April 2, 2020
8 steps to use Onlinejobs.ph – hire, train & manage workers from Onlinejobs.ph – J.R. Fisher

8 steps to use Onlinejobs.ph – hire, train & manage workers from Onlinejobs.ph – J.R. Fisher

so you’re thinking about hiring somebody
as a VA or any position working for you and you found this place called onlinejobs.ph it’s awesome but you don’t know how to use it in this video I’m going to
show you how to hire train and manage workers from onlinejobs.ph so that
they feel appreciated and you get your work done
and we’re starting right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher and if you’re new
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absolutely free just for watching to the end okay let’s get to it finding and
recruiting the right Filipino worker is difficult I mean it’s hard to do it’s
hard to find somebody to match the job that you’re hiring for however it can be
done and if you do it right they benefit you benefit and you get your work done
at a good price in this video I’m going to share with you kind of the tips and
tricks I’ve learned along the way because we’ve employed a lot of people
in the Philippines for many years now my first step is just hire one I see so
many businesses do this they go out they hire three or four people from onlinejobs.ph and all of a sudden they got all these people and they don’t know what to
do and they haven’t been trained and they’re not managed properly so if
you’re starting off and you’re new to this you just want to hire one person in
the beginning and get them up and running don’t hire more than one to
start with eventually you can get to several you
know people working for you they can be accounting for you they can be doing
graphics they can be doing social media but you need to start slow number two
discuss the policies with the person that you hire so that they know what to
do I see this happen over and over again where people say well this person’s not
doing what I wanted to do and I said well what you want in
which you taught or two different things what did you teach them to do what did
you train them to do so it’s super important that you put out your
expectations up front now this is really important in the hiring process because
your expectations may not be what they want it’s better to give your
expectations up front rather than to give them later on and they get into a
job they don’t want and you can’t manage a person in a job that they don’t want
the next thing you need to look at is do you want a full time or do you want a
part-time and what is full time what is part-time generally speaking on onlinejobs.ph that’s five days a week eight hours a day if you’re hiring
part-time it’s gonna be the same number of days five days a week but probably
only four hours a day and you also want to discuss upfront when you want them to
work now personally I don’t care when my people work because it doesn’t make any
difference to me I want them to be comfortable in their own settings I
don’t wanna keep them up all night if they don’t want to be up all night they
can work whatever hours they want as long as they put in the 40 hours and
they get the work done but notify them upfront because if you want them to be
available to you at certain hours you need to tell them that up front because
if they don’t want to be and then later on you say that two things are gonna
happen they’re gonna quit or they’re never gonna be available when you need
them now onlinejobs.ph has some software called time proof and they
actually log in and it checks to see what hours they’re working I don’t like
it I don’t like to use it I tried it in the beginning and what I found was it
was like yeah it was kind of like looking over their shoulder to see what
they’re doing and yeah you can do that but what that does is that sets up a
degree of mistrust between you and the person that’s working with you and I
always say the person that’s working with me not for me because we’re both
trying to accomplish something and if you’re checking their hours constantly
that means that you probably don’t trust them and if you don’t trust them they
shouldn’t be working for you anyhow so there’s really no point in having that
type of software there but I know I’ll get feedback from this be
we’ll say oh well I want to monitor we’ll go ahead and do it your way but I
like the person to know that I do trust them that they’ll get their work done
and you know what if they take a little break every now and then and then work
more later on I don’t really care it doesn’t matter to me you also want to
talk to them about their pay they need to know when they’re gonna get paid now
generally on onlinejobs.ph you’re gonna pay on the first of the month so
they’re gonna be one month behind and then you’re gonna pay them I don’t like
that process so I don’t do that and the reason I don’t like it is
because if they’re on there working for you they probably really need the money
and paying them once a month they’ve really got to spread out their money
over the month and that makes it difficult for some people so I like to
pay every single week you know I use you know a thing called Payoneer
and I’ll put a link below for Payoneer but Payoneer they just bill you for the
work that they’ve done for that particular week and then you go ahead
and pay them and the next thing I would tell you is pay them fast
do not wait they need the money and if you wait three or four days to pay
somebody and then there’s a lag and the software of three or four days that’s a
long time for them to wait to get paid now the next thing I’ll tell you is
