March 29, 2020
$81,978/month eCommerce System [Step-By-Step Explanation]

$81,978/month eCommerce System [Step-By-Step Explanation]

this is my 81 thousand dollar-a-month
EECOM system and i’m gonna show you exactly how to do it step by step
I’m even going to go so far as to give you the entire blueprint it’s a free
download I’ll put a link to it down in the description below now I pulled up a
couple of screenshots this is from August 19th this is just two days ago
that I took this screenshot and at that point we had done twelve hundred and
eighty four dollars twenty-five hundred dollars almost the day before and thirty
three hundred and change that day last week also for the month this is from
August 1st to August 19th when I took this screenshot what he had done fifty
one thousand dollars at that point in August last month we did eighty one
thousand dollars a month and to finish it off our year-to-date on this one
Amazon account is six hundred eighty five thousand seven hundred and ninety
three dollars after Christmas season this year will rake in well over a
million dollars in revenue from this one Amazon account and I’m going to show you
exactly how we go about our business and I’m going to give you that blueprint
it’s free it’s instant it’s I’m trying to bring the value to you guys here so
if you are looking to start an online e-commerce business and at all
interested in white label and making products and white labeling products in
China then this is the video for you so with no further ado let me jump over to
my little website that I have here I always talk about how I have created
this ebook my seven step framework on how I launch knockout products online
also this is what I’m going to put a link to additionally in the description
below is this infographic and it is literally my team and I just put this
together it is literally step by step by step by step everything that you need to
be sure and do and check off your list if you want to do this and do it
successfully so let me zoom in here real quick and start at the top let me see if
I can go up to the top yield top an amazon white label now I’m just going to
kind of hit the highlights because I’m gonna let you download this and read
through it but you want to start by researching your
product now I did a complete video on this exact thing let me jump back over
to this tab I’m on the video tab of my YouTube channel and if you go down to
the bottom I did a video right here nine months ago products find products to
sell online profitable in three minutes and in this video I cover how I use the
tools and what I look for in all of the things that we’re talking about right
here but some of the main criteria are you want to have a best-seller rank
below 5,000 you want to look for a price point to sell somewhere between 20 and
50 dollars a little north of that is okay but if you start to get well north
of that people are gonna it’s gonna hit you’re gonna have a longer sales cycle
people are going to do more research and things like this this price point range
is something that people just kind of knee-jerk into if you got good reviews
good product listing and all the things then people will just click buy and you
will benefit from that you also want to make sure that your products that you’re
looking for in your niche are small and lightweight and that saves on Freight
and your Amazon storage fees when you FBA you want to do look at all of your
competitors reviews you want to really comb through the negative reviews and
see if there are any kind of improvements that people are wishing for
hey I wish this had a handle up here or I wish that it made this certain noise
when the bell rang or something whatever the case may be if enough people are
asking for it then you can modify your product to be even better than your
competitors also you want to keep in mind that you are going to think about
branding this product you want to create a brand image and you want to make sure
that there’s going to be enough accessories and similar type of products
in your brand so that you can make more money you want to be able to upsell your
current customers on your core product to these other products so take a look
at that video and I’ll go into that in more detail finding suppliers is super
critical it is not all expresses is
one of the largest source of suppliers and we still use it every day we have an
office in China I know that right now we’re having a little bit of a tiff with
our current president and China but I’m sure that we will get past that because
ideally we’re all grown-ups and probably not anyways you want to build up you
want to do your research and build up your list and then you want to make sure
when you make that initial contact that you sound like a big company and not
just an individual sitting at home now I did again back here product suppliers
looks like the very first video that I ever uploaded on YouTube I did a video
on product suppliers don’t laugh because I have gotten much better in front of a
camera than I was back then but the information is still super sound again
if you look at it promise me you won’t laugh so moving down the line here you
want to build up that relationship with your suppliers so that you can get past
mo cues which are minimum order quantities you want to be courteous and
accurate present yourself as a professional yet price quotes catalog
blah blah blah so a lot of good things with that you want to set up an
international carrier account I use UPS and FedEx DHL is also a good one but be
sure and set up yourself an account with them so that they can bill you instead
of just having one off things and have no share your credit card and do things
like that you want to request product samples when you’re getting something
made especially if it’s material based or something if it’s some sort of
plastic or something that requires a dye there’s gonna be upfront cost for that
but certain things you can get product samples and then ultimately you want to
just bear down and choose the best supplier that you can so the next thing
is your company brand so you want to think about brand ability you want to
well here here’s an here’s the example right on the on the infographic so if
you think of something like if your niche is home and kitchen so something
like home and kitchen innovations it might be descriptive there are certainly
some keywords in there but it is not super brandable like something like
pampered chef pampered chef is a type of branding name that is memorable and
resume with people so think outside the box a
little bit and think about things that are brand new billet have brand ability
and are sticky you want to think about who will use your products you want to
look at competitor brands I’m trying to read this example automotive tools you
want masculine tough design exactly and then ultimately use a service like 99
designs or even like Wix has a logo maker and things if you are on a budget
