April 4, 2020
9 – steps to design a successful YouTube channel – J.R. Fisher

9 – steps to design a successful YouTube channel – J.R. Fisher

nine steps to design a successful
YouTube channel hey are you looking to really do something with that YouTube
channel are you looking to get subscribers and views and grow your
channel well you’re in the right place because in this video I’m going to show
you exactly what you need to do in 9 simple steps and we’re starting right
now hey I’m J.R. Fisher if you’re new to my
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card or anything else okay let’s get started and let’s work on that YouTube
channel okay let’s let’s be honest here there are other videos on YouTube yep
there’s other videos on YouTube so since there’s other videos and how many videos
are there I don’t even know right now cuz they upload so much but I can tell
you this there’s an estimated 50 million content creators people making
videos so for you to compete with all these people you just need to do the
right things don’t get discouraged by the fact that there’s so many of them if
you do the right things you’re gonna do pretty well because I got to tell you
the majority of them including myself didn’t do the right things when they
started out so let’s check it out so the first thing we’ve got to do is
reach those viewers and the way we’re gonna reach those viewers is we’re gonna
raise awareness of our brand that’s exactly what we need to do to build the
channel get subscribers and get views now I know this is gonna sound a little
intimidating in the beginning because of all those people out there creating
videos but most of them like I said they don’t do it that well so by the time
you’re done with going through these 9 steps I’m gonna give you in this video
you’re gonna be probably far ahead of most people you’re probably far ahead of
probably about 95% of the people that are creating content right now so we’re
gonna hit these three key points in this video we’re gonna talk about creating
and optimizing your YouTube channel we’re also going to learn how to
understand your audience and your competition using data and we’re gonna
look at advertising on YouTube through YouTube ads and influencer marketing
step 1 make sense you’ve got to create your YouTube channel for your business
now all you need to do to create a YouTube channel is you need to have a
gmail address and how much does that cost it’s free ok so go ahead and get
you a gmail address and then go ahead and set up your YouTube account that’s
the first thing you need to do number two is learn about your audience and how
you gonna do that well as soon as you set up your business account Google is
gonna give you access to a lot of data ok so you can actually go in there type
in different terms and see what they’re searching for what they’re looking for
what they’re interested in but you want to learn as much about your audience as
you possibly can now once you’ve started your YouTube
channel you can actually go into the analytics for your subscribers and you
can figure out more data about them so you can make videos that better match
your audience that you’re building you’re going to want to monitor the
watch time and demographics of your audience so you can answer all the
questions that they have and want to see videos on here’s a few key
components that you should be looking at where are your videos being viewed and
when what age are your viewers what gender your viewers most commonly
identify as now tracking your audience like this is really a win win for you
and them because if you know what they want you can make the right videos
you’ll get more views and if you’re making the videos they want they get
what they want because they wouldn’t watch videos about the subjects and
about all the things they want to learn about or be entertained about now as you
learn all of this information if your assumptions are right then of course you
want to keep making videos in that direction and if they’re a little bit
off you want to kind of cater to what your audience actually wants so that you
can get more views now reading comments not always fun because they don’t always
say good things about you but you can learn a lot from these comments so go
into your comments on a regular basis make sure you respond to every single
comment and people will say well that’s gonna take me so much time it won’t in
the beginning trust me why cuz you won’t have any okay the only way to really get
comments is to ask for them like I’m doing right now if you’re enjoying this
video tell me what you liked about it but something in the comment section I
know you’re watching and I want to hear what you want to and this also helps you
identify your audience and helps you provide what they’re looking for so
you’ll want to read all the comments and you’re gonna want to respond to them
super-important you also want to check out the YouTube community page it’s an
underrated space for finding out about your audience it’s located under the
community tab on your profile and you can interact with your subscribers
directly right there you can see all their comments you can post questions or
you can create a poll to gain a deeper understanding of how your audience
things number three is research your
competition you’ve surely got other people out there doing videos on the
same subjects or the same niches they you do and since you do you can look at
their data which is already out there and help you build your channel by kind
of figuring out what they’re already doing so another thing you can do is as
you go into your competitors channels you can actually browse through and you
can sort their videos by the most viewed when you look at the most viewed to try
to figure out what they’re doing in those videos what did they say you know
what what information did they provide what did they cover what was the subject
all those things what kind of thumbnail was on that particular video so that you
can garner that information and use it for your channel now here’s something
cool you can also do you can same way you did it with your videos as you
looked at the comments go into their comments find out what their audience is
saying find out what their audience is asking for in the beginning you won’t
