April 8, 2020
7 Growth Tips and Tricks for Ecommerce (Free Keynote from Rewise Conference 2019)

7 Growth Tips and Tricks for Ecommerce (Free Keynote from Rewise Conference 2019)

hey guys my name is Mike and I’m here to talk about 7 tips and tricks to help your e-commerce so a little bit of introduction for myself to build my credibility because you guys have no idea who I am and what makes me want to talk about tips and tricks that can help your online business so essentially my biggest project is brand24 this is a social media monitoring platform media monitoring platform to be honest so whenever whoever talks about any company out there we let you know in the form of a dashboard mobile application email alerts mobile alerts and whatnot so essentially a communication platform between you and your customers the customers that are not tagging you in the posts or just talking organically about your company we’ve been doing this for several years we have thousands of customers from over 110 countries I believe so so we have the business is growing but this is not something that I’m going to talk about today this was just to build my credibility I hate to talk about my own business or I actually do like talking about my own business but I feel like presentations or keynotes that are fully based on somebody’s or like promoting someone else’s business are kind of cheesy and but this presentation it’s it’s something you know if I had a friend if I had a friend in e-commerce business and I would meet him or her in a bar and they would ask me for top tips I could give them like from the bottom of my heart I would give this presentation so here we go first tip is to track users on your website I mean markers these days are looking for more and more ways to get traffic to look for other you know marketing channels platforms that can engage that can you know interact with the customers whether they should use instagrams tourists or snapchat or some new platform whether they should record YouTube videos it’s probably all pretty much a good idea but essentially what I’m trying to say is that we stopped looking at our own doorstep for low-hanging fruits so we’re we we kind of stopped looking for a funnel optimization so what I’m what I’m trying to say is the the biggest gap between old marketers and new marketers is not only bringing traffic to the website but also taking care of of the funnel and being aware what happens with clients after they visit the website so not only tracking the visitors but also signups you know purchases cart abandonment stuff like this so this is what we really believe and just probably a digression our marketing division has sales bonuses so like a sales similar to sales is efficient so they get a sales bounty for each cell they get which is pretty powerful technique because this way they became pretty good analysis that they are tracking the funnel really well and they are aware what happens with a user after they entered the website so they are aware of the funnel they try to optimize that their own marketing channels their own funnels and that makes it work really well they get 50 bucks per sale so this works really well and this is why they are now aware of a full funnel of a fool road path the client has to take so several tools that can help you to track the path that clients take one of the tools that we use is heap analytics it’s it’s cool because it shows you blocks of what clients were doing on your website so the all the logs all the clicks all the lists of actions that your clients took you can analyze them and then action you know engage clients that that you know perform specific actions or you can create funnels that allow you to see where do you lose most customers this is pretty much how it looks like yeah so essentially you can have you can see funnels and you can see for example for this of a funnel youyou see how many people who visited our blog actually went to our home page from from our block to our home page and then how many went through home page from home page to a signup form how many finished sign up for so essentially I see how many clients I lose on each step and then I try to optimize I’m not trying to optimize the whole path I’m trying to pinpoint the steps that are causing the biggest drop and then engage clients and maybe try to pull them through the most important part or for the most difficult part of their clients journey so yeah this is another funnel another cool tool that can help you if this is hogr so it’s it has funnels but it also has at the heat maps so you can see you know where do clients click but probably my favorite feature here is recording so recordings is just like the name record there those are recordings of what your your clients your users were doing on your website so essentially you have a video of your client clicking through your website just like you would be sitting behind their back and watching what they do with your website so it’s super powerful because you can see things that you are probably unaware of so it’s likely that your clients your users are using your platform your if shop way different than you imagine that their path that their journey is somewhat different that you expect and this is a really cool way to see it live see see it in action and and see how they actually you know which buttons they click where do they hold did they struggle things like this so another tip and actually this is a very related to tip number one so once you see where do you see the biggest drop you can you can implement some of the UI fix a new X fix fixes to improve the journey and to help them navigate through a platform and to help them you know reach the goal so you know a single call to action a visible call to action which is which sounds funny but it’s it’s it’s still a lot of e-commerce platforms struggle with with basic things like this so for us it was a signup form the our biggest drop step was a signup form we used to have a sign-up form like this it didn’t work really bad or anything but apparently the promo code field caused a biggest drop because and tools like keep you can see which input form causes the biggest drop so you can narrow this down really well so we decided to totally redesign the