April 7, 2020
A Career in e-Business starts at Curtin University

A Career in e-Business starts at Curtin University

I have a lot of passions But my real passion is the technology business
I launched with my mate, Nathan, while I was still studying at university. Hi, I’m Eric Torres, I’m the Director of Perth
ICT. I did my Commerce degree in Business Information Technology at Curtin University. As a Systems Analyst I use information technology
to help my clients operate their businesses better… that’s it. I like dealing with clients directly, talking
with them, listening, making sure I understand what they’re facing. I have a knack for explaining complex IT concepts
to people.It’s great to see them and say “I’ve heard it so many times, but I finally get
it”. At first, the work was just a way of getting
pocket money while at uni, but I was soon earning more than many of graduates do when
they land their first jobs. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t easy. I was
just 22 when I started Perth ICT and the competition we were up against was pretty tough. I’m talking
about firms that have been around for a decade or more and employ dozens of staff, but, that’s
OK — I love competing! The music festival job is going to be fun,
because we’re talking about putting in wireless security cameras. We’re even looking at using
drone cameras. There’s nothing like being your own boss.
When you know your business is doing really well, you just want to keep on going and take
it as far as possible. I learnt a lot at Curtin both about technology
and running a business and, in one way or another, I’ve used most of what I learnt. “So this I what is proposed. This is what
was actually used on the stadium” And what I was taught was very current. So,
when it came to setting up my business, I was, in many ways, ahead of my competitors. “…you’re only getting wifi that direction” A big part of going to Curtin was the staff.
I still catch up with one of my lecturers. And of course I can call him up and say, you
know, “This is my situation, what should I do!?” He always has something to say He’s also full of industry contacts: his little
black book is gold basically! He was definitely an inspiration. What does winning a tender feel like? It’s
hard to describe. It’s like when in a sport game and everyone knows you’re the underdog,
but you end up winning somehow and it’s … wow! I was born in El Salvador, and came out to
Australia when I was two. My dream is to go there and start some form
of IT training school for people who can’t afford it. I believe in the ability of IT
to transform people’s lives. It did for me.

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