March 29, 2020
63 Minute Consultation for Small Businesses and Personal Brands (4Ds)

63 Minute Consultation for Small Businesses and Personal Brands (4Ds)

– Hey, guys. Big shout
out to Caleb and the team. We’re turning around content real quick. Today, this Friday, I
just did a 4D’s at Vayner. It was a ton of great content. They decided to turn it quick. I made an intro. I hope you enjoy this episode. This is more LinkedIn,
this is some business. This is not motivating you. This is business talk. Enjoy this business talk. Thank you all for being here. Let’s actually, let’s go backwards. Sorry, brother. Let’s go right into it. What can I answer for you? – So, for us, in these smaller markets, the BNC markets, the majority
of our customers are rural. They’re in the country. – I know them. – They’ll do this to be independent, get away from the utility company. – Fuck the man. – All that kind of stuff. It’s been interesting for
us because in those markets, it’s easy for us to get in
front of those individuals. It’s all about cost. So, in this part of the
country, where we are, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, there’s no save the world, go green. It’s not like a Berkeley or a Seattle where they’re– – I totally understand. – It’s 100% will this save me money above and beyond staying with
the utility company. For us, that’s really what drives it. So, as we move into areas and towns– – Or, or, as the process plays out, I mean, I don’t know the
business well enough. I assume once you put the panels on, it’s hard to unwind and move
to somebody else, you know. But, price is an incredible
thing to play on. I’ve been wanting my brand price. Price in incredible to play on. I think the question you
always have to ask yourself with price is can somebody come along with bigger pockets and beat you on price. You know, this is the reason Walmart destroyed K-Mart, and
Bradlees, and Caldor, and those guys destroyed Woolworth’s. When you are in the price game, you only have a moment in time. – Right, that’s right. So, for us– – And to your point,
if you want to expand, they’ll be other creative
pillars you’ll have to play on. – That’s exactly right. So, as we try to get into,
not necessarily urban, but into the neighborhoods themselves, like into town, right,
so our adoption is so low in that part of the country. It’s not like being in
a Phoenix, or a Vegas, or a California where you
see panels everywhere. We’ve had a difficult time
breaking into the towns, breaking into the neighborhoods, breaking into the 300,
400, $500,000 homes, rather than someone out in the country that, you know, they buy my solar system for 30 grand, but their
house is worth 120, right. So, it’s trying to craft
and create our marketing and our message to break
into a different group of people and talk to
them about the benefits that are for them. It’s just something we
haven’t completely tackled and figured out yet. – Have you tried? – Yeah, we have, to a certain extent. We’ve talked about, there’s
a 30% federal tax credit that you can take. So, we’ve tried going to
a different demographic and saying hey, do you
want the best investment of the year. Do you want the biggest tax
break that you can take? Average tax credit’s 8,000. We’ve tried marketing
more along those messages of saying hey, maybe not so much savings, savings, savings, but
let’s talk about this from an investment standpoint. Let’s talk about this from
a long term standpoint, and why you wanna do it. Any rhetoric around– – How many different creative, so you said you built it on Facebook,
then you expanded. – That’s right. – When you went on Facebook,
how many different creatives, pieces of creative, a
video, a picture, you know, did you have in that execution? – Dude, probably at this
point, a couple dozen. All video ads of me, two
to three minutes long, did you know, educate, educate, educate. If you want to find out more,
if you found this intriguing, click below, we’ll reach out and do a free energy consultation. – So, what about for the three to 400,000? – Yeah. – How many different pieces of creative? – Um, we pretty much did the
same thing across the board. – The same amount but different messages? – No, not necessarily different messages. We would do different
messages to an extent, but we would serve them to everybody. – That’s the problem. – Okay. Different message, different audience. – The end, right, like anything in life. Enough of a scale of a psychographic or demographic that
it’s worked through time can make the creative. – Right. – And as many as you can. Like, literally, the
best way to sell to me on Instagram, is to make
a New York Jets reference. That’s truth. It’s my actual religion. I would pick Jets over everything, family, religion, money,
Jets over everything. It’s the truth. Now, that’s not a lot of people. So, like, betting the farm on Jet fans is probably not the right move, but I’ll tell you that
what you need to do, first of all, and this
is gonna be the answer for all of you. Everybody should take away from this. There’s the written
word, there’s pictures, and there’s video. And then, there’s what
you say with those things, and then who you target. When you get great at
that, everything changes. The Vayner, the company’s going through a big transformation, a new
kind of strategic pillar. You guys saw the post I made, the Gary Vee content
model, the 88 page deck. Did you, did I hit your guys’ radar? If it didn’t, you should see it. It’s a very like, it’s
probably the most love I’ve ever gotten from the internet because I think everybody
deeply understood that people not like, not
me, but people like me would charge 1,500 bucks for that e-book and destroy it. I highly recommend you look at it, but it is the answer to your question. Like, if you live in Kansas City, like look, if you’re a 45 year old, I’ll give you an example. I’ll give you a great example cause of the hat you’re wearing. – Right. – If you’re targeting people in Missouri of higher net worth, that are of, and you target 42 to 63 year olds, and you make a reference
to the ’85 World Series, it’s going to work. – Gotcha. Makes sense. – If you layer Cardinal
fans and say one thing, or if you layer Royals, it’s either that was the greatest, or
that was some bullshit. It’s striking emotion to capture
people’s attention, right. For example, when you make videos, and you’re lucky you’re using yourself, and you’re looking in
there and you’re like Fort Worth, Texas, I’ve
gotta tell you, cool, let’s film again. Kansas City, Missouri,
like, and then you run it against that. You know, somebody from
Scottish or Wales background verses an American, or
verses you saying to yourself you’re tapped out on what you’ve got. We gotta go younger. Getting four influencers that are cool to actually wear that,
to start the process in getting 22 year olds
to even consider it, cause right now the consideration
is (makes click sound), that’s, well, you’re not gonna run that ad against a 68 year old Scottish boy, you’re gonna run it, so
like, it’s super important. I’m already happy that
you had dozen or dozens, which is already way
further along than most, but it misses the, I literally think that you should have four to 8,000 pieces of content between written word, audio, and video, and running $100 ad against it verses $1,000 ad against 12. It’s reversed. – Got it. – Got it? – Yeah. – I want you to pay more for your CPM’s because it’s more expensive
when you go more narrow, but you’re actually
converting on what the fuck you care about. I’m thrilled that we’re paying $22 to get somebody to buy
this, cause the math works. But, marketing companies, Vayner itself, others, people that are, they want it to be seven dollar CPM’s, not 22, cause that seems right, but
then it doesn’t play out because it didn’t mean as much to them. – Right. – Right? So, even hearing your four demos, like, every one of those demos needs
its own creative pillars, and then within it,
psycho and demographics. There’s a big difference
between the stage mom and the actual girl in it. And they need to see something different. – [Woman] And you honor the– – Are you kidding? So, like, this is about,
the word of the day is in perpetuity. Words, pictures, and videos in perpetuity. – Got it, never stops. – Never stops. And, by the way– – Love it. – By the way, just even looking at you, and this is not a joke,
maybe you over index with urban, right, and
maybe you need somebody else making videos, and I’d love to know how many homes is the wife, or the woman, the decision maker. She’s gonna need different shit. Like, you can’t make a
video saying yo, bro. But, that’s exactly what you should do for a 29 year old single guy. – Sure. – Like, this is the
problem with, by the way, back to America, everybody just
wants it to be blue or red. There’s just a million
different variations. That’s how you actually do it. Otherwise, and, so like, you know. Can’t say hey, bro to a highly liberal, 29 year old from San Francisco. – Right. – So like, all those things you know that works for you in a MAGA world, there’s subtleties in it. And then, di, di, di,
di, di, di, di, di, di. – Makes sense. Good, good feedback. I have one other question. I asked this earlier, but
we’re at 80 people right now. – Good. – Done over two and a half
years, that’s a lot of growth. You know, you’re at 800
something people now. We took a little tour this
morning, checked out things. You’ve been able to keep your culture– – Fiery. – In tact here. – Fiery, fiery.
