April 1, 2020
98% of the Brands You Love Will Collapse

98% of the Brands You Love Will Collapse

– The old world was you got, you started a brand and you fucking paid to get even a prayer of getting in. Now you build a $100
million dollar business, direct to consumer, and
you’re going in with leverage. This is one big game of leverage. (upbeat music) (cheering) You got your perspective. I just want to be happy,
don’t you want to be happy? (upbeat music) Super excited that you’re here. Excited for this fireside chat. We have plenty of seats
so everybody standing in the back feel free to fill out. I apologize if I rush out on a whim. I gotta get to the airport and I’ve learned my
lesson on missing flights in this town in the past, so I’ll be following D-Rock’s call
and so let’s get into it. – Yeah nice, so my name’s
Rebecca, I’m a senior reporter at The Drum and I cover brand, digitals, and I’m excited to be here today to chat about pure digital brands, and I guess we can kick
off by talking about Empathy Wines, which
honestly I want to try. Can you give me a bit of
insight into into why you wanted to chat, seeing big
trends and brands moving into the DtC space. We were watching your clip. You got that? – For context you know, I
wrote one of the first checks into Birchbox and a lot
of early kind of 2011, 12 DTC movement and obviously
in the last 24 months, because of the sheer scale
of the underpriced attention of Facebook and Instagram and
the amount of capital that is available and the growth
of Shopify and Amazon. All these macrotrends have
led to an enormous growth of direct consumer brands. So I’m watching that and
obviously my great thesis of creating VaynerMedia was
to buy nostalgic brands, so I haven’t been highly
motivated to do Gym Shark, or Fashion Nova, or you know, Hims. Like that, that’s not
where my passion lies, though I’ve been seeing all the growth. In parallel, I had two specific
executives at Vaynermedia that were part of a team
called the Office of the CEO so in theory, a couple
years ago, I realized how stretched I was so I
created a team to act like a chief of staff and
there was four of them and after a year of it, it
just wasn’t as efficient. You know, I moved to
on chief of staff which has been working much
better, but I had these you know, multiple executives
that were super talented. Two of them, John Trowman and Nate Troder, who are my partners in
Empathy Wine, have been with me since they were interns
in my wine business before VaynerMedia and then came to Vayner. John had left and worked
for a distributor even, for a year and 1/2 and came back. So, as an entrepreneur, we’re
making this macrodecision on the Vayner side, I’m sitting with these incredible human
assets which is really, kind of the KPI of the whole
Vayner thing to begin with. There’s this incredible push
of DTC and, as a third layer, I’m weirdly missing wine
for the first time, right? When you do something for
20 years, and its like the only thing you’re passionate about, you get burnt out, and so
when I left Wine Library to do Vayner, it was so refreshing and I was excited to not
even think about wine, and then a couple years later it was fun because I started looking
at wine like a consumer, you know my whole life, I’d go out to a restaurant like
they’re making a fork-ton of money off this and this wine sucks and all that kind of stuff and so, that got fun and it
started becoming fun again. Nobody was doing anything super crazy. There were some wine clubs that were doing incredibly well
but there’s no purebred, direct to consumer brand
at the kind of scale, so that’s why it happened. We’re off to an incredible start. We’ve sold almost $2,000,000
worth of inventory in the first six months without spending any media dollars, all off
organic, against my brand. We did that as a strategy to see if we could gleam insights at scale for my audience to make
us deploy the media even in a better way, the AB testing against Gary fans versus wine drinkers as a whole. And so, the next year
for Empathy is gonna be really exciting because
I think we’re really now gonna act like a brand more so than the leverage off a personal brand. – Well yeah, you mentioned that actually. I’m interested to find out
more about the media plan and what that looks like for Empathy Wine ’cause you launched it on Instagram. Is that the most important
platform in your business? – You know, the funny part is I’m not sure and we launched it everywhere, right? You might have saw it on Instagram, but we put out YouTube
and podcast and Twitter and Linkedin and email and
you know, we’re pretty excited to go as many platforms as possible. To bring this much value here, I think one thing for
everybody to think about with direct to consumer
brands is to understand, I set up earlier, the phenomenon
on the consumer’s side of why it’s happening. There’s a very important thing that I said very quickly and I’ll say it again. There’s so much capital
in the world today, that VCs have to deploy it. That’s how they live and one thing that everybody really needs
to realize about some of these incredible
brands that we all love, on Instagram, or pre-roll
YouTube, or wherever you see them is most of them are actually underwater. They’re raising so much
capital is so they can play a game where their
customer acquisition is $31 but their margin on that is 19 so they’re 12 bucks underwater. Our clients at VaynerMedia, for example, or established businesses that are held accountable to Wall