really on a budget and you think that you have the wherewithal to do it you
know you can use something like Wix logo maker or some other logo makers that are
available out there and then also you want to trademark your brand
I would suggest potentially putting this off for just a little bit you can get a
couple of your products up online and start to sell and if they do start to
sell and you have that that that sustainability power both financially
and mentally and time availability you want to at that point once you realize I
think that your products are making some headway this is a real venture for you
then take the time to trademark your brand because it’s not the cheapest
thing but you do need to do it you want to internationally trademark your brand
as well if your funds allow now again I have done a video on this
this is private label products protecting your brand I go into a great
detail about so many aspects so many different things that talk about
protecting your brand that are relative to that there so product packaging even
in that same video I talked about how to get these stickers these stickers made
up they have your brand and logo and all that stuff on it but you want to use
when a person receives when a customer receives your package and when they open
it up sure what’s inside is super important but have you ever ordered
anything off of Amazon that came in like this crappy little white bag this poly
bag you know and you think geez they just threw this in here and mailed it to
me or whatever the presentation is horrible and you’re pre framing your
customers mind to be questionable about your product right out of the gate so if
you tip the script on that a little bit and you put it in a quality piece
of packaging yeah it’s gonna cost more and if it works out in your numbers that
you can spend you know that extra dollar per package or something along those
lines whatever it ends up being do it because when you open look at on my desk
I don’t have a package right here in front of me but when you open something
that has you know thick cardboard packaging and it’s printed really nicely
has good inserts it really pre frames your customers mind that this is
high-quality and they will recommend it they will buy it again they’ll open your
emails you get a lot more out of it then you put into it when you do that sorry
for going on that ramp but that is a these are all critical steps and all
critical components so when you go to place your initial order with your
supplier you always want to ask for they’ll always tell you that their
minimum order quantity is super high or you know mm you want to be able to get
them down to 300 or so or 250 300 400 whatever you want to be able to get them
down to a manageable size for you because you have to make sure that this
thing works the first set of products that I ever ordered I did get the mo q2
down and luckily because once I got the product the quality control was off so
there were some things there with my story but get that mo q down you only
want to pay a 30% deposit or less if you can get away with it they’ll ask for
more a lot of times 50% but you can do as low as 30% logos and graphics you
want to send that to them especially if they are packaging I’m printing the
packaging for you and things and then pay the balance once the freight
documents are good to go okay next on the list is to set up your
Amazon account and your product listing this is an exciting part of the journey
because this is when it all starts to get really real so set up your Amazon
account do the $39 a month pro version you want to create your listings again
I’m gonna let you go through the minutiae here you want to select your
keywords you can use a use a little plugin chrome plug-in called keywords
everywhere it is great to help me find keywords you can google that your
product name this is something that is a huge ranking factor so be very very
thoughtful when you write it out you want to do
some searches for products that are in your niche and pay attention to how your
competitors that rank high are displaying theirs in the title product
images I pretty much talk in all of these videos that aren’t affiliate
marketing videos I talk in all of these videos about how important and powerful
high quality product images are now it doesn’t mean that you can’t take them
yourself that doesn’t mean you can’t take them with the cellphone I’ve taken
some of the best pictures with my galaxy s7 yeah I still have an s7 but it’s a
great phone it is a great phone I’m probably gonna upgrade to the Google
pixel for when it comes out kind of excited about that I think that comes
out a little later this year but nevertheless you can take some great
quality product photos on with a nice white background and I’ve taken some
killer ones with that very phone right there bullet points BAM bullet points do
them product description same thing very few people read this but you’re
allowed all this information put as much information as you can into your listing
price you want to aim for a premium price always aim for a premium price
please don’t sell based on fear of price people will pay for quality goods now
that doesn’t mean that you take a product that is thirty dollars all
across the board and you price it up at a hundred and thirty dollars but don’t
be afraid to buy I mean sorry don’t be afraid to charge a quality a premium
price for a quality product amazon brand registry this is something that you can
do after you’ve got it all set up I’ll let you read a little bit more in depth
about that and all of these factors are gonna lead to the Amazon SEO ranking
they’re a nine algorithm that you can play the game with and rank very high
again if you have a good product you’re going to do well if you have some crappy
little yoyo from China that has flaws then you’re not going to do well so if
you really want to get into this game think about creating a real quality
product that solves people’s problems and people have problems up and down the
block so there are plenty of problems to be
solved next on the list is shipping your product so I’ll let you read a little
bit about some of these terms but there is sea freight and air freight
obviously sea freight is going to be a lot less expensive but it’s a lot slower
air freight especially with samples and things you’ll get a little sample sent
to you send it via air freight and depending on what the size and weight
etc of your product is then potentially air freight might work for you you’re
gonna have to make that decision whenever you figure out what it is
you’re gonna sell freight forwarder this is a company that’s going to deal with
all of the import/export processes for you including customs now you’re going
to have to pay custom fees custom fees customs fees and you know it’s just part
of the equation so factor that in FBA inspection services is what I was crying
about just a minute ago is when I had my very first shipment had I had a mold