– As a role and you play it. So, we’re hitting the stage
now in our organization where now there’s people
coming through the door that were two or three
layers removed from me now. I don’t know their name anymore. I’m seeing people that I’m like I know I should know that, I don’t
know that guy anymore. More policies and procedures
are getting introduced. We’re feeling that happen. How have you been able to grow– – Firing. – Your agency like this
and keep that closeness. – Firing. (all laugh) You’re not gonna know their names. You’re a human being. You’re gonna lose. Like, I don’t have the relationship with number 200 to number 800 that I do from one to 200. That’s okay. Guess what, news alert. Not all kids have the same relationship with their parents, and there’s only one, or two, or three. Well, two or three, right. It just is what it is. My parents love me more
than my brother and sister. I was the first born. You know, like it’s just the way it is. (all laugh) It’s facts out here. What I mean by that is
don’t dwell on that, and that crushed me. I took so much pride in that. But, that’s not a winnable game. What is a winnable game is
firing the eighty people that are the OGs, the
three of them within that that don’t like change,
are playing politics, know there’s, you know,
when Ken knows Sarah underneath him is more talented than Ken, Ken starts the process
of eliminating Sarah. That’s what you have to look out for, making sure the 50 OGs,
the 20 most powerful people in your company, are playing for the logo, not for themselves. I laugh watching my most senior executives jockey for themselves. I’m untrickable on that. Sometimes I let them get
away with it for two years. It’s fine. I’m doing what’s good for the logo. If you’re not doing
what’s right for the logo, your time will come here. It’s the way it is. That’s
what you have to focus on. – Good deal. – Cool. – Appreciate it. – [Woman] Um, interested in your insight on things shifting in our business where it was pretty
traditional because different competitors, everybody was buying online. Now, I’m looking like wait a minute. Things are shifting. People are wanting to
sell their own costumes rather than going through us. They’re going to Facebook groups. They’re going to Amazon perhaps, Craig’s List, Ebay. – Individual people? – [Woman] Individual people. – Not people that have
already worn it on a flip, more actually I’m, both? – [Woman] Yeah, both. So, it’s like Mom’s gone rogue. – No, no, it’s exact– – [Woman] On Facebook groups. – First of all, I want
to tell you something. I love you because you’re right. It’s a good observation,
and it’s a great thing to be thinking about only thinking about cause it’s a huge issue. – [Woman] And opportunity. – Correct. – [Woman] But that’s what
I’m trying to figure out, wrap my head around. What’s the direction cause I’m about to put money into redoing a website, and I’m like it doesn’t feel right to do it in a traditional way. I feel like it’s like Airbnb where people wanna sell their stuff,
and I gotta be the person helping them manage– – There’s two ways to do it,
there’s two ways to do it. You’re being very smart. Let me throw two things at you. One, yes, here’s your problem. If you decide to be a platform
instead of a retailer, you need to make sure you have a partner or a very senior person
that’s super incentivized, who has platform DNA. – [Woman] Right. – Like, I watch people all the time. My hairs go up when I hear I’m starting to build a tech platform two years ago, cause this is what smart entrepreneurs like you and I do as a mistake
the first time I did it, the first time you go into tech. You don’t realize now
you’re in the tech business, and you need a tech partner, not somebody you hire to build it. – [Woman] Right, right. – So, couple things, that’s one. I’m gonna throw you in a different place that I think is super
interesting to think about. You’re right, so now the question becomes the other thing you could
do, which is definitely more in tune to where I think you could go because I think the first way, you’ll have to make that big of a
decision, which is okay. I mean, start a separate
company with somebody and do a 50/50 JB and still have this. There’s a million ways
you can go about it. But, the way to combat
what you’re dealing with is quadruple down on brand. – [Woman] Mm hmm, and
that feels right, too. – I mean, you need to
quadruple down on brand because there will
always be the person who, even it makes people feel like no, no, this is the one I have to
buy, like this is the brand. That’s the ultimate. Nike is very really, like,
you’re always worried, you’re scared, you’re being smart, but like, like people gonna buy it. Like, you have to be the brand. So, you have to go from a utility, this is what, you know, it’s funny, back to your name, you
know, all those people that built websites that were so literal because everybody cared
about SEL and search, and so their company was
called like, you know, The problem is once Google,
which is where we’re at now, became a chore, and it
wasn’t just about math, and it was about brand,
and I know that’s where, and we’ll get back to you. All of a sudden, they
had to build a brand, and the brand being
hardware store, utilities, dot, is not a brand. So, you have to triple down on brand. – [Woman] And I think we’re
representing a lot of brands. Our brand is like taking
care of those brands, and pushing those brands, and getting, it’s more like taking care of the person who needs the thing. – Well, let’s talk
about that for a minute. So, you as a retailer,
are selling other brands? – [Woman] Yeah, I mean we’re
doing a consignment costume. It might be a wise man, it
might be a wish come true, it might be– – Do you, do you have– – [Woman] Our own brand. – Well, that’s where you just beat me to. So, I would quadruple
down on your own brand, like quadruple. If I was still running
my dad’s wine business, I would probably take
us to 35% private label, and I think they’re probably
at like two percent right now. It’s the only place you can go in the long tail of the internet, because those brands you just mentioned, they’re strategy for the next decade is to go direct and not have you involved. – [Woman] Yeah, but they’re
also going cheap, too, which people aren’t
gonna want their stuff. So, it’s an interesting dynamic where you kind of go– – Wherever they go,
yeah, wherever they go, where I promise you they’re gonna go, is direct to consumer. – [Woman] Oh, yeah, yeah, I believe it. – Why would they give up the margin? – [Woman] Right. – The friction’s been eliminated, right, so that’s what I think you have to do. I would highly recommend going heavy on content around your own brands, paying influencers to
wear your own brands. Put your brands, you have
a, you have multiple brands that you’re private labeling, or one? – [Woman] It’s one brand,
but it’s a little confusing. – Cause it’s the same name? So, what, help me. – [Woman] When we originally saw it, you know, we thought you
gotta go after skaters, you gotta go after dancers,
you gotta go after, you know, incenting our market. – I understand. – [Woman] Well, that’s a lot to manage. So, we kind of went maybe that
wasn’t the right strategy. So, we had Encore Costume
Couture for the costumes, Crystal Couture for the overall stuff, and Encore went under that. It’s kind of like are
we confusing everybody. Do we just pick one? Do we just go Crystal Couture Costumes? – But, Crystal Couture
Costumes is a retailer that consigns other sub brands, right? – [Woman] Yeah. – I’m saying you need to create a brand, and call it like– – [Woman] Just our stuff. – Yes, like when you
