March 30, 2020
7 Cool Hacks That’ll Boost Your Conversion Rate

7 Cool Hacks That’ll Boost Your Conversion Rate

You have visitors, but these visitors aren’t
really converting into customers. Hey, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to
share with you seven cool hacks that’ll increase your conversion rate. If you look at the homepage,
you’ll notice that there’s a countdown clock. That countdown clock is accurate, it resembles
when our offer is going to end. If you leverage countdown clock on your website,
you’ll notice that you’ll get more conversions. When I put a countdown clock on,
I noticed 11% increase in conversions, just from that one little tweak. Second strategy for you. Use exit popups. You’ll also notice on, I have
an exit popup. Mine’s an animated GIF. It’s one of the highest converting elements
for me when it comes to emails. I even show in the background what you’re
gonna get and how my rankings are really high, right? Because it’s related to my exit offering. When you show people what they’re gonna get
within your exit intent, but using an animated GIF within the background, you’ll generate
more conversions. And you can use the tool Hello Bar to do this. The third strategy that I have for you is
$1 trials. No matter what product or service you have,
you’ll notice that some people are gonna buy. For all the people that aren’t gonna buy,
which is the majority, offer them one last ditch effort to convert them. I usually do a $1 trial, or you can do a 30
day free trial with a credit card upfront. Test a few different types of things. You can email these people the offer so that
way it’s not affecting the conversions of all the people on the front end of your website. And then see how many people you can get to
convert. On, when I used to sell informational
products, I learned that by doing a $1 trial, I’d increase my revenue by 15%. It really was that simple. The fourth strategy that I have for you is
to make your webpage more personalized, and you can do this through geo-targeting. Why not personalize your webpage and include
the person’s city within your copy? So, if you look at one of my pages, you’ll
notice that I put your city within my headline. By doing this, I was able to increase my conversions
by over 20%. Why? The page is more personalized. It makes you feel that I’m giving an offer
just for you. That’s what happens when you put a city within
your headline. Strategy number five. PicSnippet. What PicSnippet is it allows you to send a
personalized image based email to your readers. So, you’ll notice on Neil Patel, if you’re
opted into my email list, and you’re trying to watch a webinar but you don’t join, I’ll
send you a customized email message with me holding up a sign with your name in there. I don’t really take a picture each and every
single time, I use a software called PicSnippet, that’s the tool I use, and it allows me to
dynamically insert your name into the image so that when you load the email, it’s customized
and you’re like, “Oh, wow. Neil sent me this personalized email holding
up an image or a sign with my name on it. I’m much more likely to click there and convert.” It works extremely well. The sixth strategy I have for you is remarketing. I know it’s been out there for years, but
very few people do it. If 95+% of your visitors aren’t converting
into customers, why aren’t you retargeting them all over the web and offering them different
types of offers or educational material to get them back over to your website, and then
convert them. You can use Google remarketing, you can use
Youtube remarketing and create videos, [inaudible 00:03:26] before, you can do remarketing on
Facebook. The possibilities are endless. Remarketing is a really effective channel;
and I do something that’s very specific in which everyone who visits my checkout or credit
card page and doesn’t convert, I remarket those people and show them a video on Facebook
and Youtube of what they’re gonna get if they were to buy, and I answer all the objections
that they may have. It’s a really simple strategy that I use to
increase sales. The seventh and last strategy I have for you
is quizzes. There’s a tool called LeadQuizzes that I like
using. What LeadQuizzes does, it allows you to create
a quiz that gets people engaged. I found that when I create a quiz, roughly
60% of the people go through it and often to a lead. Let’s say you’re visiting, and
you’re watching videos like this or reading my blog posts, and you want to increase your
traffic, right? That’s why you’re here on my website. I’ll end up creating a quiz. Let’s say the quiz is learn how to grow your
traffic. And the quiz may ask you certain things like
what type of website do you have? Have you tried [SEO 00:04:32]? Paperclick? And it asks you five, or six, or seven, or
eight questions, and then at the end it says want to see the results for the best way to
grow your traffic? Put in your name and email to get the results. That’s how you generate leads from quizzes. So, if you leverage these seven tactics, you
will start generating more conversions and sales using unorthodox strategies.

12 thoughts on “7 Cool Hacks That’ll Boost Your Conversion Rate

  1. Neil, you should document your day-to-day! After following you for centuries, this is the ONE thing I feel I "need" from you. I feel like the ROI/branding from it would be INSANE…that of you (a legendary creator) literally in your bed, with your laptop, wearing a white tee, just talking about your upcoming articles and stuff. Documenting your creations! I would be obsessed! Haha. Great video as always.

  2. Thanks for sharing Brother. I have learned a lot of new things by watching this video.
    Honestly speaking you're a true inspiration for me. Love you a lot. 💜💜

  3. Wow. Awesome stuff!!
    Those are amazing numbers with the quiz… Do you run paid ads to a targeted group that the quiz is formulated to? What is your strategy with them?

  4. Damn. You got me with the $1 trial on! 🙂 – nevertheless great tips as always; most of which i'll be looking to leverage for my own clients.

  5. Loved PICSNIPPETS… thanks for sharing Neil… and yes, you should definitely start VLOGGING your entire entrepreneur day ✌️

  6. I can't thank you enough for the amount of "jabs" you throw for us and don't even bother with the "right-hooks". A true testament to what permission marketing should look like when done right. As a former corporate marketer turned independent consultant, i'm constantly using your simple explanations for my corporate clients. You've saved me countless hours in education on mission critical topics like authority, value based marketing, and tactical decisions when it comes to digital execution. I'd say keep it up, but knowing you the urge isn't needed.

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