April 1, 2020
6 Tips For Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

6 Tips For Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Hey all you genius content creators! What’s up?! It’s Alex, I’m super glad you are here! In this video, I’ll share 6 ways you can
generate fresh new content ideas and copywriting angles FAST… And, at the end of this video, I’ll share
my #1 biggest secret for keeping this whole content creation business an enjoyable process
for you and something you look forward to day after day… Because let’s be real… if you’re a copywriter,
a freelance writer, influencer, coach, photographer or teacher of any kind, your business requires
you to be creating content non-stop for sales pages, videos, Instagram posts, blogs, you
name it. Content is Queen in any business and while
most of us really do enjoy this creative process, sometimes it can be downright stressful… Especially those days when you’re just not
feeling witty or smart or interesting and you hit a major creative roadblock. Ironically, this is precisely what inspired
me to create this video. I was sitting here in my studio, at the 11th
hour of course, trying to come up with a topic for my next YouTube episode and my brain was
struggling to function. Struggs to funk! I know I can’t be the only one who hits
the wall from time to time, so please give me a thumbs up below if you can relate. Hell, maybe you even found this video BECAUSE
you’re fresh outta content ideas and you need a little inspiration yourself… Well you came to the right place! The 6 tips I’m about to share with you will
help keep the content ideas a-flowing… And if you’re an entrepreneur, a content
creator or a writer looking to grow your online business through nothing but powerful and
precise wording, be sure to hit that subscribe button below this video for more marketing
and copywriting tutorials coming your way every single week. As I like to say, the right phrase pays, and
now here’s how you get content ideas for days! As online entrepreneurs and content creators,
often our businesses can be extremely isolating. Maybe you’re a solopreneur and do everything
yourself, or maybe you have a small team but they work remotely, or maybe you’re the
only one on your team responsible for content creation which means there is a lot of pressure
on your shoulders to crank out consistent high-quality content day after day. Whatever situation you’re in, chances are,
99% of the time, you’re in your laptop laboratory all ALONE… And this is the biggest thing I struggled
with after leaving Mindvalley and starting my own business. I went from having 50+ brilliant minds around
me all day every single day all day to none at all… And for us creatives, this isolation can be
one of the most difficult parts about the transition into entrepreneurship. We are social creatures and, ironically, even
though we are more socially CONNECTED than ever before. We have never ever been this isolated. So, it’s important to create a network of
like-minded friends, and colleagues and entrepreneurs to lean on for support. I’d even go so far as to say it’s absolutely
necessary… And, listen, online friends and followers
do not count! I’m talking about those people you can call
on the phone – WITHOUT texting first – to run ideas by… Like “hey friend, I have this idea and I
really want to know what you think about it… Brainstorming seshes with fellow creatives
always spark so many incredible ideas and offer interesting perspectives you may not
have thought of. My girl Leanne and I used to always meet for
what we called “breakfast brainstorms”. We’d meet for coffee and start the day by
sharing new ideas, strategies and priorities over breakfast and that quick collaboration
and connection would get the juices flowing for the rest of the day… So if you’re feeling stuck about what kind
of content to create, call your number 1 supporter right after you watch this video of course
and start bouncing ideas around…I promise this will help a ton. And make this a regular practice in your business. Ok now moving onto my second tip. There’s no better place to get content from
than your OWN LIFE. If you want to win the hearts and minds of
your audience, share a personal story, message or experience that will help them relate to
you… Because if you’re going through it, chances
are someone else is too. Trust me on this, in a world full of posed
photos, fake followers and robot-generated content, people are CRAVING real life. This is why memes are so successful. They’re basically real life organic content,
spun with personal experience and hilarity that everyone can relate to. Meme’s make people go “MEME TOO”. And if you’re not a millennial, just think
back to the show Sex and The City. Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker,
was a freelance writer for a New York City newspaper (basically she was a blogger and
influencer way before Instagram was a thing…) And her column titled “Sex and The City”
was based fully on the dating escapades of her and her single friends, the good, the
bad, and the outrageous. And this is precisely what made the show so
popular. During a time of canned laugh tracks and cheesy
sitcoms, Sex and the City was talking about what no other shows were… real life relationships. And every single woman on the planet could
relate. Now I’m not saying you should go spill the
tea on your friend’s deepest darkest secrets but, like Carrie, borrow inspiration from
your own life! And I promise your content will be 10000%
more interesting.. Btw, I used to watch Sex And The City and
think “omg, I want to be Carrie Bradshaw when I grow up. I just want to be a writer who just sits in
my trendy apartment on my Macbook computer writing interesting stories and personal anecdotes…
oh and buy lots of shoes and date a guy who makes furniture.” And, FYI that is basically my life now and
I am a master manifester… And thank you very much. If you’re having a hard time coming up with content ideas from brainstorm seshes or personal