go to Crystal Couture, you know, dot com, like the featured dress is brought to you by a
brand named Dolly Doll. You own that brand, and you
try to make Dolly Doll Nike. – [Woman] Yeah, and I guess we do that to a certain extent cause
all the consignment stuff is under Encore, and then
we have Couture Design by Crystal Couture. – When you say under, those
are separate dot coms, or when you land on the website? – [Woman] It’s separate dot coms that have the same website. – I see. – [Woman] We lead with costumes in one, and we lead with our
other stuff in the other. – I see. – [Woman] So, the content is all– – I think you should– – [Woman] Cause it compliments– – If I bought into your
company and we became partners, our first meeting would look like this. I think we should create
a brand, like K-Swiss, like a brand, and make
a great fucking dress, or costume, or whatever it is, and fucking market the shit out of it. – [Woman] Okay, sounds fun. – You know? It’s the evolution from going to retail, to going to being the product, cause that’s what the
Internet’s gonna force, one way or another. – [Woman] Yup, we’re taking it. – You know? Cool. – [Woman] Thank you. – You’re welcome. – [Woman] That was good. – [Carlos] Well, we dominate the inventory on our business, and I
wanna upscale my business to selling things that we don’t have. – Tell me what you’re dominating, and tell me examples of ideologically what you would like to add. – [Carlos] Well, we dominate on the heavy equipment industry. – What does that mean? Like what? Give me literally. Like a dump truck? – [Carlos] We specialize
in concrete pumps. – How much is a concrete pump? – [Carlos] It varies
on size and capability. 80 to $500,000. – From $80 to how much? – [Carlos] No, 80,000. – 80,000 to 500,000. – [Carlos] Right. – And how much do you buy them for? 10 bucks? I’m just kidding. (all laugh) And the reason you’re able to find them, like just in that world,
how are you marketing, or what’s the funnel, or why did you guys get great at it? Is it social media ads? Is it direct mail? Is it phone calls? Is it knocking on doors? Like, what is it? – [Carlos] Well, it’s product and demand. You know, in Mexico,
they don’t manufacture those kind of equipment. So, the construction
companies, they’re always looking for those kind of equipment. So, we started advertising
in Mercado Libre, which is eBay in Mexico. We started bidding our
platform, which is our website. That’s how we first started
selling our equipment. So now– – Carlos, you’re going to
auctions to pick them up, right? – [Carlos] We do some auctions. – US, Canada. – [Carlos] Yeah, some
auctions, and the way we started our business model was okay, we started dealing with a lot of dealers, started helping them
with their old equipment, that they wouldn’t take in, right. So, we were like hey,
we’ll take your junk. We’ll buy it, we’ll buy it for cheap, and then you’ll– – You’ll take money. – [Carlos] Yeah, to put
into the new equipment. And, that’s how our
strategy started, yeah. – Love that. – [Carlos] We came to a point
where they started financing the equipment and I take
it, pay them in 90 days. – I understand. So, what do you want to sell now? – [Carlos] I want to sell
equipment like, that I don’t have. I want to help bring the
umbrella to our customer. Say, okay, we don’t
have this on inventory, but we have an auction that
we’re gonna participate, and this is what’s gonna come up. Are you interested? And I want to get customers
to feel comfortable shopping what we don’t have. – I understand. – [Carlos] Something that they
can’t feel and touch, right. – Yeah, so I think, well, can they feel and touch the other stuff? Can they come somewhere physically, or looking at it online? – [Carlos] Well, first
of all, they contact us– – Phone. – [Carlos] Yeah, via phone. Then, if we get some
interest, they’ll fly in, cause we sell, our market is nationwide. They’ll fly in to the nearest airport. We’ll pick them up, and
then they’ll get a feel of the equipment, right. So, right now, it’s
just selling inventory. – I mean, there’s only one way, Carlos, that people have ever sold anything that they don’t own, and
they wanna make money on the float, on the
arbitrage of what they know they can pay for it, and bidding for it. It’s only been done based on
building trust around a brand. There’s nothing else. What’s really amazing about today’s world is like, I think you take a little bit out of what he does and what I do. I think you make collateral, videos, and put yourself out there, and be like, how long have you been in business? – [Carlos] Five years. – Right, you’re like, I’ve
been doing this for five years, owning this business. You can say whatever the hell
you were doing before then. There’s a lot of things you can do. I mean, you can put money into escrow, like, you just chip away. There is no magic pill. You need to make the first 50 people feel comfortable, and be aggressive at it. You could put up, you
could have the person put up the money in escrow,
like there’s a lot you could do. You could personally guarantee it. Any time I’m doing something that may feel weird, I’m always
comfortable doing anything because I know I’m not gonna rip them off. Like, you should do things
for the first 50 people that you won’t do for the 51st person. Too many people go ideological and wanna figure out the entire business model on the first transaction. Got it? – [Carlos] Got it. – So, all you need to do
is have examples, right. Juan in Guadalupe trusted
me and he got it, right? – [Carlos] Right. – And what you don’t
have to tell the world is and I put up all the
money in escrow, too, just to make him feel very comfortable. You know what I mean? Whatever it may be, but
that’s just the way it is. It’s no different than when I tell people do shit for free at first. Like, well Gary, I’m worth $5,000 an hour. I’m like, says who. If you’re worth 5,000 an hour, you should be getting lots of hours and getting paid 5,000. Like, the market decides. So, I think to build trust,
create less risk, and you see. – [Carlos] Right, okay. – Right? And you can do a million different things. I don’t know your cash flow. Like, there’s a million ways to do it. Maybe for the first time ever, you open a credit line to
help you do the first move. Like, there’s a million ways to do it. As long as you know you’re not gonna take somebody’s fucking
money and run off, right. I always tell people if
you’re on the right side of your intent, you should over deliver for the first customers because
your interests are aligned. You’re trying to create examples for other people to trust you, and so thus you’re willing to go further, you know, financially, or credit, or sign something you would never normally sign. I do it all the time, to this day. You know, with K-Swiss,
or with Harper Collins, it’s funny to see the sneaks. It’s really funny. I don’t remember, but
either my last K-Swiss deal or my last book deal,
basically I was on the hook. I had to hit it. Basically, I just said to myself, just buy them and give
them away if I have to. I’m not gonna screw the partner. – Right. – I’m not gonna be happy. I’ll lose money. But, but I wanted the example. – [Carlos] Also, another question. On another note, how
do we build our budget for marketing like on
Facebook, on social media, how to you take that number? – You guess. You guess with a number
that you feel great about if it goes to zero. So, if that’s 10,000
bucks, and it goes to zero, you learned. What can you afford to lose? You know, on Facebook