made and I had a plastic component big plastic component to this product and it
had little little plastic burs on each of the products and I had luckily I only
had five hundred units to begin with the first time so I stood in the garage with
a little file and filed down all of these burrs on five hundred units uh but
I had to do it I had to do it and you know it turned out to be good I really
chewed the ass of that supplier and made sure that things were right on the money
with the second shipment and I increased it and things were good and we were off
to the races now we have an office in China and you can hire quality
inspectors to go to the warehouse to make sure that everything is the way it
should be before they ever ship so that is something to really really consider
when doing this now creating your FBA shipments once you have all this stuff
in stock you’re going to need to go through this process and get your
I highly suggest putting your inventory into FBA that does not mean if you have
three or five hundred units to begin with it you need to send it all in
I would actually in the beginning suggest sending in you know just a
portion maybe twenty percent of your inventory because if it doesn’t sell
right away you don’t want to be stuck paying FBA inventory warehouse fees on a
whole lot of stuff I know you don’t want it in your garage but it’s probably a
lot cheaper to have it in your garage there’s FBA and that will allow you to
take the time to tweak your listings maybe do some sponsored ads and things
like that and drive up sales when you see start to see the sales happen then
you can start to ship your product in in a greater frequency so just a little tip
there warehousing inventory this is what I was just talking about a charge of a
monthly storage fee so it’s best to store your product in your house or in a
warehouse with lower storage fees and then send it to Amazon so sorry I got a
little head of myself just a little bit now there are other third party or 3pl
known as 3pl third party logistics companies that will do this very thing
for you so they kind of act as an Amazon warehouse especially if you’re selling
on eBay and maybe some of these other marketplaces and things you or Etsy and
you know across the board you’re able to send it to this 3pl service and then
when you make a sale then they sell it as send it out to the customer depending
on which marketplace you sell it on so getting reviews getting reviews is a
massive ranking factor for your Amazon product and probably on average at best
at best you’re gonna get about 10% of all products that you sell you’ll get a
review on so one out of ten sales you’ll get a review on it’s kind of a good
little rule of thumb to if you’re just quickly looking at somebody’s Amazon
paging like I wonder how many sales they’re making you know if they have ten
reviews then they’ve probably made about a hundred sales sure that’s subject to
all sorts of different factors but it’s kind of a good rule of thumb you want to
get to 15 reviews as far as soon as possible
so the little workarounds for some of that and
I have a video on doing that on the YouTube channel as well so you want to
try to get that there are tools like Blackbird and jungle Scout that have
integrations with automated review email follow-up systems and I think they are
worth every penny that they charge for them so look into using a system like
that again I talked about that in where as a fine products to sell online I
talked about several I go through Blackbird but I talked about several of
them in there so take a look at that video it’s a good one to look at again
rumor don’t laugh because it was an early video promoting your product there
are several different ways to promote your product and there are ways way
beyond outside the scope of this infographic to promote your product but
there are internal promotion activities that you can do like SEO and optimize
your product page etc there are external promotions that you can do coupon
websites and your own website to drive traffic you can do a lot of different
things in that respect or even using Amazon’s own internal pay-per-click
advertising platform so I’ll let you read through all of these things but
you’re definitely going to want to especially initially before anybody
knows who your product is or knows what your product is or has ever seen it
you’re going to want to drive traffic to a via a paid traffic source because
that’s going to help get you a little bit of a boost and then scaling in
beyond ultimately where we are today is we start at the top and we run through
this whole process again yes we already have suppliers in place and yes we
already have certain resources and third-party Pro partners and all sorts
of stuff but once you go through all of this hard stuff the first time the
second time is a hundred times easier it really is a hundred times easier to do
it for your second product than it was your first project customer loyalty
programs so you can send coupons out with your products in the packaging
that have programs coupons all sorts of things and this will help supercharge
your sales and then ultimately you want to sell beyond Amazon just like I was
talking about a second ago with other 3pl partners you can also use Amazon FBA
program to sell to send out to somebody that sells on your own website or eBay
or something along those lines you can use that but look into doing that
selling beyond just ecommerce you can get your products we have some of our
products in Bed Bath and Beyond we have some of our products in Walmart so that
really helps kind of bolster all of those sales and then ultimately I think
the the Grand Poobah behind this whole entire thing is potentially your ability
once you’ve built a brand is your ability to sell your company if you have
the infrastructure in place and all of the network and all of the pieces set up
and in place and have the brand and its strong and you’ve had sales and history
and everything and document everything along the way so that you can show this
to a prospective buyer sell your company get some dough and then if you so choose
you can go fishing take your company your family on vacations or you can
start it all over again which is essentially what we’ve done so
anyways this is a whole bunch of steps on how to step by step set up your
ecommerce white-label program your product your brand
everything I hope that you’ve got some really good value out of this it took us
a long time to make this infographic so if you did then let me know by giving me
a thumbs up on this video and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so
that you can stay up on the latest in Econ or affiliate marketing or making
money online or whatever it is I talk about every single week so as always I
will see you on the next video be sure to subscribe to the channel to be
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video next go ahead watch that video video video

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