, 20, 40, $50 a year, depending on what kind
of domain name it is. And you might buy that
from Melbourne IT, GoDaddy, or somebody like Netregistry,
or you might buy it from somebody like us. That’s like your address. Like a street address or
like a telephone number, that’s the address that people go to. The next thing that you need
is something called DNS. Now what DNS is, is the
configuration records for your domain name. So DNS has a couple of different elements. It’s got something called an
A record, or a www record. And what that record points
to is your web hosting, which I’ll show you in step three. You’ve then got something
called an MX record. Your MX record tells anyone
who types in your domain name where to send the emails
that go to your domain name. So that might go to Google
Apps, it might point to Microsoft Office 365, it
might point to a server that’s sitting in your
office, or you might have your emails hosted with
a host like Netregistry or Melbourne IT or whoever
your website consultant is. Step number three is you need a web host. Now what a web host is, is
all of the files that make up your website stored on a server. Now this server is typically
sitting in a data center. It’s very rare for small
business to have their websites sitting on their own
server in their office. So this will have things
like your home page, your Services page, your About Us page, and maybe your Contact Us page. All of these are individual
files for each page on your website, and they need
to sit on a server somewhere that’s on 24 hours a day so that anyone who types in your www
address gets the A record from your DNS which is pointing
them to the right place on your web host here. And typically, your web
hosting company that manages all of the files will also host the DNS for your domain name as well. So it’ll have the list of records and then your www domain
name registration. That may be with the same company, they might all be together, or these could be with three
different companies altogether. They’re the three elements that you need to make up a website. You have your domain
registration, you have your DNS which is the configuration
file for your domain, and then you actually have your web host, and your web host manages all the files that make up your website. (gentle music)

18 thoughts on “A Simple Explanation of Domains, DNS and Web Hosting

  1. Nice! In Sydney I prefer Cloudways managed cloud hosting, they also have a datacenter located there, and this is best for me because my sites load time is good due to it.

  2. Thank you! That was really useful information. I've been trying to get my head around this concept for my small business for a few days and in a few minutes you explained it all 🙂

  3. This makes sense. In my case I used different providers for DNS management and web hosting. I registered my domain name with dynu.com and manage the DNS records with them because they are very flexible with subdomains and provide all types of DNS records. However, they do not provide web hosting service. I then use InMotion hosting to host my website.

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  5. It's fine, but it's also common for DNS records to be held and /or managed in cPanel of with webhosting as well. Not to mention with services such as cloud-flair and/ or other DNS services. And so I'd say this information is quite stale in this day and age.

  6. What is DNS?
    3 elements you need

    1. Domain name: mybusiness.com <– Must be registered every year; Is like your address

    2. DNS: The configuration trail for your DNS.
    i) 'Your A' or WWW Record : Web hosting
    ii) 'MX' or email Record: Tells anyone who types in your domain name where to send emails to when emails are addressed to our domain name. i.e. a server, Office 365 or what

    3. Web Host
    Contains Pages. Each page is an individual file that sits on a server somewhere that must be up 24 hours.
    Sitting on a Server somewhere that is on 24 hours a day

    -> Bob types in your Domain name www.Mybusiness.com (1 Domain)
    -> Bob gets the DNS 'A' Record which points him to right place (2 DNS)
    -> That right place is located on our Web Hot (3 Web Hosting)

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