for me, at this moment, and I’ll let you know
what I feel about it, what can you afford to lose? But, it comes into making, remember, the biggest reason people lose on Facebook is they make one piece of content, and they target broad. Got it? That’s the reason people lose on Facebook. One piece of content and target broad, cause they act like a big company. I’m gonna make a commercial, and I’m gonna target 18 to 35 year old dudes. That’s my favorite part. Has anybody ever met an 18 year old and 35 that are, they’re so not different, just by common sense. An 18 year old guy and a 35 year old guy are two fucking different dudes. Yeah, yes, of course, you lived it. You know exactly what
kind of fucking idiot you were at 18. (all laugh) – [Man] The one piece content you put out that hit me was the Think
Like a Media Company. I’m a media company that
happens to sell kilts. – I love you. And what happened when you started, when you made that switch, what happened? – [Man] I decided I had to kind
of go all in with Facebook. I said okay, we need an actual, we are now a 14 person company. As of a year ago, we
were a 10 person company. – You added those kind of people. – [Man] I’m doing what I can. – And, did you also go more into content, did you go more into the TV
show verses the commercial? – [Man] Yeah. – Cause that’s what happens, right. When you understand you’re
selling by doing brand, you go from being QVC to
being Game of Thrones. – [Man] I hit the, basically I took one of my sales guys and said okay, you do vlogging on the
side and stuff like that. You’re now my marketing department. Great news is I’m also
the marketing department. So, I get to tell you
what to do every day. – Good, love that. – [Man] So, we’re doing a
Facebook Q and A live session for an hour and a half,
first Friday of every month. We take each individual question, chop it up, have content
with a full month. We take those, long tail
titles, put them on Google, strip out the audio for podcasts. We’re following the model. – Yes, the model. – [Man] We’re actually
putting a second story on our building to basically
house a television studio, and expand. The question is, we’re
doing a, we’re gonna be redoing the website. Right now it’s just strictly
an e-commerce website. We have a bunch of little toys for the customers to play with, a tartan designer, like
a tour of our store you can walk around. The question is should
I leave the media stuff, all the free content
that we’re putting out, live on YouTube and wherever else, and then have our e-commerce
site be a black hole, or like, people just come
there to shop, period? Or, should I try to be hosting it, or imbed the YouTube– – I understand what you’re saying. – [Man] Try to put that
kind of stuff up on there. – Both will work. I think when people open the can of worms of deeply integrating all this media into their websites, it gets convoluted, and most people suck
at integrating content into their websites for commerce. So, I’m very comfortable in you not, even though you have all that collateral, because it’s really like, let’s play that one more time. Nike markets, and then you
go into a store and buy it. There is that separation. I’m not against it. I’m also not against you
having a little bit there. I probably, I’d be more excited it being a product page level content play than a landing page level content play. See what I mean? – [Man] Yeah, we’re
thinking of putting some of the videos into the pictures. You would watch a video of
Q and A kind of thing there. – That’s what I think. Excuse me, I’m sorry. Yeah, that’s what I think. – [Man] A similar kind
of follow up question. The outfit, providing kilts, anywhere from a few hundred bucks
to 1,500 bucks or so. We’re teaching guys who know nothing about this, generally. Our customers are
generally very uninformed, and we are happy to do that for them. But, it is a scary kind of concept for, you know, you’re a guy buying a skirt. – Yeah, why do people do it? – [Man] Heritage. – Period. – [Man] Yeah. – Fucking knew it. – [Man] Exactly. – Anybody else? – [Man] I’m German. I did it just for fun. (all laugh) – No, I get it, I get it. – That’s great. – [Man] The gay community, like, there’s a lot of subcultures in it. The main, the bagpipers
and that kind of stuff, athletes. The main one is heritage, though. So, the question I have is we were kind of thinking about other types of content to put out on, for video. Do, would it be a good idea, or too hooky, to do a, invite a
customer in and say okay, I wanna record en entire
package sale, soup to nuts, where I give little hints,
and tips, and tricks during the entire process,
and I’m not a salesman? It’s more like okay, tell me your budget. I wanna maximize what you can get, and the versatility within that. I’m not trying to squeeze every penny out. Would that come off, do you think, as too sales-pitchy, or
would it kind of like insulate the fear? – I think it would do a couple things. One, I think it would open
up a different world to you where people would look to more as like a business and sales guy, which could lead to certain things. Look, I think intent trumps everything. So, I’m not worried
about it being too salesy if the intent is it to not be too salesy. – [Man] Okay. – You know? I think the interesting part is like, going deeper into the four or five biggest subcultures, and making sure you’re creating enough content for them, cause heritage makes so much sense, and feels like, felt
like to me is like damn, that’s gotta be the business. But, when you start talking
about other subcultures, demographics, psychographics, you know, sexualities, things of that nature, you wanna make sure
you have enough content filling those pipes. – [Man] Do I put that content
organically on Facebook, and if so– – No. – [Man] Cause if I– – No. – [Man] I would alienate
certain demographics. – Yes, I’m very aware about, of America. I would run, first of all, even if you didn’t have the political undertones that we have today, you shouldn’t do it because it won’t convert, and the media’s under priced. See, Google’s not under priced anymore. It’s properly priced. That’s why it has a different strategy than Facebook, one that’s under priced. No, you run ads, which is the right way to do it period on Facebook cause organic reaches super low anyway, but the ads are under priced. So, the people that are losing on Facebook are in motion on that
the organic reaches down. So, they’re checked out. Meanwhile, the ads are under priced. Cool. – [Rider] What’s up, Gary? I love watching you think,
how you go so quickly from being in your head,
back to your heart, going through your experience. That transition, look up. (laughs) – Thanks, man. – [Rider] Fascinating to watch from a psychological aspect of things. Two part question, one
part about finding talent, another one about
developing marketing aspects of the businesses. All three of my business
are the same business. They’re just doing different jobs. – I understand. – [Rider] Originally started off with me being the brand. I was the face. I was doing my What to
Do Wednesday videos, question and answers, all these things, being in a person to person interaction. The rest of my team was
getting left behind, because I’m the face and brand. Everyone wants to go to Rider. Let’s go see Rider. Now, I gotta start going okay, go see my specialist in this. Go see my specialist in that. My talent pool in my
industries are very small. In New York State, we graduate maybe 200 acupuncturists every year. Now, that’s not 200 good acupuncturists. There’s probably three
or four that are good. How many actually have
