April 1, 2020
8COMMERCE, A Scalable End to End Ecommerce Enabler &  Fulfillment

8COMMERCE, A Scalable End to End Ecommerce Enabler & Fulfillment

We all know ecommerce grows very high and becomes hype according to e-marketer, global B2C e-commerce will reach $2.3 trillion by 2017 this explosive growth brings new opportunities, customers, and challenges and it’s huge opportunities for global brand retailers. With having owned online store, global brands from various industry are able to control their pricing to get closer to their customer and manage optimized re-order. But having sophisticated online store is not the final stages for global brand retailers. Along with their great names, their thousands product, and massive loyal customers the owner of global brand retailer must be sure every little operation behind the online store and how to makes sales then convert sales into PROFIT Well, 8COMMERCE can solve it all 8COMMERCE that’s focusing on Indonesia market has integrated warehousing spots over west to center of Indonesia With 8COMMERCE you can ask a scalable, faster and secured ecommerce site Your ecommerce site will also focus on agility, integration and automation to drive relevant business outcomes How to market ecommerce sites and products are the next challenges. 8COMMERCE combines fit marketing tactics to create customer lifecycle include remarketing campaigns for retention cross-sell and upsell that convert prospects into customers To make sure every single things going smooth on behind storefront, 8COMMERCE has store operational team who will handle all order management which includes payment gateway, call services, and multi-channel. When yu have thousand SKUs of product, you need well organized warehousing and assuredly last mile fulfillment. At 8COMMERCE we understand this, by providing a B2C logistic landscape, technology, expert people and high standard of procedure to keep the final moment of brand interaction with customer Go to 8COMMERCE.com and you can own best online experience, make sales and profit. TODAY

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