you’ve got to allow your employees to have vacation and sick leave now they’re
gonna have to be with you for a certain period of time to get that obviously you
know vacation normally comes after a year but it’s something you need to look
at and every now and then if somebody gets sick you know sometimes I will pay
sometimes I won’t depending on how good of an employee depending on how much
time they’ve taken off but you do have to allow them some type of sick pay you
know after a year because they stay with you for a year you’ve gotta afford than
that don’t forget about the thirteenth month now if you’re in the u.s. you
don’t even know what a thirteenth month is but in the Philippines the actual
businesses that employ people down there have a legal responsibility after one
year to pay them 30 days worth of pay so that means you’re gonna have to
calculate in you know whatever you’re paying your employees that you’re gonna
have to pay them an extra month just because the rules in your country maybe
you’re in the US are different than that you don’t live in their country and they
don’t live in yours so you got to abide by their rules or they’re not gonna want
to work for you the next thing I will talk about is yearly raises cost of
living goes up everywhere and you should evaluate your employees on a yearly
basis now and at the time of that evaluation you want to look at several
things you know have they been dependable have they done what they were
supposed to do with a responsive to your messages and if they did all those
things and they did a good job then you should give them a raise now there are
times when I’ll hire somebody and after two or three months if they’re doing a
good job I’ll just give them a raise I don’t wait for an entire year because I
want them to know I appreciate what they’re doing now on the flipside if
they’re not doing a great job you know I I almost think you just want
to get rid of them rather than not give them a raise because if you don’t give
them a raise they’re gonna probably look anyhow and if they’re not doing a good
job for you why you employing them anyhow the next thing I’ll tell you is
if you hire a full-time employee in the Philippines they should not be working
for anybody else now if they’re working for somebody else
they’re actually cheating you because there’s no way for them to work two
40-hour work weeks and 80 hours it’s just not gonna pencil out so if you find
that situation I know if I find that situation I will let the person go
because obviously there’s something wrong now the only reason they would do
that is they’re basically trying to cheat you and not try to work hard or
you’re not paying them enough for the job so the one thing I will tell you is
make sure you’re paying enough for the job and a decent employee won’t try to
work two jobs to make ends meet the next thing I’ll tell you is you want to have
a relationship where they can come to you and talk to you so right up front
you want to reassure them if something goes wrong there’s something breaks you
know if something doesn’t work out if they mess something up it’s okay you
understand that people make mistakes and they can come to you and talk to you
because if you don’t set up that relationship up front you know Filipino
people can be very embarrassed if something goes wrong and we don’t want
to do that we don’t want to make them feel bad so we want to reassure them
that you know if something goes wrong they can come talk to you and make sure
they can – if they come to talk to you about a problem make sure that you’re
helpful to them because basically they’re helping you out by working for
you so you gotta treat them and set up that you know relationship
more like a family than you know a boss and an employee that you know despised
out orders all the time one thing I’ve seen in the Philippines
is some Filipino employees will just disappear they just go away
they quit dealer in your work they they’re not there you can’t get in touch
with them they don’t answer emails and generally I think that happens because
they don’t feel they have a relationship with the person they’re working with
where they can actually talk to them so make sure that you tell them upfront you
know you don’t want them to disappear if something goes wrong please come to me
and let me know you know if you don’t want to work for me anymore that’s okay
to just let me know so that you know you can leave on a good basis and the cool
thing is if you hire them through onlinejobs.ph and I have no affiliation with
that site but if you hire them there you’re gonna rape them after they’ve
worked for you so if somebody does disappear you need to rate them
accordingly that they didn’t do a good job and if they do a great job for you
and you know you move on or you hire somebody else or they leave let them
know I’ll give you a great rating just make sure you know if you’re gonna leave
me and you’re gonna go work someplace else that you tell me so I can give you
a good rating on onlinejobs.ph now when you tell them that it kind of insinuates
that if they don’t do that they’re not gonna get a good rating as soon as you
hire them give them their first task ok don’t hire somebody in wait 2 or 3 days
and they don’t know what to do matter of fact I like to give a task before I hire
them based on how well they did that task I can decide if I want to hire them
you know if they’re doing graphics or they’re doing video editing or if
they’re doing writing for me I’ll say well here’s a task let’s see how well