registration form simplify this remove a promo code we actually created a separate registration form for partners that use some sort of a promo code so it doesn’t you know cause any bounce because let’s be honest people when they see a promo code that they try to Google you know a promo code discount Scouts etc and in a lot of cases they don’t they don’t find it and they they bounce of the platform so we hide it we simplified it and this step had 70 percent bounce rate so seven out of ten people that visited this page didn’t sign up so we Britt assigned this and had this version so it it’s it’s simplified it doesn’t have this promo code it has a social proof so it has you know all this 30,000 brands and companies and startups that you’re joining so you the users see that they are part of a larger community of clients you the humblebrag with best app you know stuff like this this actually is super helpful and it shows again clients that they are part of larger audience they are part of the larger community that it’s not like they were entering the empty restaurant that nobody there so this after the redesign this side had 25% bounce rates so we had three times more clients more signups just by you know changing the sign up form yeah so so the conversion rate the overall conversion rate from from homepage to registration the like successful registration went from 2.5% to 7.5% which is a huge huge difference so we essentially had three times more customers by fixing thing that cost us 24 hours of of work of the developer plus designer so it’s a huge huge win and um so and and and trust me that you have a lot of wins like this on your website I probably still have a lot of wins like this on my website and we keep looking for them so again I’ll just summarize this to actually tips is not necessarily not necessarily look for another marketing channel but rather look on your own website look for our optimizations looks look into the funnel look for the biggest drops try to benchmark specific steps versus other vendors in your in your industry or just a common sense if you are allowing seven other than people during the signup form when they actually already clicked first intent that they want to sign up it’s it’s it’s way too much so so you can also benchmark versus just a common sense and and you can win a lot just like our case here proved another thing another tip is leveraging social proof I mentioned this briefly in regard of the redesign of our signup form but leveraging social proof is much wider let’s say tip on one of the companies that does this really well is live jet a Polish company that does chats mmm friendly company they are one of the shareholders at my company so just the the disclaimer but the room really well is that they are bragging for lips of their customers so they are the did you know testimonials are super popular these days we all have testimonials on our websites but what they are how they are pushing things forward is they have a live testimonial so they they have a clickable testimonial so you can click them and you can you know see the actual mentioned we know who generated who mentioned Live Chat is it is it pretty real time so is this testimonial from 2014 or is a testimonial from yesterday L you know makes a lot of difference when customers are researching your product and most customers these days are researching your shops your platforms before purchase because even if we spend you know not a huge amount of money we still research products we research vendors so you know to build some sort of a trust and to check the credibility of the platform that we use and this is really a huge way to boost the credibility another cool tool I would recommend or trying a place or checking as a use proof comm so this is a you can see this little pop-up in the left bottom corner that says that you know somebody from your area recently sign up for the product so again this shows your potential clients that they’re a partner part of the larger audience that they are part of a hundred twenty-four people that are currently visiting this website or just sign up for the platform within last week or within last month so even if you don’t have a huge numbers you can set up the period that makes it look substantial so so again so so your users are aware that they are part of larger audience another tip is to uncover sources that that that are pretty much unknown for Google and exact I mean you all probably use google analytics this is probably most popular analytics platform out there this is also a platform that you can look for within within which you can look for this bounce rate websites or sub sub sub websites within your platform so you can look for places where you lose most most customers this is pretty you can look at exit rate or bounce rate to define that the biggest drops but the probably the most popular way to use Google Analytics is to just look at the referrals or sources so where do you get the most traffic especially for marketers this is pretty basic tool where do I get the traffic where do I get the customers from obviously you probably have all the theorems you you have your own systems that track where did you get customers from but also Google Analytics is pretty powerful a platform to check this but over 30% on average of your traffic will be direct so you’re getting people who are just visiting your platform straightaway and these might be your existing customers you’re you know that somebody who previously bought your product but those might be also people who heard about your platform from organic mention from somebody who you know mention your shop without linking to it so you wouldn’t see it here but you would still get the traffic and you probably had some sort of spikes over last months or years you know a day or two days or something like that that that that had something like a spike in in terms of traffic and you didn’t really know what caused it it was not little some sort of a blog post that linked to your platform it was just more traffic from direct and there’s this is always the biggest challenge for marketers to uncover word did I did I get this traffic from that it might have been some conference somebody mentioned in my product you know like like