March 29, 2020
7 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

7 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

What’s happening guys! Gabe Villamizar, coming at you from
the Lucidchart headquarters. I’m the Global Sales Evangelist
here at Lucidchart. I want to show you 7 super sick LinkedIn Sales Navigator
hacks that are going to blow your mind. Hopefully you never heard of them. So let’s get to it. Number 1, log in to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator
account click on advanced and search for leads. This hack, best practice, or tip, whatever you want
to call it, it’s going to allow you to find keywords on content that has been
posted by your potential buyers. So let’s say my buyers are VPs who
are in marketing and sales. So I go and select seniority level
VPs, then I go and functions. I type in marketing. Another function. I type in sales. The numbers here to the right should increase, so I
have three million potential buyers that meet the search criteria. I keep going down and this is
where the secret sauce is. Posted content keywords. Let’s say I want to see who’s
talking about social media. I type social media, enter. Then bam, 51. So if my buyers were again, VPs of marketing or sales
that I want to find or identify who are talking about or writing about social media. Then this is a great way to do it. Click search. And boom. There you go, hack number one. Hack numero 2. Go to your LinkedIn Sales
Navigator account. Click on advanced. Search for leads. Now. What if I told you wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually
reach out to your potential buyers who have recently joined LinkedIn. Again, let’s use the same
search parameter. I’m searching for VPs of marketing. type in marketing VPs of Sales. And let’s say a VPs of Operations. Let’s see how many LinkedIn showing me,
about almost four million 3.6 million. I scroll down. Again, this isn’t the other filter search
criteria that is underutilized. Most sales reps that I know or that I train and coach
are now utilizing these, so here’s the hack. If you click on become a member and you click on it,
you can toggle or filter the criteria by your potential buyers who have joined a day ago two to seven
days ago eight to fourteen fifteen and thirty and one two three months. So if I want to welcome these buyers to LinkedIn, if
I want to be the first one to ever message these potential buyers, then you definitely
want to apply this search filter. I want to see how many of them reach
join LinkedIn a day ago. How many of them joined two
to seven days ago 0. Then most likely you’re going
to be eight to fourteen. Twenty five hundred potential buyers who have and meet
my criteria and nobody’s reaching out to them yet. Be the first one to get there. First mover’s advantage always wins. That’s hack. Number 2. 3rd hack. We’re just getting started.Again, once you’re in
your LinkedIn Sales Navigator go to something called PointDrive. PointDrive is somewhat of a new feature that allows
sales reps to package content and share with potential buyers via email, via
social, via private message. Once you create your account, you need to have a specific
type of account to get PointDrive access, then can create these awesome branded micro landing
pages that allows sales reps to insert specific videos, PDFs, slides you name it, etc. So then, instead of sharing an email with a PDF and
all these videos after your demo with your buyers. All you have to do is shoot them one link 1 link, then
when the buyers viewing the specific micro page or micro landing page, then get powerful analytics that
are going to allow you to see their behavior and understand who’s consuming. what and where are they and have they done their due
diligence…have they done their homework so you can hold them accountable to it. This is the micro page I created
for Lucidchart Sales Solution. We created a new account mapping tool or platform
that allows sales reps to visualize the entire sales process inside of Salesforce. So, it’s also for sales reps obviously
for sales leadership. Here’s the features and benefits
for sales leadership team. Here is a quick video that people
can learn more about that. And how does Lucidchart Sales Solution
apply to technical sales? And if they want to get
a demo or get a quote. All they have to do is click on there. Now. what do the analytics look like? Once you go to stats, then you can see again very
detailed information whose view to what. This specific asset has been viewed by Jordan
Barda and he viewed it for 47 seconds. The video that I put in my asset was viewed by two different
people, Gabe obviously me I was testing it, and Jordan. Let’s see what else let’s see. What else this one total viewers Jordan,
Gabe, and Cody and so on. You can even see who downloaded it. You can even see specifically
who is viewing what. So, so far total 11 viewers have viewed this specific
micro landing page called Lucidchart Sales Solution overview that I have created and shared
and it’s on brand and it’s on key. Again, leverage PointDrive, LinkedIn PointDrive
and get the most out of it. Fourth hack, hack number 4. Here we go. Go to lists and you have worked really hard as a sales
rep or as an individual to build your network on LinkedIn. You might have 300 connections,
500, 5000, 10000 etc. So what if you could actually filter and see who’s
in your network by the criteria or filters that LinkedIn Sales Navigator has already built
for searching for leads or account. Well, you can actually do that. If you hover over the list tab at the very top of your
homepage and Linkedin sales Navigator, you’ll see a drop-down menu that gives you three options:
my network, saved leads, and saved accounts. If you click on my network, then you can apply the
same search criteria for filters that you usually apply to or use when you’re
searching for leads. So out of my network out of 24,000 individuals that
I’m connected to, 2,500 of them have changed jobs. If I want to keep my network relevant. If I want to be top of mind, I definitely
want to engage with my network. Utilize these powerful filters so that way you can
keep your network alive, healthy, and you can see who’s in your network. What are the common things that
you can relate to them. And are they posting content? Let’s say you have a business
trip to Seattle. Okay. One of our sales reps just
went to Seattle. All I have to do is jump on here, see who do I know in