the quality, charisma, the characteristics that
heartfelt compassion and desire to grow that don’t
want to do it on their own. I tried leveraging the schools. I’ll give you a first
opportunity top five grads immediate job placement and
trial run in six months. They wanted me to come and teach for them. I don’t wanna leverage my time teaching for them for that downplay, or do I? – Well, I think, you know, first of all, I haven’t listened to enough yet, but very quickly, one, I want to make sure that it’s not your ego
that’s making the pool small. But, let’s say you’re right, and that pool is that small, and even to your point,
even if it was an ego, and all 200 were good, that’s still not the biggest pool in the world. I think I like the fact that you ended your sentence with or do I cause it’s almost like as you’re asking the question, you realized fuck. If my vulnerability is
this thing, then yes, there’s a lot of things
maybe I’d rather be doing, but there might not be
anything more valuable than my time on that because
I’m in the vulnerability of that pool. There’s a bigger
question which is even if you got the top three every
year, employees by nature are always a vulnerability when you’re at the vulnerability of
the employee’s skill set. So, the model becomes the
thing you have to scrutinize. – [Rider] For me, it’s a matter of really the opportunity cost of it. – I get it. – [Rider] The acupuncture practice has been around now for about five years, pretty much self autonomous. It’s growing on its own. If I take a step back, I took a six month kind of step back to see where things– – Yeah, smart. – [Rider] Were in administration, in three months, it started dropping. In three months, there
was a notable decline of okay, I gotta reel this back in and be on the forefront again, and get the leverage moving. – And when you say at the forefront, consumer facing or back
of the house operations? – [Rider] Both, both doing the marketing, meeting with doctors and lawyers. – The three companies, one more time, acupuncturist– – [Rider] Acupuncturist, Crossfit Gym– – Yup. – [Rider] And, I kind of
put those two together for my personal and
corporate sales coaching. So, I do digital coaching,
video conferences. – And, do all three
companies sit under one LLC? – [Rider] There is one
LLC that holds them all, but they’re all three individual. – And, does anybody have any
equity in the individuals? – [Rider] I have one partner for the gym. – Got it. – [Rider] Sweat equity, no capital. – Understood. I mean, look, back to what you deal with by, you rodeo, like, you know, when you have too many ideas, it’s all about having people in place that can execute and understanding what their incentives are. Some people are incentivized by money. Some want the fame. Some want vacation. – [Rider] That leads to my second part is develop the marketing. I’m like every one, right. You know, can I take one
hat off for a little while? Everybody else is like oh, well, we don’t wanna keep on with
the educational videos. We don’t see the value, and doing that, and being the industry expert. I put information, and content,
the education out there, the entertainment for them. Do I hire people to be fronts for that? Do I hire, do I just
force people to do it? Be like hey, this is what you gotta do. I can’t be in front of the camera, and talking to doctors,
and treating patients at the same time. – Well, I think one thing that you need, yeah, there’s a couple
things to think about. Number one, you know, like,
building personal brands, as the marketing play, is only something that people are paying attention to now because it’s hit the zeitgeist, but it’s not the right
answer all the time. I don’t know, Met Life doesn’t
use the CEO of Met Life. They use Snoopy. Right, so I think it’s
a very, first of all, a lot of people stumbled into it. There’s what’s going on on Instagram which natively makes it about that, more so than other platforms. There’s a lot of ways you could do it. To your point, you can hire people that want to do it, or you can start thinking about building
it more about the brand, and making the marketing about the brand and the brand promise. Equinox doesn’t have Ernie
Equinox in their content. – [Rider] That’s kind of
why I’m pulling myself out and using the brand itself. It seems like I’m the only person that wants to try to capture content. Like, my practitioners are like hey, I wanna be here working with the patients. – So, why don’t you have– – [Rider] We’ll have a
camera person with them, with them being on film. I’m the only person like,
hey, put me on camera. We’ll get in front of 400 people. I’ll talk to them all, let’s go. It’s play time for me, you know. – When you say camera, not live, just to capture the content
to be able to do something? – [Rider] Yeah, originally I started with same kind of thing
with you with D Rock, and having people follow me around, and it didn’t work out for us. He had actually got hired by somebody that you had sit in this
room a couple years ago, Ed Turney, remember kung fu guy, boxer, does martial arts. – So, he stole your D Rock? – [Rider] Yeah, he stole
my D Rock. (all laugh) – He’s really good. – [Man] He’s a good buddy of mine. – Is he? – Yeah. – That’s good. – The kid’s great. – Do you want me to steal him? – Jason, Jason, right, Jason? Jason is just killer. – Jason’s the video kid? – Yes. – Do you want me to
steal Jason? (all laugh) Just to– – [Man] Go get him. – I’m just gonna get him just for fun, just to settle the score. Get me Jason’s info. – [Rider] Jason’s really good. – Get me Jason’s info. I’m literally gonna steal Jason. – There you go, dude. – It’s just one big meta thing. You come to 4D’s and
Jason just moves around. – [Rider] Um, yeah, how
do I get these teams of specialists in their fields to realize that they’re– – You don’t. You don’t. The reason I win a lot with people who are either celebrities,
or on their first day when I help them, if I
have time to talk to them, is because I realized
somethIng a long time ago, which is you can’t force people to do things they don’t want
to do and expect success. There’s a very specific
reason my report card looked like it did this
morning when I posted it. You’re not gonna force me to do that. More importantly, you don’t wanna waste the energy convincing– – [Rider] That’s not my
character either. I don’t wanna– – I believe you, I believe you. So, you either A, now hire going forward, where the upfront promise is
this is a disproportionate video recording environment. By the way, if you were
the personal brand, put this out. Here’s what I would do,
because this is what– – [Rider] Okay, I’ll do it. – You make a face, front facing video on Instagram saying I’m
hiring practitioners in this craft that love
being on camera as well cause that is my macro
thesis for my business. Two things are gonna happen. You’ll get deal flow. The people who work for you now may actually raise their
hand and say you know what, changed my mind, gonna take that camera. – [Rider] And that’s a possibility. – And by the way, yeah– – [Rider] The key players,
I was like listen, it’s not fitting. We’re gonna go– – An amazing thing happens,
an amazing thing happens when you put pressure in real life, not in thesis or words. They’re gonna see that video, and they’re gonna be like, they’re gonna decide if they wanna be there or not. Some people might not give a fuck, and be like cool, let’s see
him hire somebody better at fucking, whatever craft than me, and then you do, and it plays out. I would definitely, definitely do that. – [Rider] I would say, right?
