March 31, 2020
6 Email Marketing Hacks for Ecommerce Businesses: Ecommerce Success Show Ep 8

6 Email Marketing Hacks for Ecommerce Businesses: Ecommerce Success Show Ep 8

Hey guys it is the e-commerce success show, episode 8 and on this episode we are going to talk about what you can do to get more
sales through email what got a couple of tips and tricks for you to get more sales
through email what you can do to get more than leads to your website and I’m also gonna tell you what you can learn from’s new website redesign how you
can use what they did on their website to grow your business of course I’m your hostess, your host,
hostess Nikki Purvy, founder of Lidyr Creative Digital Media Marketing Agency. We do web design graphic design social media marketing, and business development. So
lets hop right into it. First thing were gonna talk about is your ecommerce tip. Your ecommerce tip is about email marketing. As i mentioned to you guys before and previous episodes,
You’ll know I stress how important email marketing is, it’s 40 times more effective
than social media and so I want to focus this tip on 6 tips to write effective
e-commerce emails that get you more sales. So you’ve got this amazing email
database or you don’t. You have a couple hundred followers or subscribers of your
friends and family. But how you can use it to convert and get more sales and more
money in your pocket. So the first tip is let’s keep it short and simple. You only
have 5 seconds to capture people’s attention in email so you have email you
know exactly how short your attention span is when it comes to email marketing
so keep it short and simple you don’t have to write a long paragraphs, long stories. Please actually steer clear of that so let’s just keep it short and simple. Number 2. In your email copy solve a problem and talk about value or and/or talk about values provide value to establish rapport get
them to trust you to remember last week when I talk about how you have to get
your your prospective customers to know like and trust you. So their email is a great way to get people to trust you so know when your email whatever copy you wanna put
in there you are going to solve someone’s problem or show them how you
provide value. People get so wrapped up sometimes and telling you what it is
that they’re selling, but no one cares about this show them how you’re actually
solving this problem. Spell out your benefits. It’s really
important that you spell out the benefits of whatever it is whatever feature is that
you are selling in your email. the next two calls to action you know
got you guys know i’m always been called the action because sometimes we spent
all this time brian is really great copy selling some features and you forget to
actually tell people to buy or subscribe to do whatever it is that you want them
to do so very clear call to action here are some tips behind actually
implementing your call-to-action your email some people are all require a lot of
convincing others do not you need to have these calls of actions
of the UN comedy everyone so someone knows there they already know you they
like you and they trust you and they may need that one there’s emailed to come to
remind them and convince them so you click in the email and then boom there
this call to action if people see and they can actually buy because they’re
not gonna read through all this stuff get someone else who won the fence Mabry
though these call the action they also create a sense of urgency though as you
guys know people love the feel like or people need to feel like they have to do
something immediately in order to get them to buy so when you create these
called Xing you can put exclamation point hey by now create a sense of urgency in
getting people wrapped up in the excitement about whatever your email is
about or whatever the time sensitivity of place your call to action above the
fold you guys are familiar with above the fold with it means it means the
information above where you would scroll down to above the fold is as soon as
someone comes to their page the fold is that line which the RTC more information
when they screwed in her first collection above the fold begin so
here’s a little formula begins by summarizing the primary features
benefits of your offer and then make your first call to action next its ban
on your summary with more details and make another call action deeper and your
copy though there’s a nice little for me for you have it right there have you
call to action right there and then put it down at the bottom if they actually
read your email be personal personalizing emails is one
of the easiest most effective ways to grab the attention of your prospects and
customers personalizing an email body had been shown to generate transaction
treat six times higher than their impersonal counterpart youth camp Association no language and
always make sure that when you captured people’s emails recapture their name
into your database so that whether you using MailChimp or constant contact
there’s a place that you can put the name you’re not actually putting their
name but you’re telling the system to put their first name know people like to be like the feel
like oh you care about me even though deep down inside they know that this is
dis automated thing but obviously the study showed that people really do care
about this and had six times higher conversion free then in personal emails
the next thing is focused on one goal so we send out a newsletter and then with a whole bunch of information hey
we’ve got this going on but they’re going on so on and so forth but once we
decided to scrap this newsletter strategy and actually send out emails
with one goal we’ve got really really get a lot better responses so I suggest
that you do the same it makes our lives easier so we’re not putting together
these really long emails but at the same time we’re offering people still
offering people value and people are actually taking action on it because we
can focus on one thing and it also allows us to create that sense of
urgency so if you get it email five different things in it how can any one
of those things be used in any five things you know you don’t have that it
doesn’t matter so be sure to you make sure you focus on one goal the next step is be sure to send your
emails out regularly to establish rapport with your audience last week we
talked about this with your blog make sure that your blog regularly and
