April 2, 2020
7 Minutes to Sell Help Video – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

7 Minutes to Sell Help Video – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

This quick video shows you just how easy it
is to begin using the Inxeption eCommerce platform…..in less than six minutes you
will see the primary steps needed to be selling your product or service online! First, you need to add your Products
Navigate to the products menu Click add New Product
Indicate whether you are selling a product or service
Enter the product name Enter the base price
Click continue In the product details section there are several
additional data elements that can be entered to describe and display your product online
When selling products always select the default “requires address” (for our customers
selling a service No address can be selected) Enter a short description – this will appear on
the website hovering over your product Enter a long description – this appears in the product details page In this section, HTML can be used to enhance the visual appearance of your description.
Add your product images and click SAVE You can also enter your pricing information The COGS (if you are going to be tracking this in Inxeption) As well as if you want to highlight a
“marked down from price” amount on the website enter that amount in the field here.
For most product based companies you will accept the defaults of Single Purchase, Taxable,
In Stock and No Document Needed You will want to enter your shipping details And in this section you will enter your product shipping weight – if your products will likely ship independently or have an unusual size requirement,
then enter the shipping length, width and height. Promotional Product text can also be entered. You can enter multiple rows of text in this area. This will display on the website You have the ability to enter numerous Product Variants. Click Add Variant to add
as many product variants as you need. Whether it’s size, color, or unique product element.
Give your variant a “unique” name and define the default option. Click add option
for the amount of variant variables available. Define the variables by entering the Option
Name. If there is a price or weight difference based on the variant, enter the “difference”
from the base default value. Make sure to hit Set Options and SAVE your product. You also have the ability to add Specifications. These provide additional product or service information
details. They can be used in many ways to share additional “specific” information about
the product that might be important for a buyer to have knowledge of. You can also add documents that your buyers can see online. There are stickers that can be added to a product Several out of the box stickers are provided in the application. But you can create your own and have them uploaded into your environment. Once you have saved you product, you need to add your product to the channel. (or your specific website). The easiest approach is to add it
to the home page, referred to as the “Landing” page within our application.
Click the page, click add product and SAVE. This makes your product viewable online for
purchase. The next STEP is to configure your System
Settings First you start with your Company Settings
you will enter your company email address and phone number. You will enter the
customer care email address which is the email that will be generated from the system for your system password resets. You will also enter your
Additional Audit Email Addresses These are the individuals who will get copied on the orders as they come in through the system. You will insert your Company Logo, Company Address Lastly you will confirm via the indicator whether your ship to address is the same as your company address, which is important for shipping And you will confirm via the indicator if your tax nexus address, if it is different. This is important for your sales tax calculations. Second, configure your payment settings
Inxeption integrates with Stripe for payment processing
You will need to enter your legal entity company information, the business rep information
that is tied to the bank account and your account and routing information
Accept the Stripe agreement and click Create Lastly, configure your shipping settings by
creating an account for your carrier of choice. Next, you will install the Inxeption Plug-in into your
site Navigate to Sales Channel>Website to get
the plug-in and install instructions Download the most current plug-in to your
computer Log into your WordPress site and click “Add New”
to select the plug-in Click Upload Plug-In, find and upload, then
activate the plug-in. Your plug-in settings must be configured and those values are found in the inxeption application
on your sales channel Copy and past your Inxeption App URL, channel
ID, shopping cart url and inxeption tracking ID into the settings. Make sure to save. You then need to install the plug-in code on two pages. One page, typically the Home
page creates your full product list Create the home page, and navigate to the
Add Inxeption Custom HTML drop down – for the home page select “Add Product List”
and click publish Create another page, typically labeled Product
(or it may be called Service if you are a service provider) Select the add Inxeption Custom
HTML and select Add Product Details to insert the “code” and click Publish
Navigate to the WordPress Menu, click Appearance>Customize and select Homepage Settings,
for the homepage display, select “A static Page” and then identify the homepage
You should now be able to see your product online for sale on your website Just like that your customers can already
purchase the item online! You customer will enter their contact and
shipping details, they will select their payment method, enter their credit card info and buy

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