– What’s that, brother? – [Rider] Comes down to meritocracy. – 100%. And, here’s the good news. We’re going through this
at Vayner right now. I’m looking at James and Mark. We had this big meeting, and I was like, in the beginning and
the end I was like look. I’m changing the direction
of our creative output, and our strategic and creative output, and it’s super okay if
you don’t agree with me cause I know it’s fairly rogue. So, come and see me,
and I’ll get you a job doing what you wanna do for
more money somewhere else. This doesn’t have to be bad. I don’t want bad, I just don’t
wanna go out of business. I’m definitely, I’m in charge
of running the business. I’m gonna change the
direction, and you know, you’re a hockey player. We’ve been playing
hockey, and now I’m saying we’re playing basketball. Not everybody’s gonna transfer that skill. That’s okay. And, I think that’s what you do. You know, it’s okay
that they don’t want to. You just know it’s super
important for your business, and you’re gonna do it. – [Rider] That’s what
I’ve been dealing with. – That I would definitely do. I also think that you should, I also think that you should definitely hire, are you running ads? – [Rider] Uh, Google, Facebook, yeah. – Who’s running them? – [Rider] I was managing, I got tired. My buddy started doing, that’s what he does for a living. – Got it, and do you have any
sense if he’s good or not yet? – [Rider] His history in business is he’s met business authorities. He’s got his shit together. He’s far younger than me
and more successful than me. I get a lot of my advice from him, and a lot of it’s been marketing. – Good. And he loves to run quant ads? – [Rider] He loves to run quant ads. He loves to be very
successful, and he’s willing to put his nose to the
grindstone and figure things out. – Listen, you’ve seen it on video what you see in person. You guys can’t run enough
Facebook and Instagram ads. Now, it’s better that you do it well. You know, but know that every industry has a well for now, cause
it’s so under priced. There’s nothing you can tell me. From kilts to fucking
$800,000 fucking drills, they all exist there. I think LinkedIn is super interesting. I brought it up earlier. I think there’s a version
of that there, too. Again, this is back to psychographics. So, a MAGA or an extreme
liberal are different on Facebook than they are on LinkedIn. You know, you guys hung out
a little bit last night? Right? It’s a different vibe than this is. We’re in an office,
we’re having, you know. You had business talk last night, but it’s a little more casual,
little more tequila, right. So, the context of the
room really matters. So, all of a sudden, the
video you put on LinkedIn, we are starting to get mature. I’m looking at Caleb now, on my team. We’re starting to get mature about okay, like, for example, you
guys know I’m so respected by my fan base of like,
and he hasn’t wavered and he doesn’t curse. He continues to curse. He hasn’t stopped even
thought, but meanwhile, it’s just black and white obvious to me that I could be much
further along on LinkedIn if I just add beeps. And, guess what, I’m
gonna add fucking beeps. Like, it’s not super complicated. I’m trying to win out here, and like, you know, LinkedIn is an
environment psychology-wise that there’s dramatically
more qualitative feedback in the comments of like, this guy curses. I loved what he had to say, but I’ll never listen to him again. Listen, I don’t have the
audacity to enforce my will. I’m gonna be me as a human. I’m not gonna stop cursing,
but in post production, we’re gonna fucking beep. Got it? – [Man] Yeah, man. – So, I do think that,
I do think you have to, here’s what’s tough for entrepreneurs is turning into executives. – [Man] Yeah, it’s rough, it is. – It’s rough, and so it’s about trust. It’s about eliminating ego. It’s about being really good at firing when you make the wrong
call, which really is hard, especially if you’re a compassionate and empathetic person. – [Rider] The first couple, it was tough. It’s gotten easier. – It does get easier. I used
to sit on things for two years. Now, they’re six months, you know. But, they should be one month,
and that’s just the truth. – [Man] So, we have the B
to B company here, right. – Yes. – [Man] So, a lot of what we’ve had some, I think epiphanies, over the last year where what we started to see more and more is the content is boring as shit, right. – Yup. – [Man] If you look at it– – And it’s quietly all sales driven. – [Man] Not even quietly. It’s like, you know, there’s
always the bare entry. – But, even the people
that try to fake it, and like show something,
if you like sniff it, you’re like ah, that’s a sales, yeah. – [Man] Yeah, exactly,
you’re gonna start– – It’s like free consultations, fuck you. You know, like, yeah. You know what I mean, though. It works, yeah, but you
know what I mean? It is. But, like, you know what I mean? – [Man] 100%, so
basically, what happened is in about May, we started
to look at the content. We’re producing e-books,
we’re a consulting firm. So, what do we do? We look at, oh, you produce
these documents, right. – Yeah, yeah. – [Man] Then we look at engagement, right, and so we put together
the GEPR e-book, right. This thing’s fucking epic, right. It was so good. The engagement, terrible, right, terrible. Everyone downloading it is
all middle funnel people anyway, people already in our pipeline, or really junior people. Started listening to
you, right, and started to realize wait, I’m not scaled. I think that was part of it, too. We’re a consulting company. I started the company. At first when I started it, I didn’t name it Dunlap Consulting
because I wanted to say hey, I wanted to build a company. I wanted to build a brand, right. But, what I’ve realized over
time is maybe that was wrong. So, what I’ve looked at is– – It was wrong because
it was the proper point to be of many in a world
that doesn’t exist anymore. – [Man] Right. – The internet is a much bigger thing than people realize, and so to your point, where you went to is like
wait a minute, right. I was playing under rules of yesterday. Right, keep going. – [Man] That’s exactly right, right, and I wanted to build, like if you look at our consulting roll,
you’ve got the beasts, and you’ve got ones and twosies, right. – Yes. – [Man] And I always
wanted to build a company. I was too young to try to
build some lifestyle business. – Yeah. – [Man] In May, we just
said alright, well, fuck it. I’ll just start posting
myself on LinkedIn, text based posts, just
talking about the things that we’re doing. I think I was always very hesitant. I’d push everything to Scale. Scale is doing these things,
Scale is doing these things. Instead, they just started to talk about the things I was doing. Then, people figured it out. I think we started to see, at least a path forward for me on LinkedIn,
talking about things. – Makes sense. – [Man] Got lots of
posts that are getting– – Makes sense. – [Man] Hundreds of thousands
of views, thousands of likes. – It’s huge. – [Man] We’re starting to figure out– – It’s great. – [Man] We’re starting to
figure out some things there. – Are you running paid on LinkedIn yet? – [Man] Mm mm. – Cause it’s got that floor
pricing and it feels expensive. – [Man] It’s 55, 60 CPMs, right? – Yeah, but you can get super narrow. Think about it. You can target an HR director
in the concrete industry. Like, you know, there’s
a reason it’s $55 CPMs. Do you know how great, in a B to B world, knowing the title of the
person that’s seeing it is? You mean perfect? – [Man] Yeah, 100%. – So, you should 100% test. – [Man] Yeah, yeah. – Like tomorrow, because
again, here’s how it works. This is where people fuck up.