you do at it and if they do well then I hire them and you’ll find that some of
them won’t do the task or they do a poor job and if that’s the case you didn’t
want to hire of anyhow once they come to work for you though you’ve got to have a
game plan you got to be ready to go you got to be able to hit the ground running
so you got to have your tasks set up you got to have your work steps set up for
them so that they can actually start working because starting a job and
they’re not having anything to do well that’s kind of a weird feeling and then
they’re not really sure if they’re employed so
don’t do that make sure you’re organized before you Jairo okay now whatever type
of task that you give your employer after they been hired provide them with
the correct training you know I see this all the time where somebody will say
well my employees not doing this they’re not doing this they’re not doing this
and I’ll say well did you train them to do that did you tell them that’s from
what you want you know that’s super important that
they know what to do because most of the times people do want to do what you want
but if you haven’t told them and you have to train them properly and you
haven’t given them the right tools you know if you say well I want you to make
all these files for me and you don’t tell them where to put the files you
don’t set up a Dropbox or you don’t set up a place for them to save them what
are they supposed to do and then you get mad at them for not doing something that
you never train them for the next thing I’ll tell you is don’t give them tasks
that you didn’t hire them for so I see that a lot well you know somebody will
get hired to do video editing or graphics and the person says well I want
you to write these blogs for me well they weren’t hired to write blogs now
that’s not to say you can’t add tasks going down the road but if you add tasks
going down the road make sure you talk to them and say do you feel comfortable
doing this new task you have time to do this new task is this gonna be okay with
you let them know that it’s different and you know it’s different from what
you hired them for and have that discussion number four set the right
expectations okay and that means like if you have tasks for them make sure you
tell them when you want these tasks done how fast you want these tasks done you
know how accurately you want them done all these things are super important so
they know what’s expected of them if people know what’s expected of them
they’re always going to perform better if one of your employees feels like they
don’t have the expertise to do a new task that you’re asking them to do and
you haven’t trained them to do it they’re gonna disappear because you’ve
asked them to do something that’s embarrassing to them because they know
they can’t do it and you haven’t discussed it with them and you haven’t
said hey do you feel comfortable doing this you’re gonna lose employees so it’s
no way to treat anybody the higher number five is the
daily email now this is super super important so that you can stay on top of
what they’re doing they don’t say send me a daily email that doesn’t really
tell them anything you know I have several things that I want done I want
to know how many people were added to my group how many people you know we’ve
increased on my youtube channel you know things like that so I have those
questions set up and I say send me this daily email with these four things let
me know what progress we’re making in these four areas and let me know what
you did for the day and if you don’t do that you know they don’t really know
what’s expected and you can also lose track of managing them real quick and on
top of that if you don’t check the things that they’re supposed to be doing
then let’s say it’s getting you know subscribers to a YouTube channel and
you’re not getting subscribers and they’re working on your channel well
then that’s that’s a problem so we want to make sure that you know all those
things are checked but they also know what’s expected of them that don’t make
them right an email that’s 20 pages long every single day that’s ridiculous you
know three or four questions on there and a little blurb about what they got
done that’s it just kind of checking in with you unless you plan on talking to
them every single day and I don’t talk to my employees in the Philippines every
single day because I don’t need to I don’t need to get them on you know I’ll
call and do all this stuff and waste time and have meetings I’m not a big
meeting person I just want to know this stuff’s getting done and that they’re
aware of what needs to get done and if they check in with you that’s it number
six make progress now what do I mean by that well in the first few weeks you
want to make sure you’re making progress you’re getting things done so don’t give
a task that’s gonna take three months to complete before you can see if it’s
actually done do some simple things like you know maybe you need some posts done
maybe you need some data entered that type of thing but make sure that they
can have some early wins in other words you can look at what they did the
beginning you can say hey good job I really appreciate you doing a great job
don’t wait and you know tell them they did a good job after three or four
months because they’re good they’re not going to know they’re gonna feel
insecure you don’t want to do that for people you want to reassure people and
you’re gonna do a whole lot better with this positive reinforcement the way we
manage people in the United States is not always positive it’s you know we’re