this online conference I could mention a product and or actually mention a lot of product like Hajer peep analytics and you’re probably googling them right now or just you know typing hunter comment and product into your platter and they wouldn’t see this keynote or this webinar in in their Google Analytics what they would see it is they would they would see the direct traffic and she uncovered this you can use several strategies several platforms you know one would be any media monitoring tool so you can monitor not only social media but also blogs message boards news sites because there might be some popular article on some popular you know reddit’s BuzzFeed whatever mentioning your company this is why but the dimension is not a link so you don’t see this here but you still get the improved traffic and media monitoring platforms help you to uncover this and this is actually one of the cases for a combo german company called i like paper they manufacture paper or watches and they found out that for monitoring they found out that they have a little huge community of clients on instagram where they were pretty much absent before that they found out that they they get a lot of mentioned you know for from happy clients just shooting photos of their wrists with a paper watch and not tagging brand as it is but mentioning brand with just regular text so this is how they could learn where they were where they are getting from and and hopefully engage people who are talking about them to even boost this further to get even more traffic from this specific source so and and and that’s my next step actually engaging customers once you know that there’s somebody talking about you to engage them but the the step zero for this is to engage clients on your own website through tools for like marketing automation tools like intercom user engage you know live chats number of platforms you can do this with I believe Facebook has a free plugin that that is merged with your fan page and messages on your fan page so you can have this live chat on your website powered by Facebook or whatever and it’s super powerful way to engage clients because it once you implement this clients are only one click away from your from from talking to your representative and it’s not overloading customer success customer support but it’s it’s it’s boosting your credibility a lot because it shows your clients that if they ever have a problem there’s somebody to talk to it’s not some sort of a shady company that’s from God knows where and you know it’s hard to connect with if anything doesn’t go to the way it was planned so live chat components are super powerful way to build the credibility and the more conversations you have of your clients the bigger sales it’s just as simple as that so you shouldn’t try to avoid I see this on so many websites I see platforms they’re avoiding connection with connecting with their clients that are making this complicated contact forms asking a lot of questions having a lot of input to fill just so most of clients bounce off the one of the steps and it’s so wrong because what conversations you have from with your clients the more sales the more information the more feedback them the more you understand how they like your product what they don’t like about the communication when they like about the communication so it’s the tools like this are super powerful when we implement that this sort of a chat on the home page on our website our number of conversations tripled a number of conversations with customers tripled so we had way more conversations and therefore way more sales because there’s a straight correlation between number of conversations with plants and obviously sales because conversations with credibility they client see the human face of some sort of a lot representative from the company so again one thing I would probably recommend the most from from hall this presentation is to engage with your clients and to look for more and more ways to engage with your clients we’re constantly looking for within our company we’re looking for new ways to somehow you know reached out to our clients and and somehow engage them because the you know once they are engaged they stop perceiving your company and just as just a company brand no logotype they stop start seeing you as as Mick as Emily as Jerry or people who are representing the company but people not bloggers not brands or entities or something so yeah and another step would be not only to engage people on your website but also to engage people outside your website just like this German company like paper did this is one of the examples but it’s probably not the best example about it you can you can imagine that the you know a personal brand of Stephen King I can use this to engage conversations about Stephen King but actually my favorite example by far and I been been showing this for years as Virgin Trains one of the train companies and in UK and they found out at some point that there was a there was a guy called Adam you know riding a train from Austin to Glasgow and he had the reasonably or large poo no toilet paper so a lot of huge problem but so they found out about this treason engaged the tweets cried away asking which couch we’re sending someone down to you and then the success so in Egypt engagement like this went went viral they they they’ve been a part of so many presentations blog posts and it built a huge exposure for Virgin Trains so actually engaging clients can be a really cool marketing tactic so if you are engaging in the pretty positive and and and sometimes even funny way and believe me the life will throw at you chances to to be creative and to be funny responding to online mentions you can win a lot of exposure for your company and actually there’s a there’s a proof that this works really well you can see one of the top brands cosmetics brands and actually they started engaging clients in in April 2013 when their negative mentions were all-time high and you can see how they dropped over here and the products obviously didn’t change within a year but the conversation was really changed because they started to engage their clients even if there were negative mentions they had somebody who engaged clients and you know