have very many comments so if you look at other comments on another channel you
can figure out what people are asking for and what they need and you could
provide it on your channel the other thing you can do is look at the keywords
that your competitor is using in their title and in their description if you do
that you can figure out some keywords that you could use in your videos to get
more subscribers and views you can also check to see if your competitors are
putting ads on your videos now there is a way to block them if you want to do
that that’s up to you step number four is
learn from your favorite channels now these don’t have to be competitors but
you know you probably have some channels that you like to watch on YouTube I
would kind of pick those apart figure out what they’re doing how are they
dressed what is the background what is the flow how long are their videos what
is it that keeps you interested you can learn a lot from people that you are
already watching it doesn’t have to be in the same niche the one thing I’ll
tell you is you’ve got to be a little bit different you remember in the
this video I ring this Bell well that was to wake you up a little bit okay
that was to remind you to hit that if you haven’t done that by the way you got
to do that get that subscribe and hit the
notification but I did that on purpose to be a little bit different okay so if
you just sit in front of the camera and you’re boring and you talk like this for
a couple of minutes you’re gonna lose your audience okay don’t do that you’ve
got to gain their attention you’ve got to have a nice clean background you got
to look good you got to comb your hair you got to be ready you got to put on
your makeup or whatever it is you do to look good make sure you’re doing it your
videos so that people want to continue watching them
number five is optimize your videos for SEO and that’s search engine
optimization now Google which is YouTube cannot bring back results which are your
videos unless you’ve optimized them the best way to do that is through to buddy
and I’ll put a link below that you can click and to buddy it’s free it’s
awesome it’ll help you optimize your videos for free if you use my link down
there you can actually save 30 percent when they’re pro version the cool thing
about tube buddy is you can type in a title and you can change a few words and
it will give you a ranking or a score if you will on that title and by changing
just a couple words you can drastically improve the search results of your
videos now make sure when you’re making your title you don’t use clickbait just
because two buddy says hey this would be a great title if that doesn’t match your
video you don’t want to do that because that can actually cause you more harm
than anything else because what YouTube does is they look at watch time if you
have a lot of people clicking through to your video but when they get there they
don’t watch the video that means that they didn’t get what they expected when
they click yeah the next thing I want to tell you is have good thumbnails I
didn’t do this in the beginning I didn’t do it okay I’m doing it now and it’s
helping a whole lot but you kind of have really good engaging thumbnails now on
the thumbnail itself you can put words on there the words on that thumbnail do
not have to match what your title is now your title is generally going to be 60
to 70 characters you don’t want to put that on the thumbnail you just want you
know two three maybe four words on your thumbnail something that’s going to get
their attention if you check out these thumbnails here they’re really bright
they’re colorful they grab your attention and this is what I’m talking
about when we’re talking about doing a thumbnail that actually works next up is
write a compelling video description once again I didn’t do this to do this
we’re doing it now but that description means so much because it tells people so
much more about that video you can also add timestamps in there in YouTube it’s
really simple to do you find something that’s at say five minutes and six
seconds and if you type that next to the words in the description five :
oh six it will actually automatically set up a link so that when that is
published people could click on that time and it will go to that spot in the
video in the description if you’re running short of ideas you do have 5,000
characters you can put in there but some things you could put in there for an
affiliate links you could certainly do that you could also add in their
playlist of other videos that you have you could also have links directly to
other videos you have any of these things can help you fill up that
description area and get you more traffic the next thing you can do is you
can add hashtags in your description so if you put a hashtag in your description
what it’s actually going to do is it’s going to throw it at the top underneath
the title of the video there so that people can see that hashtag it also
helps people locate your videos easier because some people are actually
searching with hashtags now also you can also add cards you could add bumper ads
you can add watermarks to your videos there’s so many things you can do to
enhance your videos quality so let’s talk about what these are first off
cards are really like a transparent CTA that appears on your video when people
go to hover over it and click on it it expands and it can take them to one of
your other videos now bumper ads are something you can put in the beginning
or the of your videos to promote whatever you
want to promote you can put watermarks on there too which are customizable
buttons that get people to subscribe that will only appear to those people
who aren’t subscribers and lastly in this section you’re gonna ask viewers to
subscribe if you notice I did that in the beginning and I’m gonna do it again
if you haven’t subscribed to this channel and go down there and click that
button but if you don’t ask them to subscribe they don’t know to do it the
assumption is that everybody knows to subscribe your channel but they don’t or
even if they do know it sometimes they forget number 6 upload and schedule your
video so you don’t want to randomly put videos out on YouTube but I know I was
