February 18, 2020
6 Types of Websites You Can Create to Make Money: Authority Site – Dan Lok

6 Types of Websites You Can Create to Make Money: Authority Site – Dan Lok

– The first type of website that I want to talk about is Authority site. What is it? Authority site, now what
is an authority site? An authority site is a site that’s respected that has deep content. Deep content that’s useful, relevant, and coming from a voice, or
sometime multiple voices, that’s respected in
their particular market. Now authority sites focus on delivering high quality information. What kind of information? High quality information to teach, inform, and and the best among them entertain while doing all of that. An authority site. So let me ask you a question, when do you want to use an authority site? Position yourself, yes. What else? Usually when you want to
build an authority site it becomes a traffic machine. Its you get more… Its your traffic, you
get more organic traffic, and people tend to go back to that again and again because
you’ve got good content. And they want for other people to go to your website because
you’ve got good content. Very often you notice authority sites usually those are high traffic websites, high traffic websites. let me give you a couple of examples of different authority sites. Vancitybus.com is an authority site. How many of you been to Van City Bus? How many pages of content
they have by the way? How many, take a guess. 10000, who knows right. Tens of thousands of pages. Let me ask you a question,
do they update their website once a year or do they
how often update it? All the time, almost every day. And they have deep content, useful, relevant to people who
are in Vancouver, right? So Van City Bus is an Example. Huffington Post, how many of you have been to Huffington post, yeah, dot com again, an Authority site. These two sites, do they
get a lot of traffic? Yes or no? Absolutely, absolutely,
so authority sites.

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