converse then and representing the company and try to understand the clients or just to show that they are listening and you can see that by listening self they their number of negative mentions went down in a huge way so listening and engaging clients is actually a proven way to improve your customer satisfaction to improve your brand health to improve your credibility because it’s much more likely that your clients when they are googling name of your shop they will find positive reviews rather than negative ones alright the next step is analyze and on traffic so one of the tools that I really like is similar web to some extent it’s free but you can and you can check where specific websites or platforms are getting their traffic from so when we started a global expansion my first idea was alright so let’s look for other mark marketing SAS products so probably complimentary products and let’s see where they are getting their traffic from from right there if there are some some popular products out there I want to see where they are getting their traffic from and a similar web helps this helps with this a lot because they normally show the categories of the traffic so whether it is its direct or referrals or search but they show the actual domains that your competitor or some of the platforms that you find as a benchmarks for your industry are getting their traffic from then you can research these platforms and you can you can find you know the exact posts and you can try to build the similar exposure for your company so a really powerful tactic to research the most beneficial sources of traffic for platforms within your industry and the last tip that I have here is to use social selling so to engage conversations that are relevant to your business so Rick whatever you’re selling whatever is your product there are people looking for the product like this all over the web and you know there’s so many conversations other people are talking about everything you can see that there’s a number of people who are sharing their credit card details on their you know Twitter accounts or their instagrams so there’s number of conversations of people you know looking for any product pretty much any product out there and one of the cool uses for for for this social selling is Monica Lewinsky who has a head of a pixel PR agency they’re just creating websites for their clients and they started to use social selling to look for conversations or people who are just in the process of finding somebody who will create a website for them so whenever somebody was like hey I’m looking for somebody who can create my website on Facebook message board whatever Monica would find this conversation showed me okay we’re at Pixar PR we we are creating websites for our clients if you’re interesting I would love to just to send you more details and this is how they get a lot of clients because they engage conversations that are irrelevant to their business and what’s really cool about this is even though it’s marketing even though it’s a sales obviously social selling but it’s not perceived as advertising because you are you are exposing your brand your company in the moment of life of your customer when they are actually looking for your product so it’s not like this billboards when I’m driving to work thinking about recording this keynotes I know some some other stuff whether I left I closed my door whatever and there’s billboards trying to push me to buy this car to buy this washing machine to buy a new head or whatever right so they’re trying to pull my attention from whatever I was thinking about and pull it towards headphones washing machine whatever what’s critical about this is you end their life of your clients or potential clients at the moment where they are actually in need of your product so it’s much more powerful and it’s not perceived as an advertisement even though in this case it was actually Monica promoting her own company and just introducing herself as a CEO so so so very powerful way and this is oh yeah the example so and you can see that more and more companies are using this more and more companies are trying to find conversations relevant to their industry on Twitter message board blog post Facebook groups whatever and engage conversations to build credibility to build exposure for the company and what’s cool about this is you’re not fighting for a single customer who’s currently looking for a product that you offer you are exposing your company in front of all people who are who will see this conversation between you and this person and everyone who will see this conversation in the future so not only people who are currently seeing this but everyone who will see this in the future because a lot of those conversations are then well positioned in Google and wants people just you know Google what’s the best mouse or what’s the best you know coffee cup or whatever I can water they get this conversations and they get conversations that you will engage and you will expose your company expose you promote your company so right I I believe that’s it is there something you should be doing I hope some of the tips that I gave will be beneficial will be valuable essentially some of these tips are long-term some of these tips are short terms of things like a chat on your website you can implement within minutes literally it’s just a short JavaScript code you you embed you on your website and you can start conversing with your clients and trust me you’ll have more sales right away like the next day literally but but yeah and and hopefully you know you can look for some optimizations within your funnel if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to contact me I’m all yours I’ll be happy to answer any questions you guys have just you can find me on you know Twitter Facebook email whatever or just type around 24 anywhere on the weapon I’ll get there from from media monitoring so yeah I hope you guys like this thank you so much for for watching the the video and talk to you soon

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  1. 7th tip is probably not social selling but social listening. Social selling is quite a different marketing technique.

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