gonna punish you if you don’t do something well
and that doesn’t make anybody want to work hard for you and next thing I’ll
tell you underneath that is keep them busy I mean make sure there’s stuff for
them to do you shouldn’t have to you know
communicate with them every single day about what you want done you know I make
sure I have a list of things that you know that literally cannot complete in a
day because you know I have stuff scheduled out for weeks
so make sure you have enough work for them to do because they don’t want to
feel like they keep running out of work because they’re gonna feel like well
maybe this job isn’t gonna be around next week because this person never
gives me enough work you know to where I can even fill my day so I feel really
guilty because they’re giving me two hours worth of work and I’m supposed to
work eight hours there’s not enough work to do so don’t get in that situation if
you don’t need somebody full-time don’t hire somebody full-time I like to make
sure that every day is planned out and what I mean by that is I will give
enough work to where I know that you know today they need to do this but
tomorrow there’s this to do and tomorrow there’s this to do and a lot of our work
is dynamic work so it’s like people want to join our group and they have to
approve them and put them in our email system and they have to edit you know
videos and they have to get certain graphics done now every now and then I’m
gonna have a project that I might have to throw in but if you do that
understand that that’s gonna take away from their other work so if you have
somebody editing videos and you ask them to do a whole bunch of graphics it’s
gonna take them a day and a half they can’t do your videos – I mean they just
can’t do it so make sure that you know you don’t just pile that on top of what
they have to do because that’s unfair to them contrary to common belief it
doesn’t hurt to compliment people okay compliments cost you nothing okay and if
somebody’s doing a good job the old thinking in the USA is that I never want
to tell them you know they’re doing a good job cuz they’re gonna want to raise
and I don’t want them to think that well that’s craziness okay if somebody’s
doing a good job sometimes if you just thanked them you’d have to give them a
raise every single day you should give them raises on down the road and you
should pay them more so want to work for you and you should
actually pay on the higher end of the scale because if you’re paying on the
higher end of the scale and you’re treating people right guess what you’re
gonna attract really good people and the people that do come to work for you are
gonna want to work for you and they’re gonna do a better job and you’re really
gonna benefit number seven is talk about paying everybody doesn’t want to talk
about pay they’re so worried about oh my gosh I’ll bring up money money is
important you know they know what they need to make and you know what you can
afford to pay and if those two don’t match up in the beginning get it out in
the beginning don’t say well why didn’t you come to work for this and then we’ll
see how you’re doing and then maybe I can pay you more don’t do that to
anybody okay make sure that whatever you’re paying them is gonna meet with
what they want to make right now don’t make them you know wait two months to
see if they can make their money they need a matter of fact in two months if
they’re doing a good job give a raise do do a little bit more for them but do
talk about pay you have to do this number eight expect turnover okay I was
in another industry for many many years and we had a lot of turnover okay and
it’s expected and things happen nothing is 100% permanent it’s just not so if an
employee leaves you or you know quit so you have to fire somebody these things
happen you got to understand running a business that’s how it goes some people
stay some people go and that’s okay don’t get mad at somebody because they
quit don’t get mad at somebody because you know they want to go in another
direction they have a right to do that you did that right because you started
your online business and you obviously have to quit a job to do that or plan on
quitting a job to do that so expect turnover it’s gonna happen
the next thing I’ll tell you is enjoy the ride and what I mean by that is
Filipinos are great people they’re really awesome people I happen to love
Filipino food and Filipino food for lunch today so I really love that and I
plan on going there one day and visiting the country but I understand they’re
really great people so instead of thinking about you know all these people
are going to work for me and they’re going to do what I tell them to do why
don’t you think about kind of building a family of people that want to work with
you to help you build your business it’s a whole lot better relationship to do
that to have this boss employee type attitude
you want people who want to work with you who want to build up your business
who want to help you who know that you care about them so it doesn’t hurt to
ask about their you know wife or husband and kids and what they like to do for
enjoyment you know it’s it’s okay to treat them as a person too and I’m not
saying hang out with them and you know go to games with it but do all that type
of thing but what I’m saying is treat them as individual people not just
employees okay so that’s how you hire train and manage people on one line job
stop eh I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did do me a favor
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