March 28, 2020
6 Holiday Ecommerce Tips + SWISS DAYS!

6 Holiday Ecommerce Tips + SWISS DAYS!

– We are headed to … – [Children] Swiss Days! (happy music) ♫ The best day of our lives – I would daresay we got a
little dirty on that ride. – Just a little. – Huge moneymaker. – It can pull a lot of businesses all the way through the year. (happy music) – Hey guys, this is Alison. I’ve got three things for you today while we’re up here in Heber City on vacation, slash, Swiss Days! And that leads into my first thing. Number one, Swiss Days! The amazing things that we saw and some of my favorite booths up there. Number two, six things that will help you get ready for the holiday season, ’cause that is just
right around the corner. Some tips and tricks that have saved my rear end in the past. And then the third, a
little bit of our vacation. Don’t forget to like and share this video. (children cheer) (splash) ‘Cause it’s gonna be a
good one, here we go. (energetic music) We are headed to … – [children] Swiss Days! – [Alison] You guys excited? – Yes. – And we’re in the Mule, here we go. All right, we just got here to Swiss Days. Now, the Porta-Potty
background right there. It’s early, Kayla, what time is it? – It’s like 6:30, 7:30.
– 6:40, 7:40. – We don’t know what time it
is, but it’s pretty early, ’cause this spot will be packed with 80 thousand people in the next two days. It is considered, we’ve been told, the largest craft show in the west, so we’re here a little bit early, booths are just getting started, so we’ll take you on a tour to find some of the new treasures, yay! You guys excited? – [Children] Yeah. – [Alison] You look so thrilled. (laughter) There’s already a line for this booth. Isn’t that crazy? We still have 20 minutes until they open. Usually, this, as far as you can see, is filled with scones,
for the line for scones, and there’s nobody, so
we are getting scones. (happy music) Holly with London Bridges
Clothing never disappoints. Unique clothing and an awesome booth. Next is the Wrapping Paper Booth. I’m always fascinated at their long line, and you know what, they get
people in and out so fast. Every year, I swear, they have the most amount of people go through their booth. It’s so fun to see. Next up, Darren Gigi. – Darren Gigi, I sell artwork
like this kinda stuff. It’s supposed to be fun, and we’re gonna have a lot of fun today. – [Alison] Whoo-hoo! Handmade Dog Items and
everything else in between. Swiss Days is a great place
to come and get inspired. Not to steal ideas,
that’s not what it’s for. It’s a great place to come by and just see what’s trending and what’s working. A lot of these people
spend the entire year getting ready just for this show because it is handcrafted and it really is an amazing show to attend. (happy music) Breakfast time. You want pancakes the size of your head, this is the place to go,
go get your pancakes, get some ham, get some eggs, it’s so fun. (happy music) So we just got done with Swiss Days. Did you love it? – Yeah, loved it, always. – He was at a bike race, and he just met us after for dinner. – Best Swiss Days ever. (both laughing) – But we got talking
about some of the things that over the last years, a few, what, like eight years, of selling eCommerce, just how to prep for the holidays, ’cause that’s what’s
right around the corner. – It’s your moneymaker, yeah. – It’s like a huge moneymaker. – It can pull a lot of businesses all the way through the year. – Yeah, yeah, so we wanna tell you some of the things that we’ve learned, six tips that we wrote down. We’re prepared for you
guys, super prepared. – We got Alison’s notes. – Yeah, always notes. To help you guys have a
successful seasonal holiday. Now we’re saying seasonal, we’re coming up on Christmas, but there’s Easter, there’s Mother’s Day, there’s a
lot of holidays in there, so this stuff applies to
every big seasonal push, so take notes ’cause
it’s gonna be a good one. – Number one: don’t just
buy a ton of products. You’ve gotta still make
sure you’re testing it, testing the waters with whatever it is you wanna sell, and make
sure it’s a targeted buy that you’ve done your homework and you’ve tested it out a little bit. I think that’s a huge part of it. – And then I have to cheat. I had number two and I
already forgot what it was. Oh yeah, when you start selling your holiday stuff, like if it is a true holiday product, like Christmas stuff, red and green, Santa
Claus, stuff like that, you wanna start selling
it 90 days in advance, because people are
starting to think about it. Think about the stores, they get their Christmas stuff out
super, super early, right? I mean, Christmas you
could even start selling in July, the big Christmas in July sales, but your typical, normal
holiday, you need to start pushing it at least
three months in advance. Now, the month of the
holiday is usually a wash, so we don’t ever, we try not to ever sell Christmas items in the month of December. – December, don’t do that. – It just doesn’t sell, like, the sales just plummet after Black Friday when we’re trying to sell a Santa Claus thing. You wanna make sure you’re selling that in November or earlier. – Yep, agreed. – Number three. – Number three, you’re number three. – Oh, I’m number three,