Pay attention for some of you. If you’ve decided we haven’t
tapped into Saint Louis, business, I’m making shit up
now, in the insurance space. The opening video, right, you
know where I’m about to go. Hey, Saint Louis insurance dealers, it’s me, Dunlap, let’s go. You can’t imagine what those
first three seconds mean, and you can’t imagine
when you make the video after you know who you’re targeting. – [Man] Yeah, yeah, and
I think the other piece we’re trying to figure out
is Facebook and Instagram, right, for B to B, right. So, we are a sales consulting firm. – Real quick. – [Man] So, we’ve been
thinking about that, too. – Don’t. Like, one of the things
that’s really bothering me is you don’t have to do everything. You don’t have to win on Instagram. Watching everybody try
to win on Instagram, mainly cause it’s the
most culturally important platform, and they’re really doing it because they wanna be cool in real life, not for business, is like the
funniest thing I’m watching. I’m like, you don’t need
to win on Instagram. Just run Facebook, or LinkedIn,
or whatever it may be, but they’re doing it
because it’s so cultural, and they wanna have 5,000 followers. – [Man] Yeah, you’re
saying I have to buy the, it’s the cheapest. So, for our mind– – Yeah, but, but, this is why I keep, this is why I have to keep, look, I think you can ironically
win on Instagram. It’s so fucking cheap that it is worth it. The truth is, though, you
have to squeeze the fuck out of the thing that’s obvious before you can even begin
to think about the rest. Let me give you one that
will work for all of you. I don’t know if anybody here has started running pre roll YouTube ads
based on Google search queries, but that’s incredible. Actually, can somebody do me a favor? Chenelle, can you go ask the media team what the exact terminology is around that? Can you go ask Erin, like, to find out? I always say the literal. I don’t know what Google’s calling it. It’s when you are able to
run pre roll on YouTube based on people’s search behavior. So like, literally people searching for, like, consulting help for my accounting, like, people are
searching, buying a grill. Then, that same person is going and watching soccer videos,
but then you show up and be like hey, are you
in the market for a grill, and he’s like oh, shit, I am. How’d he know? It’s like spooky shit. Like, that spooky shit is based on that. That’s the best one. – That’s great. – And the people that did
well on Facebook video, right. So, it’s the intent
based, video brand based. So, think about all, right,
you see where I’m going. So, mom’s going to watch like a clip from her favorite show last night, but you pre roll in, and 30 days ago, she was searching dresses. It’s a great product. – [Man] What are some of
the macro trends you see in B to C that are going
to infiltrate B to B in the future, 2019, 2020? – I’ll answer you in a different way that I think is really what you’re asking. I would heavily lean into HR dynamics. Sales teams are vulnerable
because of human things. You will win sales people,
if you made a video of why you should fire your top salesman, it will go viral. – [Man] It’ll crush. – Crush. And, it starts like this. Your top salesman, he or she’s a dick, and it’s making everybody else suck, and you’re fucking letting him and her get away with it cause
you like the numbers they’re bringing in,
but they’re destroying your fucking company. Let me save you time, that is 97% of SAS Company’s problem right now. – [Man] 100%. – That shit will go, let me tell you what happens with that video. You target that video to
HR executives on LinkedIn, and pay their high vig. If she or he has the
juice in the organization, you’re gonna get a lot
of fucking business, because they’re sitting right now pissed cause they know it’s a vulnerability, and your video’s gonna give them the oomph to go into the CFO’s office
and say this game’s over, Sarah, CFO, I’m done. We’re firing John tomorrow. – [Man] How do you think about it, so– – So, human truths is the number one white space in sales right now. – [Man] 100%. We’re seeing that, and the
interesting part, text based. Text based, non-image– – I see it on LinkedIn, killing it. – [Man] It’s been a while. – Now, what I’ll tell you
is don’t, so I see it, too. We see it on our LinkedIn, but
we’re still doing more video. Here’s why. Don’t just pander to the
platform’s algorithms. If your currency is getting more views, what a video does is it builds more brand. – [Man] Right, 100%. – Got it? So, I’m losing the LinkedIn algorithm, but I’m establishing more
brand, and I mix it up. So, don’t just become one dimensional on what’s working. There’s so much of that going
on on LinkedIn right now. People are scared to try new things because certain things are working. Right now, I’m getting
the least kind of stuff, like engagement and views
for the last two weeks, after the best week I had
because off the momentum of the best week I had
I said you know what, I’m gonna fucking take my own advice. I’m gonna, I’m on a roll right now, and every video’s getting a million views. Let me put stuff up intuitively that I don’t think will do well to learn from, and it hasn’t done well. But, the little lemonade
clip did super well, and that wouldn’t hae been something I’d put up before cause that’s just fun, light-hearted, not what I do. I’m like okay, the human
stuff, gotta think about that. Open up a new concept, so
you see what I’m doing? As soon as something works for me, I try to destroy it. What most people do is they
become vulnerable to it. – [Man] Right, they only do that thing. – Something works, and
they lean all in, right? What I do is I never let something have too much, I will never die because Google slowed down. I will never let Snapchat destroy me. I will never let Twitter,
I’m so diversified, right. Written, audio, video,
first in line, my own CRM. I’ve got your text numbers. I’ve got your email. Email, text, got it? – [Man] Yeah, but what
about the difference between like Vayner and you, meaning like when you think about on
LinkedIn for example, and how you– – I bring top, I bring top
of the funnel awareness to the agency. A lot of people don’t wanna
work with Vayner Media because they don’t like
me, and a lot of people want to work with Vayner
Media cause they like me. But, the net’s better than not doing it. – [Man] 100%. – Audio, I would start
a podcast yesterday. Audio matters. What’s really great about audio is you can have somebody on the team transcribe the audio, and
make it written content for you on LinkedIn. The fucking, did you see the deck? The 80, the, yeah. You need to look at it. You can Google it right
now, Gary Vee content deck, or I don’t know. You’re well on your way. Now, let me, I can just, let me tell you the real answer you’re looking for, more. It will go away. Did you do Google ad words
in 2003 when you started? – [Man] Yes. Not quite like– – 2005? – [Man] Five, six, yeah. – Crazy stuff, right? – [Man] Yeah. – Not as good as it is now. The end, see that reaction from her? – [Man] Yeah. – It will go away. – [Woman] It was a waste of time. – It will go away cause everybody on earth is gonna do social media, which
is gonna raise the prices. So, you got something, that’s the reason I’ve exploded this last 18 months. I had that conversation with myself. I’m like okay, I talk about publicly regretting that my dad’s liquor store wasn’t 200 million because I
didn’t run enough Google ads. I’m about to do the same fucking mistake. I’m at the top of my game, in the thing, and I’m gonna fucking be pissed. So, fuck it. Let’s go from four to 20 people. Let’s fucking go all in. Let me be, and you guys,
I don’t know how long you guys have been following,
but the last two years are very different than
the years before that. – For sure. Fun industry, dance competition. Everyone’s kind of all about
it in our kind of world. B to B, average ticket 20 to 50 grand. – Average ticket 20 to 50
grand, B to B, explain. – Dance competitions,
we don’t take our money from the dance, from the parents. We go to the dance studio. So, that’s kind of like where– – You enable a dance studio to be in the dance competition business. – [Man In Denim Jacket] Correct. – By them paying you 20 to 50 grand. – [Man in Denim Jacket]
To compete, correct. – To compete. – [Man in Denim Jacket] At events, right. – Cause the studio enters. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Correct. – I see, and then they do
whatever they do underneath. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Right. – Whatever the fuck they’re into, make a vig, not make
a vig, whatever, okay. – [Man in Denim Jacket]
From there, so we’re an events based company, about 180 events. So, right now, our social is mostly just for the kids. We really don’t have
a strategy to say hey, so and so dance studio,
come register with us. It’s mostly just entertainment, right. – Good. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Which doesn’t– – How many dance studios are there? – [Man in Denim Jacket]