guilty of this in the beginning but what you want to do is you want to figure out
what schedule that you want to have and stick to it now what we do is every
single day at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time five days a week a video goes up on
my channel so people know that it’s there there’s a particular schedule it’s
five days a week so you don’t have to do that you could do one day a week or you
know twice a month whatever you want to do but make sure you have a schedule and
you stick to it people will treat your YouTube channel as a television station
they they’ll come back to it at the same time of day in many cases or they will
know that you always upload it let’s say 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. at night they always
go there to grab that video and if it’s not there they’re gonna you know look
for another channel they’re gonna find somebody else to fill up that time so
you want to make sure you’re doing that and also be professional about this if
you tell people that you’re gonna do a video every single day you’ve got to do
a video every single day and that’s hard to do I know that personally but
whatever it is you tell them make sure you stick with it be professional about
it you know don’t say well this happened or this occurred what you want to do is
upload your videos in advance and schedule them that way they’re gonna be
ready for the viewers when they come and they won’t be disappointed number seven
is you want to optimize your channel to attract new subscribers you want to
constantly be adding new subscribers now the way you’re going to do that is
several different areas so let’s go over those
right now you’re going to want to fill out your youtube profile this is super
important you want to have a keyword rich bio and you would have as much
information in there as you can possibly provide you also want to have a good
picture in there that is set to the right size for YouTube they’ll just use
any picture that doesn’t really fit I’ve seen that too many times on a banner and
it obviously didn’t fit but the people put it in there anyhow you also want to
have links to your website your profile all your social media your contact
information that makes it seem more professional and you will get more
subscribers and you’ll get more contacts by doing that next thing you want to
organize your videos into playlists that’s super important so if you have a
particular subject you’re talking about you want to get four or five six videos
put them into that playlist the other thing you can do is have a series video
and I just did one of those but have a series where it’s two or three videos
that explains one idea that way you have the person going through the series
watching each and video now the cool thing about this is when you create
these playlists and they start watching it the next video and the playlist will
come up and that’ll be the next video they’ll see now don’t forget if you’re
creating these playlists you also want to create relevant keywords for the
playlist also and number eight try YouTube advertising you can actually run
ads to your videos or you can create videos just for ads now I will tell you
this if you have a channel and you want to build the channel and you want to get
more views it’s great to send traffic to that channel there’s nothing wrong with
that but if you’re just doing some videos that are for ads you don’t want
to put those in your channel if you do that for the most part those little
videos there’s ones that are one or two minutes long they don’t get you enough
watch time and it’s going to drive down your watch time so I would suggest you
starting another channel if you have some short videos that are just going to
be run for ads and number 9 and our final one try to work with an influencer
contact somebody else on YouTube that has
similar niche right and say hey why don’t we do a video together
why don’t we collaborate and do something together now some of them will
tell you no but some of them will tell you yes and if you do that that’s also
going to help them and if we help each other that’s a win-win situation now you
want to reach out and maybe just do this as a friendly gesture with these
influencers most youtubers can tell if it’s a paid sponsorship now you know I
have one channel I watch and I know in every single video he does that he’s
gonna have some type of product placement and he can’t possibly like as
many products as he promotes so it becomes kind of old of what I’ve done
when those videos is although I like those videos I’ll skip through that ad
part as soon as he’s talking about a haircare product or you know whatever it
is a shirt or sunglasses I know what’s coming next so I just skip through that
section and the same thing will happen to you so make sure these influencers
are genuine and you’re actually trying to help each other and reach the
audience and give them what they want as a bonus I’ll tell you don’t get stuck in
a rut do things differently change it up a little bit you know have a different
background have a different style make sure you wear a different shirt
I know somebody that did videos on YouTube and there’s literally hundreds
of videos and she has the same shirt on now I would suggest not doing that okay
now maybe there’s a reason for it maybe it’s sort of lucky shirt I don’t know
but one thing I’ll tell you is to when you when you’re doing your dress and
when you’re doing your background and you’re doing all these things make sure
it looks professional don’t just put no thought into it grab your camera and
start making videos and I know a lot of people tell you just get started just
make a video just grab your phone and do one and while that’s true and while
that’s better than not having any videos setting up the scene with the right
lighting and having the video viewable and the sound good that’s gonna make a
big difference in your videos now if you found something you like in this video
my gosh you’ve got a comment on it you got to put it in the comment section
below if you’re having problems in your channel or you need help put that in the
comment section below I’d love to help you don’t forget also to subscribe if
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