oh, number three, yay! – She called it. – Yeah, okay, ’cause
this one, we’ve learned the hard way, like the
super super hard way, and it is: customers are
like hungry toddlers. If you guys know what a
hungry toddler is like, Jared? – [Jared] Ferocious, ferocious. – They’re a little scary, right? They’re throwing tantrums,
they’re not rational, like it’s just they’re so
super focused on the food. Well, that’s what a customer does when they don’t know your shipping policy. You’ve gotta prepare your customers like you would prepare a toddler, and give them food at certain times. You have to prepare your toddler, so that they, or, your customer. (laughs) – Or if your toddler is your customer. – (laughs) Prepare your customer. Let them know when things are gonna ship. Put a red banner across
your site if you need to, and then I’ve also gone as far as putting it in the terms and conditions. When they go to check out, it says “This will not be delivered
until after the holiday” once that, if they miss the deadline. You’ve gotta be super super clear. Just like you feed a
toddler on a regular basis, make sure you’re communicating with your customers on a regular basis. It will save your tush. Another thing that Jared, Jared, you brought this one up,
if there is an issue? – Oh yeah, some kind of issue, yeah If there is an issue, definitely, your customers are so much more rational and understanding if you address the issue before they call you out on it. Yeah, it’s all about open communication and really staying on top of that. – Okay, Jared’s got number four. – Oh, yeah, I was thinking about pictures. We were talking about earlier,
that I think it’s even more important to really set up the pictures and the images for holiday stuff. Pictures are always very important, images are always important, but I think these are even more important to where you can really push home the experience and the holiday spirit. – One thing I wanna add
to that is that, gifting. If you can help your customers understand this would be a good
gift to give to someone, it takes out that
thought process for them. They see it, like halfway wrapped up or under the Christmas
tree or in a stocking, then it helps them to think that process a lot faster, and they’re like, oh, I should get this and give this as a gift instead of buying it for me. It just helps them think a
little bit quicker on that. – Yep, agreed. – Agreed, okay, all right,
what’s the next one? – Number five, yours. – Oh, cold stuff! If you’ve got cold stuff like scarves and mittens and hats and stuff like that, you want to sell them before Christmas. Sales do so much better on
that stuff before Christmas. Trying to sell it after Christmas, you’re gonna have to do
an After Winter Blowout. After Christmas, people are already wanting warm weather, and
it shows in the sales. – All right, last one, real
quick, this is the easy one. – Number six, last one!
– Number six, yeah buddy. Okay, so I think that
there’s a shipping deadline. You have to really cut it
off so that the customers can expect, and they know
it, to expect their product, especially if it’s a holiday thing, so for Christmas for
example, we do a deadline of December 15th that gives us ten days, almost a couple weeks, to
get everything to them, and if we have any issues with it, we can address those and hurry … Hurry and overcome those issues. – We have a whole bunch of people walking by us right now, you guys, and we’re sitting on the curb. – Swiss Gazers. – Talking to you guys. – You guys are more fun to talk to. – We are getting a couple strange looks. And another thing is if we can
get it out by December 15th, December 16th through December 25th, we can enjoy the holidays. – We take our holidays, yeah. Sales are slower, it’s time to play. – Yep, and it’s Christmastime. – Yep, go to the slopes. – Okay, so great tips,
you did awesome, Jer. – I just follow her lead,
she knows what she’s doing. – All right, we’re
gonna go have some pizza at this restaurant right here. Actually you guys are here with us. (happy music) Next part of our adventure,
we’re off to the hills. (family shouting greetings) – Keep your arms and feet inside the roller coaster at all times. (children cheering) (happy music) – After this trip, we decided to name our Mule, JefferWEEEEEEE. – JefferWEEEEEEE. – JefferWEEEEEEE. – I would daresay we got a
little dirty on that ride. – Just a little. (Alison laughs) I shaved this morning,
this is not my whiskers. – Okay, it’s now your time to
your Because I Can Clan life, get out there, get involved,
be a part of the page, the Facebook page, Because I Can Clan. Follow us on YouTube and
learn all the tricks. (laughs) So you can live your … – Because I Can! – Because I Can Clan life. All right, we’ll see you guys next time. Don’t forget to share,
like, and subscribe, bye! (splash) (happy music)

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  1. Hey Alison! I did not know about this Swiss Days. I am Swiss, in the US since two years! I am working on creating an online business too! So ! I loved your video. Thank you

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