April 5, 2020
A/B Testing Idea For Your E-Commerce Store To Build Trust And Increase Conversion Rate

A/B Testing Idea For Your E-Commerce Store To Build Trust And Increase Conversion Rate

hey Justin Christianson here the
co-founder and president of convergent fanatics and today I wanted to discuss
some elements and a case study on how you can increase your conversions by
building up the level of trust in your visitors and one of the best ways to do
so is to leverage icons people want to know that they have the key benefits and
the trust in your business case in point we have one company right now that we
just concluded a test for that we added some simple icons highlighting just a
couple key benefits of the product such as 30-day easy return and 90 day
warranty and it increased sales conversions 26% and increased the
revenue per visitor by 25% we also have a second company that we just concluded
a very similar test where we added some trust elements such as you know your
McAfee secured and just building up that level of security because people want to
know and feel comfortable in making that buying decision and their information is
not going to be stolen and yes it still is an issue even in today’s very online
commerce world so the more you can build the trust the better off you’re going to
be and that particular test increased sales conversions by six percent and
this company does quite a bit of volume so that means an extra couple zeros on
their revenue for the next year and it also increased the revenue per visitor
by fifteen percent now what you can do to take that a step further is you can
you know change up the messaging like satisfaction guarantee
you know tests things like 90 day guarantee one year warranty test one
year guarantee and test the phrasing around that like the 30-day easy returns
versus you know 30 day money-back guarantee you can test the language and
the positioning of that to see what helps your visitors take more of the
desired action that you’re looking to take and hopefully purchase more product
and spend more money with you so that was just a very quick case study and if
you’ve got an e-commerce store and you’re not leveraging the
elements and in a lot of cases more can actually hurt your conversions so play
with the frequency and the types of trust elements that you are using there
such as free shipping and you know all those different icons you know made in
the USA and anything you can do to build that level of trust and highlight the
benefits because people don’t read they skim and icons we find to be the most
beneficial so hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video be sure to like us rate us if
you feel that somebody else could benefit from this give it a share and
again Justin Christensen from conversion fanatics and we’ll talk to you again
soon thanks

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