Street can’t do that and so, there is some
incredible things that are going on with these
brands but if tomorrow, the global economy starts
to start the process in the other direction,
98% of that brands that we think are crushing it
will be out of business ’cause they won’t be able
to raise the next round, they’re too underwater,
the math doesn’t work on customer acquisition and profitability and it’s game fucking over. And so we need to have a little bit better of a conversation, we need to have more of a practical conversation around DTC brands to realize
many of the ones that we put on a pedestal,
I would say my friends, it doesn’t take a hero to
lose money every month. And I think we need to be thoughtful that a lot of these brands are
not building actual brand, they’re really CAC and LTB
conversion sales machines that are arbitraging against
influencers or Instagram and they need to be very thoughtful about building brand right now because when shit hits the fan, it will be brand that will get them through the dark time. – What is a nice way for DTC
brands to build brand then? We’re seeing a lot like our
old, instructional TV ads from these companies. (sighing) – I think it’s a huge mistake and I think you’re seeing it because
they’re wasting money and they don’t care and I
think that the biggest delta is we literally, what’s amazing
to watch these brands go so heavy on traditional,
above the line creative, is that the great case study
of modern creative comes in the form of Dollar Shave Club. The Dollar Shave Club
video is this generation’s Just Do It or Where’s the Beef. It really is an iconic
piece of creative that birthed the billion dollar brand. The number one mistake that
direct to consumer brands at scale are making
right now is not creating long form video on Facebook and YouTube to build brand equity. And that’s how I see it
and I think there are a couple brands that are
actually, for that matter, Purple Mattress. If you nerd on this stuff, you should go look at what
Purple Mattress is doing as a company versus what Casper is doing as a company, right? One is very hardcore DTC
and is growing as a leader, Casper, the Purple is
creating a lot of creative. The $180,000 production
and creative execution risk of making a funny video, a
video that makes you cry, a video that makes you
think, if you hit that, your CAC and LTB numbers
get really good real fast, ’cause now you’re trading on brand and that’s the ultimate goal. – And then in terms of platforms– – Yes – Does that mean for
social media platforms, retailers, what does the shift mean? – Well, it means that the
Facebooks of the world, the Googles of the world
are getting more of their, I mean it’s crazy, ou have
two gals in the middle of nowhere, starting a direct to consumer peanut butter brand and two
years later, spending more money on Facebook and Instagram than does. – Mhm – Like if you go talk to
Facebook executives that run their business, they’re
getting way bigger budgets from companies you’ve never heard of and that is probably my favorite thing that’s kind of going on. Literally, literally, when
you look at the top spenders on these platforms, it
will blow your mind. Literally a brand you’ve never heard of and that’s because one
trades on sales data and another one trades on
internal MMMs or reporting. – Coming back to your earlier
point, is there danger in building your whole
brand on one platform? – Yes. – What’s the danger of that? – You become one dimensional
and a one dimensional fighter is vulnerable. (chuckling) – Well what I resear– – And again, instead of
just making a fun statement, let me add a little bit to that. Look, every time you’re
looking for growth, you know, this is actually a fun
way to create some clarity about how I think about the world. I don’t hate traditional media. I think over a long period of
time, it became overpriced. I actually love outdoor, for example. Outdoor gets seen, you know? Not everybody’s looking at their phone every second and if you really like, I love UIing apps in real life so I like outdoor quite a bit. I just like to buy it when it’s remnant and I can buy it for one
month for 2000 bucks instead of the 24 thousand they want when you buy it for six month contract. So to me, the danger of
being one dimensional is, why would you wanna be
one dimensional, right? You’re gonna squeeze the
crap out of one fruit and you’ve squeezed all
the orange juice out of the orange but there’s
a grapefruit right here and you should start, and even
if the grapefruit’s small, there’s still juice in there and so to me, I think about overpriced
and underpriced attention and as real estate prices
come down in a soft economy and more internet business,
inevitably its gonna turn and storefronts are gonna be a good buy. So, there’s a bunch of companies
that are about to go out of business because they signed
big leases seven years ago, didn’t factor in e-com,
and they’re underwater, they’ll go, demand for retail, everyone’s a headline reader like don’t buy retail, it’s the internet. So, what will happen is
demand will go down so retail, in two to three
years, especially if the economy gets soft, is gonna be a fucking deal for these brands that get walk in traffic. Still, I mean everybody
here bought something in the store recently, so
yeah, there’s just no reason to be one dimensional. – Mhm, What do you think
about these brands moving into physical retail spaces? Hardee’s in the U.K.
