April 7, 2020
8 Favorite Podcasts: Ecommerce, Accounting & Business

8 Favorite Podcasts: Ecommerce, Accounting & Business

hey it’s patti scharf CPA and co-founder
of catching clouds the leader in e-commerce accounting welcome back to
another Saturday slow down where I like to remind everybody to work on their
business and not just in their business last week I was talking about the
importance of having something else to focus on while you’re hustling that is
not directly related to hustling things that give balance to your life and
things like that and one of the things that’s important
to me is to always be learning and because of that I like listening to
podcasts so Scott and I were actually talking about this the other day and we
were saying you know they’re they’re just all these great ecommerce business
and accounting podcasts out there actually more than we really have time
to listen to all the time but we thought it might be helpful if I put together a
list of our favorite eight accounting accounting e commerce and business
podcasts so here we go alright so these are not in any kind of particular order
really what I like listening to depends on what kind of mood I’m in if it’s late
in the week I kind of tend to slow down and I want to listen to something a
little bit lighter or if I’m just kicking off my week or I want to get
into the mood for thinking about what I’m going to be doing my YouTube videos
on or something like that I’ll listen to something different at the beginning the
week than in the end of the week the first one on my list is the EcomCrew
ecommerce podcast this is hosted by Michael Jackness and Dave Bryant and
Scott and I actually had a chance to meet Michael Jackness he’s kind of a
giant actually in the ecommerce seller world so if you’re not listening to this
and you are an e-commerce seller you really probably should be listening to
this but but we got a chance to meet Mike Jackness at the e-commerce fuel
live event in January of last year and in 2018 we were having dinner together
and things like that and he’s a great guy with great information podcast is
great and actually if you look down below in our information section in the
YouTube video there’s a link to an interview that he did with Scott about a
month or so ago so make sure you check that out next up is the e-commerce fuel
podcast by Andrew Youderian he actually created the community
ecommerce fuel this is basically a community for seven-figure sellers
people who are selling online and making seven figures and up and it’s a great
group of people it’s it’s a very large group actually and they’ve got so many
stories and insights and I love how Andrew he’s he’s just very down-to-earth
and takes a practical approach to different things but he he really cares
deeply about keeping ecommerce sellers informed of what’s going on in the world
and and talking about things that affect them and and doing like Studies on how
the industry is changing from year to year and different things so I really
enjoyed listening to his podcast and you should absolutely learn from people who
have come before you and and check that out if you haven’t already next up on my
list is from the trenches and this is hosted by David Boyar yep David Boyar
and Paul Meissner Scott and I actually got to meet Paul Meissner in person last
I don’t know like three months ago or so down in Melbourne when we were there and
we we had a great time we had we had dinner and a bunch of beers and one of
the things that I really liked about the podcast is they they are very authentic
in their opinions they say it like it is and and they’re so they’re really part
of the accounting industry they know what’s going on they’ve got their pulse
their finger on the pulse of what’s going on and they give you the
unvarnished truth from their perspective and and I think it’s a it’s a good
podcast to listen to you next up is also from Australia the cloud stories podcast
by Heather Smith this one it’s not as consistent as I would like you know it’s
not like an every week on the dot kind of podcast that gets dropped it’s only
now and again but if you don’t know Heather Smith is just the queen bee of
cloud accounting apps she’s got all kinds of information she’s
got all kinds of connections and the information she has on her podcast it’s
really thought out while presented and
informative so I like what’s I’d like to know what’s going on in the world and
she offers great insight so I like listening to that when I get a chance
next up is the Tim Ferriss show if you don’t know who Tim Ferriss is you are
kind of out of the loop Tim Ferriss I kind of feel like I mean he’s probably
younger than me I’m pretty sure he’s younger than me but he’s kind of the
grandfather of the ecommerce seller industry he wrote the book the 4-hour
workweek it’s been probably 15 years certainly more than 10 years because I
think I read it in 2007 so probably 15 years ago is roughly when he wrote this
when the e-commerce world was just kind of getting started and he talked about
how to build an e-commerce business and things like that but since then he’s
just become this international kind of superstar he knows everybody everywhere
he hosts people on his show all the time and interviews them and they are
fascinating interviews and really long when we were in New Zealand we were
driving around the South Island for about three weeks and the bulk of that
time that we were in the car was spent listening to his podcasts so very
insightful very interesting he talks to really fascinating people and it’s well
worth your listen next up is the cloud accounting podcast this is hosted by
David Leary and Blake Oliver and this is far and away my favorite accounting
podcast it’s it’s very insightful they curate news and content current
information but they have really deep understanding of the industry and they
offer a lot of insights into what’s going on in in the accounting world and
it’s way more interesting than you might otherwise think they make it not only
palatable I’d say for like non accountants and accountants both but
they they actually make it kind of fun and interesting too so if you haven’t
listened to that I recommend you you give
that a lesson next up is a podcast that I don’t know of anybody else who listens
to this but me but it’s called the sunny show and it’s hosted by Sunny Lenarduzzi she is kind of a rock star in the
marketing and certainly YouTube world he she kind of really gained popularity
with her videos on YouTube about how to be how to be successful on YouTube and
she’s kind of a marketing guru and she just within the last I want to say seven
months or so started her own podcast and it’s it’s just as good as her YouTube
channel so I would recommend that if you have any interest in promoting your
business on YouTube or if you actually if you’re a business owner at all you
should be listening to this because she talks a lot about the struggles being an
entrepreneur she talks about her own personal struggles but she also talks
about you know how to get a million views and all the other stuff that like
all the how to’s that a lot of people want to hear about so so I’m kind of a
fan she’s got a great personality and this is a fun podcast to listen to and
last but not least I want to give a shout out to this podcast it’s really
less of a podcast more of a consistent Facebook live show that they will record
and then they’ll upload it so that it becomes a podcast but it’s I don’t think
it’s created specifically for the podcast part but anyway but it’s called
Friday Night Live with accountants Hector Garcia Michael Ly and Andrew
Wall and they often have guests on their show and they will talk about anything
from QuickBooks to diversity in the industry to SEO to whatever whatever’s
going on they talk about that every Friday night over beers or whatever they
happen to be drinking and it’s very informative and very interesting and I
think you should check that out too so those were my top eight I I actually
listened to quite a few others kind of here and there but I don’t have time to
listen to all of them so tell me what your favorite podcasts tell me down
below in the comments I I’m always interested in hearing about
new shows and things that I haven’t visited yet so and I’m sure other people
will be too so so give us a shout out tell us which ones are your favorites
and I hope you found this video helpful if you did please like comment and share
if you haven’t already please subscribe and I’ll catch you later

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