So, just in our database, there’s 10,000 dance studios. – Love it. I’m gonna give you an answer that I think is a B idea for you, but an A/B for everybody else that
I haven’t gotten to, and then I’ll give you some others. Using Facebook and LinkedIn
to create in person events, is unbelievable. I know that
would make sense to you, and it’s gonna make sense to you. My favorite thing in a new neighborhood, and clearly in sales, I would use wine because it’s authentic to me. There’s also golf. There’s also other things. Those two are really, really good. But, running ads that say,
this is back to prospecting. I’m hosting a dinner at this country club, or I’m putting on this, and you go macro. So, let’s use you as an example, and everybody will take it from here. You pick an area where there’s
a lot of dance studios, so you can run ads at a lower cost. You say, hey Phoenix,
we’re host, and this video, it’s very authentic, back to like being in front of the camera. You’re like, I’m gonna be in Phoenix. We rented out a wonderful room in your awesome steak
house, Johnny’s Steakhouse. I saw the great Yelp reviews. I’ve been wanting to go there. We got some nice food and wine, and we’re gonna be putting
on a 20 person dinner, where we’re gonna talk
the state of the union of dance studios. Opportunities in social media,
how to make more margin, what’s happening in the macro trends, how the TV shows have affected us, what’s happened in the last 15 years. I’ve been in the family business for, my family’s been doing this for 35 years. I’ve been running it for
15, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh. Please fill out the form,
and I will pick 20 of you. Can’t wait to see you on
November 19th at 8:00 p.m. That’s your video. The copy has all the information. It has a link. It’s a Google form. The Google form has questions. One of the questions,
first it’s like name, studio, revenue, employees,
whatever the fuck, but one is an open ended question where they have to answer it that will give you insight if you
think you can convert them. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Awesome. – You spend 500 bucks on the Facebook ads. You pick up $1,000 tab
at the end of the night, and for $1,500 all in,
you’ve got a captive audience where you’re the host of, I call it the high school party concept, right. Like, whoever was the high school kid whose parents traveled a
lot, or didn’t give a fuck, that was able to host the parties, coolness grew dramatically
cause they hosted the party. So, you watched a lot of
people be nerdy freshman year, and then become popular
because they figured it out, and their basement was in play. So, the cool kids needed
it, so they by osmosis, got a little cooler. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Yeah, for sure. – And the worst versions are, they woke up and realized they were taken advantage of, and the best versions is it worked out. Okay, so like, that was it, right. That’s what I want a lot of you to do. I want you to host the event
in a B to B environment, or high ticket B to C. See where I’m going? That will work. It’s super human. It’s incredible networking. The people that are gonna sign up for it are exactly right, like, they’ve gotta take time and fill out the form. Your personality can shine through and be like hey, what’s
the worst that can happen, you can get a free meal. It’s really fun. It will really work. – [Man in Denim Jacket] I like that. – It will really work. Then again, everybody
here is their own person. There’s some unique things. Maybe come and learn how to rodeo. Maybe somebody here is great at tennis, and that’s what they wanna do. Like, as simple as this is where I want you to have interpretation. – [Man] It’s literally keyword targeting within ad words. – Keyword targeting within ad words? Cause you can just– – Cause you can, it
doesn’t have to be specific to, intent is keyword. – Yeah, cool. Maybe when Garren comes in here right now, we can show like the URL that explains it. – [Man] Okay. – Okay. – [Man] I couldn’t find him, I was– – No worries, no worries. Again, if you’re a great tennis player, and your concept interpretation
of what I just said is doing something called
like Doubles Tuesdays, and every Tuesday you find three people, and you’re a partner
with one, and you know, like, be you, but the most
simple white label one is like, here’s a dinner
on the state of the union of our industry. All you are is a curator,
like, maybe one of the things is like what do you wanna cover. You don’t do anything. Like 20 people have filled out, what question do you
want asked in the room. Good, you take the 15. You can literally like, alright, first question for everybody. How come mortgages are going up? Like, it’s the easiest thing to do. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Definitely. – See where I’m going? Don’t even have to create the content. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Love it. The other one is paying influencers, but they also compete. So, it’s like trying to stay– – Neutral. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Neutral, yeah, which has been a hard one cause we had one influencer who, she was killing it on our views, and she was reposting, she was commenting, and it was going great till she also won like,
and then all of a sudden it was like she won because of. – I think that’s a vulnerability for you. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Yeah, definitely. – I don’t think you should,
I think retired players, players that aren’t in it, but yeah, I do think that’s a vulnerability
that you don’t need. I would just not, I would
just take that very seriously. – [Man in Denim Jacket]
Yeah, and then the last question that I have is kind of just posting, we have content. We don’t lack content, dancers– – You have unlimited content. – [Man in Denim Jacket]
Photos and videos galore. – You have unlimited content. What you need is a post production machine that creates contextual content. – [Man in Denim Jacket] So, with that is, all the music that the
dancers are choosing are– – Popular songs. – [Man in Denim Jacket]
Yeah, and it gets taken down. Or, we get dinged on YouTube for it, or we go mute on Facebook. So, right now, we’ve
been going heavy on story cause they don’t really take it down. – Cause, short period of time, yeah. – [Man in Denim Jacket]
Yeah, any suggestions on work arounds for that, or– – The rules are the rules. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Just go for it? – You know, you could put up stuff and just wait till it comes down. – [Man in Denim Jacket]
Yeah, that’s kind of what we’re doing. – You could do stories. You’re doing the right stuff there. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Awesome. – Here’s what I would
say, back to the thesis I want to leave you
with, when there’s a cute little Asian girl dancing, that clip should be targeted to Asian parents. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Gotcha. – You have unlimited
content, thus you should be the last person that
isn’t doing contextual creative at scale. Got it? – [Man in Denim Jacket] Love it. – I mean it just, it’s the craziest thing. Like, BET over indexes with
African American viewers cause they’re in it. Like, who watches Telemundo? Like, we have to become
marketers like that. – [Man in Denim Jacket] Right. – Content at scale, ads, you know what you’re targeting with your money. Then you make the content. Most people make the
content, then run ads. Got it? We are under indexing with SAS products around finance. Now I’m gonna make content. We are not winning with 400,000. Everything, let’s think about every cliche we can think of. How much, how behind or on time am I? – I gotta get you outta here, and I’d love to get the room for you. – Okay. – [Man] What’s the time frame that you’re reviewing that content? Is it like the day that you
post it, 24 hours, a month? – It depends on what your metric is. – [Man] To Nick and to Brad. – It depends on what
you’re, one’s to Nick, one’s to Brad. It depends on what your metric is. If he’s trying to sell kilts, he’s gonna fucking know
within 24, 48 hours he’s gonna watch it. We didn’t convert any ads. If you’re trying to build brand, you’re looking for engagement,
qualitative engagement. I like this guy, I hate
this, you know, right. What are you looking for? Nick and Brad. – To Nick, and the other one to Brad. – Yep, that’s gonna be hard. I don’t think it’s, yeah, cool. You know what I mean? It always depends,
like, it’s a very weird, it’s the micro version of
the macro answer I gave him. Winning is happy, not making more money cause you focused only
on the tech company. – [Man] Fulfillment. – Fulfillment. What are you trying to accomplish? By the way, it’s okay
if that shit changes. At 27, you might need
money, or a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. At 34, you might want to
have more work-life balance cause you have a child now. At 41, you might need more money cause you wasted your
money after you had a good, it’s okay for it to change daily.

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