Seattle that is a could be our potential buyers and then bam you can make introductions
that way. You’ve worked really hard
to build your network. Utilize it by then filtering and searching and finding
and engaging with your network this way. Hack number five. So let’s say I you’ve been able to find your ideal
customer profile, your ideal buyer or buyers. In this example, let’s say
I found Ryan Smith. Shout out to my boy Ryan Smith,
CEO of Qualtrics. They just filed for IPO or they are
in the process of filing for IPO. Silicon Slopes utah-based company. Kudos to them. They’re killing it. So I have found Ryan. I pitched Ryan, conversation went super smooth
because of the vertical they are in. Because of the paint the pain
I was able to identify. Because I was able to dollarize the
pain etc, and you know, what? I wish I could find more individuals or buyers that
very similar characteristics or qualities as Ryan’s LinkedIn profile. Well now you can do that. In your in your specific lead
search criteria view. If you mouse over these three dots, then you can see
something called view profile, view similar, or message. If you click on “view similar”, LinkedIn then searches,
crawls, and recommends you here here are specific here at a hundred individuals that
look or view similar to Ryan Smith. So therefore, if I had an awesome conversation with
a buyer, such as in this example Ryan Smith, then how can I identify or find more
buyers similar to Ryan Smith? Instead of trying to find those and in a different
search parameter or in a different search window you can do this. Very very simple by doing
what I just showed you. Now, these individuals are not in the same
company as Ryan Smith aka Qualtrics. These are individuals who look like Ryan or have
similar qualities or have input similar information into their LinkedIn profile is
Ryan that are in different companies. Okay, so that’s it hack
number 5 get to it. Hack number 6. We’re almost done. Hang in there. So what if you could actually save a search and get
notified whenever any new individuals or buyers joined the specific search criteria. Let me show you how to do that
in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Go to your search parameters. And for this example, let’s go. I want to Target VPS. I want to Target directors and managers who
are in the greater, Salt Lake City area. Greater Salt Lake City area, Bam. And I want to see, I want to make
sure that they are in sales. So based on those three search parameters or
criterias or filters 20,000 individuals. Okay, narrow it down to however you want to narrow
down whatever makes the most sense for you. And this is super important right here. Here’s the hack, tip, best practice. Save search. Why do I want to do this? Because when you save a search, right you
have to name it, test one two three. Then you can get alerts either daily,
weekly, monthly or never. Hopefully he’s not never. So let’s say I choose daily. So then, whenever any potential buyers joins that
criteria that I’ve specified and saved, then I would get an email. In this little pop-up right here as you can see,
this email I got whenever individuals join the criteria that I specified. So I want to be the first ones. I want to have that first move advantage and reach out
to these individuals before anybody else does. These are either new hires or people
that got promoted etc. Be the first one to reach
out to them add value. be relevant, and that’s how you win. Last hack, hack number 7. This hack has to do or
best practice or tip. Again, whatever you want to call it. It’s ethical don’t think it’s a hack. It’s some crazy stuff. This hack has to do with syncing your CRM data,
such as Salesforce, with your LinkedIn Sales Navigator data. As a word of caution, you need to have either LinkedIn
Sales Navigator team license or LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise license. Once you have that type of license or account, talk
to your Salesforce admin, make sure they know how to sync Sales Navigator data with your
CRM data, such as Salesforce. Then you’re going to be able to see
information such as follows. Let’s say I am looking for specific buyers, I identified
Dan Cook SVP of Sales and Customer Success here at Lucid as my potential buyer. A new icon shows up and it tells me that this
individual is already in our CRM great. So it saves you time. Okay, again, only these types
of widgets and data show up. If you sink it correctly. What else can you see can you do? If I were to message Dan Cook, I can check this box that
says copy to CRM, and this message will also copy to my CRM. What else can I do? I can add a note. If I add a note and say had a great demo next
steps call next week on blah blah blah. Then copy the CRM. Save. Again all this data then would push over to Salesforce
and all the information will be up to date. Really cool things. Now, what does this look like
on the Salesforce side. If you click on the three dots and you click on “View
in CRM” it shoots you over to a window that looks like this. From here. I can save Dan Cook. As the lead in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I see ice breakers. I can see that we have 20 Mutual
shared connections. We both work at Lucid, obviously. We both attended BYU etc. Here’s his recent activity. So I can see a snapshot or a glimpse of information that
I can usually see in here in a different tab in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform, but I can see
it in HTML or interactive iframe that allows me to consume right and take action and engage with
them right here all within Salesforce. without leaving our opening a new tab. Very powerful. If you have Team or Enterprise a must-have for tracking
and for creating a repeatable and scale scalable sales process. That’s the end. That’s all one, two, three,
four, five six seven. We are to an end. If you’re not connected with me, shoot me a LinkedIn
connect, a Twitter DM, or a Twitter follow @gabevillamizar /in/gabevillamizar. See you guys next time. Peace!

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  1. Gabe, what is the video program you are using? I would love to create a similar video showing the features of my website, Appreciate your help.

  2. Hate the term 'hack' meaning a tip – having said that Gabe has done a great job of highlighting some great LinkedIn capabilities that I am not sure LinkedIn does a good job of illustrating.

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