April 4, 2020
8 Things To Be Aware Of As An Online Marketer

8 Things To Be Aware Of As An Online Marketer

what’s going on everyone Attan here
and in today’s video I’m going to share with you eight things to be aware of
eight tips to be aware of as an online marketer but it’s nice weather outside
so I thought I’d take you with me on a ride and record the video outside so
with that being said let’s go all right so it’s a beautiful day today
so I thought that it would be a good idea to step outside it take a small
break but before I take the break I thought that I wanted to do a video
share with you some tips actually as an entrepreneur to keep in mind or as an
online marketer actually and those are based on my experience if you didn’t
know if you haven’t if you just discovered me I actually been an
entrepreneur for almost two decades now I’ve been through recession and
everything I had an office with six plus employees so I do know a few things
about the entrepreneurship and as an online marketer I’ve been for almost a
decade now actually so with that being said let’s get started with number one
number one is to focus on what matters most so what matters most what matters
most is to actually bring leads every single day in your business I don’t know
what your business you’re involved in it can be some e-commerce it can be an
Amazon FBA affiliate marketing whatever it is you need to bring leads or
customers every single day and that is what matters most the techie stuff you
can always find someone you can outsource there is always a solution to
that but focus on what matters most okay so a good tip would be actually to do
your work first and then you can do all the social media stuff Facebook YouTube
or whatever is going to be alright the second one is actually you can see here
like just do it just do it okay I’m laughing because it’s funny I
took my shirts this t-shirt a today so what the slogan says is just do it and
what I wanted to say with this is to actually get started okay don’t think so
much if you’re thinking too much of a project it will never get started a good
example is I’m redesigning my homepage on my
sites my log there and the the OL of the over of the theme there and there is a
lot of new stuff and I was thinking too much of that again so I felt really easy
into the trap and then I was like no I am just gonna put it online whatever
it’s going to be I can correct that afterwards so we get started with
whatever it is you’re going to do and you can correct afterwards if you want
to have the perfect moments I can guarantee you it will never happen all
right let’s move on to number three I do have some bullet points here number
three is to learn to sell and they influence and I don’t mean that you need
to learn to cold-call or bombard someone or something else but you need to learn
a few things about selling it can be actually just as simple as selling
yourself branding yourself and a little bit of influencing okay so nothing fancy
stuff but you need to learn the basics there because it’s all about selling
okay it doesn’t have to be direct selling I mean that you have to bump or
someone to purchase anything from you but I mean you can actually sell
yourself you can brand yourself so learn the basics about selling this is so
important as an entrepreneur actually I find a need find the need and fulfill
it’s a perfect example is my course which is audio video mastery I got help
actually and the idea from a good friend tours then another marketer he
discovered that there was a need out there on for marketers actually on how
to put some footage and stuff like that and he was like hey you know how to do
this you’ve been doing this for years audio and video productions hey why
don’t you do a course and I discovered accidentally actually that Camtasia
wasn’t so good in handling the audio okay making good audio there and I just
came up with the idea that how to record how to edit audio and video like a
brother in Camtasia and that is how I got started
and created a full-blown course there so I
cover everything from the audio section because having good audio is well over
50% actually in a good video production there the audio is so important to keep
in mind no matter what kind of a video production you’re going to be involved
in okay it can be as simple as this video actually I’m always tweaking it
and it takes me less than a minute and that is what I’m sharing in my cursor
but I do also have anything you can create a video with free footage and
stuff like that so it is a full-blown course on how to edit all your video
more to a great for marketers I would say but that is where I found a need and
I fulfilled it and of course I got sales and I’m still getting sales on that
course alright I have to stop the video there I got some background noise here
number 5 provide value and money will follow and
this is also very important if you’re desperate and you think of the money all
the time nothing will happen but just provide value and I can guarantee you
that people will start to like you they will trust you and then they will of
course buy from you this is so important okay make sure you provide value all the
time no matter if you’re gonna help out someone if you’re going to do a video
whatever it is like I’m doing now I I provide value okay I’m sharing with you
my tips as an online entrepreneur number six invest then educate in yourself
another very important one because you need to do with things are changing
every single day and you need to invest and educate yourself every single day as
an entrepreneur actually it can be something really small something really
simple but make sure you do it on a consistent basis alright number seven
take a break step away avoid burnout exactly as what I’m doing
right here now I said that today I’m going to take a few hours off it doesn’t
have to be a full day but it really helps if you can take a full day off
because that will help you definitely it will feel so much relaxed
and you will have the the energy actually to get stored at the next day
and work 110% on your business but that leads me to actually the final one that
online entrepreneurship an online marketer and most importantly to be an
entrepreneur is actually a marathon and not a sprint
okay there will be days that will be really hard for you you find it very
hard it will be tough but there are other days that you will enjoy it as an
online entrepreneur or as an entrepreneur and overall so make sure
you keep that in mind all the time entrepreneur entrepreneurship and online
marketer is a marathon rome wasn’t built in a day you have to be patient you have
to be persistent and consistent alright okay that’s it
I think it’s actually up to number eight eight tips on to keep in mind as an
entrepreneur or as an online marketer so if you get some value here out of this
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for watching and I’d see you soon

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