April 7, 2020

7 Influencer Platforms You Need To Know (For 2020)

– In this video, you will discover seven influencer platforms
that you need to know about to help sky rocket your
influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing can be
incredibly effective at helping you to reach new customers and
acquire new brand loyalists. It can also be a very slow process, but having the right tools at hand can help to speed things up and that’s where influencer
platforms come in. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Kev here at Spiel Creative. Before we get started, make sure you click the Subscribe button and hit the bell, so that
you’ll get notified every time we upload a new video to help
you with your video marketing. Now, before we get into the list, I want to point out that
we don’t necessarily think these platforms are the defacto
best platforms out there, but they are the platforms
we think every video marketer needs to be aware of in order to fully explore their options. We wanted to include a little something for everyone on our list, so
we picked out a broad range of influencer platforms catering to different niches, budgets,
and target audiences. Alright, that’s enough preamble. Let’s jump into the list. Number one, AspireIQ. AspireIQ is a self-service
influencer platform with more than 150,000
influencers in their database, covering all the main social platforms. What we love about AspireIQ is
that they don’t just help you to connect with influencers,
they also help with you to create the content for
your influencer campaign via their Creator Collaboration Toolkit. This makes AspireIQ a
great choice for agencies and brands that want a little more control over their campaign
and that’s not all. The platform also has a
bunch of other cool features, like a performance dashboard,
flexible influencer discovery tool, and quick
match recommendations. The quick match recommendations feature uses an AI-powered engine to gather data on influencers and pair them
up with suitable brands. AspireIQ has three different
pricing options, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise, so you can probably find something to suit your budget. To get a quote, you need to speak with a member of their team. Number two, Upfluence. Upfluence is an influencer platform with an enormous database of
over 2.7 million influencers spanning more than 250 industries. They focus heavily on
the blogging industry, so it’s an especially useful
platform if you’re looking to collaborate with bloggers
as part of your campaign. With Upfluence, you get
access to two tools in one; Reachr and Publishr. The former is a tool
used to find influencers. You can use the search function to find influencers by keyword and filter the results
based on tons of metrics, then reach out to influencers
that catch your eye with just a few clicks. Publishr allows
influencers to come to you. You create the particulars
of your campaign and submit it to the community
for influencers to apply. This allows you to quickly
connect with lots of bloggers and writers who are ready to
publish your sponsored content on different platforms and news outlets. There are two levels of
service to choose from,; SMB and Agency. SMB costs $950 per month and gets you access to the shared database on one user account for up
to 10,000 searches per month. Agency is a little
pricier at $1,750 a month, but includes five user accounts and 100,000 searches a month. Number three, Socialbakers. What’s great about Socialbakers
is that it can really help you to nail down your
target audience persona before you start your campaign. It was originally built as an AI-enabled social marketing tool that analyzes data from social media platforms,
like Facebook, to find out who your target audience is
and what they’re all about. It then uses that to create a persona map for your audience. The platform uses this
persona map to trawl through the 30 million influencers
on their database and pick out the ones that are most likely to appeal to your customers,
then recommend them to you. To make things even easier, it
also gives you instant access to the data you need to
vet those influencers, like their follower counts,
engagement statistics, recent content, and more. You can even cross-compare
different influencers using the in-built comparison tool. They have a basic package
with all the essentials that starts from 180 pounds a month or 150 pounds a month if billed annually. However, they also have
a more complete solution, which requires a consultation
before getting a quote. Number four, Famebit. Famebit is my top recommendation if you’re targeting a younger audience. The influencers on the
Famebit database tend to be 20-somethings with
a much younger following. It’s also a great platform if
you’re on a tighter budget, as it’s much more affordable
than many other platforms. You don’t pay any monthly
subscription fees. You only pay a 10%
service fee per project, so it’s great for smaller
businesses or any brand who plans on running a
one-off influencer campaign. Famebit works differently
than many other platforms. Rather than reaching out to influencers, you list your own
sponsorship opportunities and let content creators
and influencers come to you. Number five, Webfluential. Webfluential is another
influencer platform that does things differently. It puts the influencer, not
the brand, in the driving seat, giving them access to the tools needed to showcase what they
can do to the fullest. Webfluential influencers can
create their own profile page complete with portfolio,
pitch-detailed proposals, and build custom quotes to send to brands. This takes a lot of the
creative pressure off you and also gives you access
to dedicated influencers that genuinely want to
work with your brand. Brands can join Webfluential
for free to take a look around, but if you wish to fully use the site, then you will have to pay
a monthly subscription. This start from $50, but it all depends on how many influencers you’re
adding into your network. Number six, Traackr. This list wouldn’t be complete
without mentioning Traackr. Traackr is an influencer
platform that focuses on long-lasting influence that stretches beyond your initial campaign. They understand that you can’t just throw money at influencers and expect your campaign to be a success. You have to earn that success and build real relationships with both your influencer
and your audiences. To facilitate this, they focus on influencer relationship management and give to you access to
tools like a listening stream, which allows you to listen-in on what’s happening on social media and connect with your influencers via social platforms
at the perfect moment. Traackr don’t actively
publicize their pricing, but other sources claim that
pricing starts at $499 a month, with a one-off setup, training,
and support fee of $2,500. Number seven, Klear. Klear offers all the
features we’ve come to expect from influencer platforms,
like influencer search, relationship management
tools, campaign monitoring, and account management, but
all at a much lower cost. You can try Klear out
for free or you can opt for their low-cost startup
plan at just $250 per month. Now, this is a great
option for small businesses that don’t need many searches and are looking for something affordable. They’re also very customer-service focused and work with some very big-name brands, including the likes of Coca-Cola. So that’s it. That concludes our list of the seven influencer platforms that
you need to know about. Which influencer platform
is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more
videos just like this one. If you need any more help
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