April 2, 2020
6 must-have triggered emails for ecommerce

6 must-have triggered emails for ecommerce

Hello guys! Welcome to our SendPulse channel! I’m Kate, and today I will tell you about
must-have triggered emails to help your online store grow and make your email campaigns stand
out. Let’s get going! Triggered emails are automatic messages sent
based on subscriber’s behaviour in previous emails or on your website. Triggers have nothing to do with random messages
or mass mailing. They are relevant and expected. They overtake regular messages by half, based
on open rate, and have four times higher CTR. And that’s all because they are triggered
by customers’ behaviour. And now let’s see which triggered emails
you need to be sending already. The first type is welcome email This email is sent immediately after subscription
or registration to welcome and thank new subscribers for their choice. The purpose of welcome emails is to find a
connection with users, get more information about them, and introduce the brand. Most often, these emails come in a series
of two or three. What can be included in such series of emails? First of all, an email where you present your
store to subscribers and explain all the benefits of joining. After that, think of the potential fears a
customer may have and find ways to address them in an email — this can be the second
message. For example, if you’re selling clothes, add
a video which will help potential customers choose the right size. Just like Victoria’s Secret did. They send a three-step guide to help women
choose the correct size of lingerie without trying it on. Then, I suggest setting up an email which
will help segment the audience. Ask your subscribers about their interests,
birthday or the content they want to get in the future, like in this example. Now, your next step is to lead the subscriber
to a purchase. And for this you will need to set up a bonus
email series Offer a promotional code or a discount. If users don’t buy from the first email
— send the second one after a while and continue motivating them to take action. That’s exactly what beauty company Julep
is doing. They offer you a promocode to receive a gift
for any $30 spent. Sounds tempting! One more email you cannot resist — an abandoned
cart This message is encouraging users to complete
the purchase. And like many other triggered emails, it works
better as a series. Send the first email within 24 hours after
the cart was abandoned and offer a discount for the product. If the user doesn’t buy anything, send the
second message in two or three days. All in all, the abandoned cart series may
consist of two or three emails, with the interval of several days. Let’s see how Urban Decay does it. They remind about the unfinished order and
give a 10% off. Once it is sold, it’s time to send a post
purchase email series These are the payment confirmation emails,
thank you messages or emails asking for feedback. Payment confirmation is an important message
for the customer as it contains order and delivery details and often includes a way
of contacting customer support. Look at the example by Amazon. They send a payment confirmation email with
the order details and recommend a magazine subscription as part of an upsell. Speaking of feedback, it is crucial for the
company because it shows if the customers are happy with the service. And users feel that their opinion is cherished,
which is a great way to develop brand loyalty. Another type of messages are milestone emails You send them on specific occasions, such
as a user’s birthday or a sign-up anniversary. Write some warm wishes and give a discount
or a bonus to your customers. I’m sure they will appreciate your gesture. You can see how Astley Clarke is wishing their
subscribers happy birthday with a sweet line: ‘You don’t get older, you get better’. And the last but not the least for today — reactivation
emails They engage with inactive subscribers who
haven’t opened emails for a long time. Such messages should contain value, like a
discount or a special bonus to win back users’ loyalty. See how Triumph are re-engaging their dormant
subscribers. The company provokes an emotion by saying
‘We’ve missed you’, and to be more convincing, offers 20% off for the next purchase. That’s all for today! Now you know which triggered emails to send
for your online store. I’d love to hear which triggers you are
using. So share your experience in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to be the first
one to see our new videos! Thanks for watching!

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