has just done a big deal with Boots pharmacy. – I saw. I’m into it. I think you expand your business, you’ve got the leverage as a DTC brand. You know, the old world
was, you started a brand and you fucking paid to get
even a prayer of getting in. Now, you build a $100 million
business direct to consumer and you’re going in with leverage. This is one big game of leverage. – Well, I want to take some
questions from our audience if there are any, before
Gary has to catch his flight We’ll just do it now. – [Man] I’ll ask a question. Your recent campaign with K
Swiss, you were out, I saw them. – Thank you. – [Man] it’s incredible by the way. – Thank you. – [Man] That’s very much a branded piece by yourself I imagine. Where do you see that going, you know, and where does this kind of fit into your vision of doing brands? – So, just to catch up everybody, this week we launched the fourth
collaboration with K Swiss and what we decided to do
this time was do an above, you know I love eating my own dog food, so I’m yelling at everybody
for not doing longer form brand videos to drive their business, and so I said then I’ll do it for this. And then I said what’s
underpriced attention? Influencers are underpriced
so I reach out to a huge slew of influencers who follow
me and offered to pay them and we made a very long form
video at Vayner productions. I was very uninvolved obviously, besides sitting and answering questions, which they used some of it in the video, but very little me in
comparison to everything else. We made a long form video that
a bunch of influencers posted for awareness and it
was just a brand piece. It was just kind of more
similar to the stuff I normally put out but
more production value. No different than the Dwyane
Wade Budweiser piece we did or the Maxwell piece we did and the impact on sales was extraordinary. It drastically outperformed
clouds and dirt, which was more sales,
more of that approach and so you can imagine,
and here’s the best part, back to not caring about about outdoor or radio or television. I didn’t care if it was gonna
fail because I know creative is the variable of success,
but it worked extremely well. – [Man] There’s a lot of emotion as well that you put into it. That was– – Yeah I mean look– I apologize for cutting you off, if you’re gonna make content, you need people to feel
something when it’s done. Whether they laugh, they cry, they think, like, yo I mean that was,
that was the most important. If the video sucked shit, we wouldn’t have sold sneakers, you know? And so, we went with the
brand approach on digital because, like I said
in some meetings today with some of the leaders,
I believe that digital, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube LinkedIn, is the place to build brand, not do lower funnel sales. I think that’s the place
to do two, three, four, five, six minute videos
’cause I think that’s the place where people
are consuming information. It’s not super complicated. And once everybody wraps
their head around it, it’s so funny to see the
creative landscape push against this ’cause they put the emotion and the ideology of TVC
on a pedestal, meanwhile, every creative on Earth
would much rather have two minutes and 13 seconds
to tell a story than 30 or at least the appropriate amount of time to tell the story versus being confined to a 30, a 15, or a six. – You mentioned influencers there, what influence do they
have in this DTC world? – A huge role. Influencers by nature are a creative and distribution media
all in the price of one with the word of mouth
affirmation and cosigning. They’re the great deal of our
industry, yet there’s enormous scrutiny around it because people like headline reading instead
of being practitioners. – Does anyone have any more
questions that they want to ask? – [Sam] What’s the best– – What’s your name? .[Sam] I’m Sam. – Sam. – [Sam] And that’s some
smart work you guys. – Thank you. – [Sam] How do we keep
track of which channels are undervalued? Say at the moment Apple
might not be valued– – It’s a great question, we
were just having this debate upstairs like look,
what you measure against is so imperative, right? You know, to me, if I’m a business, I’m trying to suffocate the