examples, take to the good ol’ internet and research what’s hot. Say you want to create content around dating,
to continue on with my Carrie Bradshaw example. Search instagram for hashtags on that topic
and look for the top posts for the week. Or, head right here to YouTube and search
for similar topics. Find the YouTubers who are consistently creating
great content in your niche and check out their most popular videos. That’ll give you a good idea of what people
are actually looking for information on. One more tool I like to use is BuzzSumo.com…
so you can search for any topic or keyword and it will actually pull up the best performing
content on that subject matter based on total online engagement. It’s a pretty cool tool and it’s free
to use for a limited number of searches. So check it out… Researching trends will give you that first
hit of inspiration you need to start writing. Of course, never copy what you find… rather,
use it as fodder for your own thoughts, ideas and stories. Without fail, one of the quickest ways to
spark content ideas is to LEARN SOMETHING NEW. That is when you, the teacher, become the
student. Listen to a podcast, read a chapter of a book,
watch YouTube videos – anything! As Mark Twain famously said… “There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put
them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and
curious combinations. We keep on turning making new combinations
indefinitely; but they are the same pieces of colored glass that have been in use through
the ages.” So teach yourself something new, then share
that content through YOUR mental kaleidoscope by flavoring it with your unique structure,
thoughts and voice, you get the idea. As they say, we often teach what we most need
to learn. So this is an awesome opportunity to grow
through your content creation process. Share that you too are learning and create
rapport by asking for honest feedback and insight. Never has it been easier to get immediate
feedback from your audience. Simply send an email to your subscribers,
tell your viewers to leave a question below, or use Instagram’s built-in question feature
to ask your followers what they want to learn from you next! It’s simple, it creates reciprocity, and
opens an immediate and transparent 2-way communication channel between you and your peeps! Some of the best marketing campaigns I’ve
ever created starting with asking my audience just one simple question: What problem can I help you solve next? So before I move on, let me ask you!! What problem can I help you solve next? Leave me a comment below and give me content
ideas for future videos! And lastly that brings me to tip number 6… Whether you like it or not, one thing about
us creative entrepreneurs is we can never quite turn our brains off – no matter how
hard we try… You say insomnia, I say inspiration! Really tho, I’m sure you’ve experienced
this before… you’re watching random internet cat videos, or talking to your Mom, or listening
to the conversation of the people sitting behind you on an airplane, hey? Happens… Or you read a headline on a magazine in the
grocery store line up… So you just let the thought flow by like the
dream you swear you’ll remember. And then you forget it. And next time you go to create a piece of
content, your brain is a blank, you feel dumb, and you’re pretty sure you’ll never have
a creative thought again in your entire life. Creativity does not happen on command. You’re lucky if it does strike at the precise
moment you’re sitting at your laptop with that cursor blinking in your face over and
over and over and over again. The truth is you ARE a creative genius you
just need to get better at documenting those brilliant thoughts when they do decide to
show up. So, anytime you have a creative download – just
write that stuff down! Carry a journal with you, take notes in your
iphone, or my favorite, record a quick voice memo. “Hey Siri, record a voice memo”… push
record and boom. My phone is full of what I call “Inspo-Files”. Some of them are fully flushed out ideas and
outlines… others are nothing but a lingering question. But now, anytime I need a sales page hook
or content angle, I have a bunch of ideas waiting for me. Those are my 6 ways you can generate fresh
content ideas on-the-fly!! But have you figured out what the biggest
secret of them all is yet? Let’s do a quick recap… You can… BRAINSTORM
Use real-life EXAMPLES. RESEARCH Trends
EDUCATE Yourself ASK Questions
And LOOK for Inspo In Unlikely Places And yes, you got it! The biggest secret to content creation is
to BE REAL!! As long as you’re being true to yourself
and sharing what’s authentically important to YOU, your message will matter. So worry less about likes and more about sharing
what you love. And if you feel called to do it, freaking
do it! Now, good luck cranking out that content! That’s all I’ve got for you today. Next up, be sure to check out my video on
the difference between content writing and copywriting. You can watch that here… And please subscribe if you found this video
helpful. I’ll be back next week with a brand new
copywriting tutorial. Till then, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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  1. Most business, especially small business, haven't quite accepted that they need to build an audience FIRST. They can scale this up quickly with FB and IG advertising and then retargeting the audience, that engaged with the ad but the truth is, most ads are ineffective. It's been a tough year for small business and they will either have to hire a digital marketer or learn it themselves. Adapt or die.

  2. Hey Alex I’m so brand new to this that all I do is research and brainstorm. As always thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Yep, having one of those days now. Even struggling to write this comment. Seriously feels paralysing when your brain won’t play nice.

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