shit out of everything I do to prove to me that it’s driving. So for example, if I’m a retailer, which I grew up one so this
one comes natural to me, I wanna do branded outdoor
with actually a product in offering and not offer that product in offering anywhere else in the world so that I’ve suffocated the
variables to understand that that was the channel
that drove the behavior in my 713 stores against
a $49,000 production cost and a $637,000 outdoor media spend. And the fact that we don’t do that, over time made me realize how much the industry doesn’t want to figure out the actual answers, you know? Suffocating, having the actual intent. We do a lot of digital buying
where we’re doing one mile, two mile radius media spend
against specific offer and we can show that, you know, there’s a uptake in foot
traffic versus your baseline and your average sale is higher than it was before because we
clustered out other stores where they didn’t do that. I mean, if you have true
intent to prove the ROI and you’re lucky enough to
have some sort of transaction of some sorts, or something
to anchor to, even if it’s a Nielsen rating on
TV, which is their currency, or votes or whatever it may
be, you will get the answer. If it’s simply brand health,
then somebody’s making a subjective call, no matter
what report they use as gospel. – Any other questions, anyone else? – [Audience Member] Empathy
Wine, is it coming to the UK? – Yes – When? – We just had this discussion with them, we’re working on it. We, one thing that was
very important to me is if this wine went into new markets, that that market didn’t pay a extra vig, where it was just paying more
than the American consumer or to the best of my ability
’cause sometimes you g– Like we’re going to
Canada, Canada is a Mafia. The whole country owns
the whole ecosystem, you can only do so much, so we’re looking at several options. I think I’d be surprised
if we weren’t here within the next six months. Yeah, I’m really excited about it. – [Sam] It’s Sam. – Sam. – [Sam] I have another question. – By the way, did you guys
see Gary will be extinct in the U.K. by 2050, you see that article? (laughing) – [Audience Member] Not since 1992. – There’s not been a single kid named Gary in the U.K. since 1992. (laughing) – I’m gonna super focus
on my brand in this region to inspire at least one transaction. Exactly. Real quick, and I apologize
because this is gonna be of value, I failed almost every
class I took except history and I never ever, and I mean
this, knew why until recently. Basically, the reason I
end up being right about a lot of things is the conversation you and I just had, everything repeats itself. It’s pattern recognition, that’s right. That’s why these brands
are in deep fucking shit if they don’t start building a real brand. What they’re doing that
scare the fuck out of me, is I think they’re wasting 85 to 90 cents on every dollar they spend
on marketing doing old things with old reports, which is
the only thing they can do, which is contemporary branding to build relevance to offset the deep technology disadvantages
they’re sitting with. – [Audience Member] So
what would you do if you were the retailers? – Build a brand, because
when this goes to voice, and I say, Alexa, book me a hotel, I’d better say Alexa, book me a Marriott or Marriott’s gonna be upset. Alexa, book me a Four Seasons
or they’re gonna be upset, because when voice becomes the toll booth, not search, everyone’s in
deep shit because with search, at least you have a prayer
of seeing another result. With voice, Amazon and
Google pick and then when Amazon and Google
actually buy Starwood, people are very confused what’s about to happen in the world. I think I’m less confused. (laughing) – And that’s what, I do
things that people make fun of and later revere. So, I highly recommend if
you’re capable of dealing with judgment and you
have conviction, to do it. It always works out in the end. – Nice, okay I think that’s
a real nice place to end on. Please stay in touch with us. – I agree, see ya! Have fun, I gotta run. I’m sure some people wanna talk, but I’m legitimately gonna
miss this so have fun, thank you so much. Thanks for coming. (applauding)

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