recently so the same thing with your email if you don’t think enough for six
months and they need someone out one day I mean your audience is gonna be like a
little bit it takes a lot longer to figure out what it is who you are and
why you’re actually sending the email so if you’re sending them out frequently
people kind of they have a report with you they know generally what you’re
talking about and they may even look forward to your content. Sometimes people
are afraid to send out emails regularly because they think they’ll get
unsubscribes. But guess what you want those unsubscribes. Because you’re not, they’re taking up
space in my your account and you have to pay for them if you’re using a email service provider
which I’m sure you are. MailChimper constant contact. So if they’re taking up
space and they’re not actually, not interested, so great, that’s fine they can
unsubscribe. so you know don’t be afraid to contact your audience, because the
people that actually care they want to hear from you and they want to hear your
valuable content, they want to hear about your valuable content. So the next thing we’re going to move into our e-commerce tricks. so our e-commerce tricks come from our Instagram page at Lidyr
Creative and they are from our digital media tips of the day so I post three
really really intriguing ones when they get a lot of likes and a lot of shares. So the first one is companies with 30 or more landing pages generates seven times more leads than those with
fewer than 10. That is an awesome statistic. Companies with 30 or more landing
pages generate seven times more lead than those with fewer than 10. What does mean? Is that what you wanna know? We gotta make some more landing pages. So if you offer multiple products think of different ways
that you can actually sell their product think of different customers that you
can actually sell that product to and create landing pages for that product
or different products. So I’m sure they’d even if you sell one product, Im sure that there are thirty different ways that you can spend that particular product. so let’s
say you sell chairs, you can create a landing page for all of your customers
who are hipsters and like hipster furniture or you can create another landing
page for people who are really old or you can create a landing page for people
who don’t have a lot of money. So all these landing pages are out there on the
web and Google can comb your site and if they find that the information is
valuable, they can index you when people can find them through Google or you can promote them on social media or you can pay to promote them either way the information
is out there. You’ve created these landing pages, its got chock full of
information and so create more landing pages we got creates more
landing pages. The next tip is in order to be found by local
customers optimize your site with local information like your address and
geo-targeted words. This is something, putting your address on your website, is something you
know we wouldn’t have to tell people but believe it or not you do it you you can
think you have this universal business and you don’t want people to know but
whatever your business is there someone out there searching for whatever your
business is in that particular area so you can take advantage of that. that’s
called niche down to your geo targeted location so you can always
take advantage. so let’s say you own a e-commerce business selling
best-equipped chairs and you shipp all over the world but you can also make sure you
put your address in your web site so for people who are looking for red chairs in
philadelphia guess what your site will come up. Take advantage of that so be sure to
geo-targeted information on your website. The last trick from our social media
page is help your prospective customers solve a problem and you will win their
trust and the sale. We talked about that earlier and our six tips to write
effective e-commerce email that get you more sales. Solve their problem. Dont talk about ‘Hey I have red chairs, Ive got red chairs.” What is the problem someone would have that would need red chairs? You’ve got a bland room. Pop, add a a pop of color to your room
and spice up your life that solves the problem because sometimes peoplego home and there like i live this boring life and I come home to my boring house, hey you’ve got a red chair! That might add some spice to your life and solve your problem so be sure to focus on solving people’s
problem. let’s move into e-commerce news now the first bit of news is eMarketer, they sit down with Chris Mason the co-founder of and CEO of
Branding Brand and the interview with him and he gave some really good
information about holiday season shopping 2015. I know its August and you
don’t want to think about the holiday season. if you’re the Grinch like me you
hate the holiday season, so just – You dont want it to be cold. I dont want it to be cold either – …….. You need to start thinking about your ecommerce, what your going to do for the holiday season now. Its august, were moving towards the second half of august this is pretty much september and were about to move into 4th quarter. and you need to start thinking about that now. So in this interview he made note trying to drive this bit of information
home to you guys that this year will be the first year that desktop is on the decline across the board. I have been telling you prepare your sites for mobile. Make sure that they are
mobile ready, make sure they’re mobile optimized. Because we know, in March it was the first month that we saw more people using the internet on mobile rather than on
their desktops. so christmas is not going to be any different. So if your site
is not mobile optimized it is not responsive then you need to make sure you
get that together now. start now. Pricing out with a web designer would charge you or you can give us a call email us at [email protected] for a quote
and we can get you mobile ready but be sure to get yourselves mobile ready
because people are gonna be shopping on their phones. The next thing – the next takeaway from that interview is that last year one of the biggest days in shopping was Thanksgiving. Expect that for this year as well. No it was not Black Friday,
nor the day after, it was Thanksgiving and the reason that he had attributed to that was because people shopping on mobile. so people are
enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner ..and shopping right there in front of
Grandma’s face, so you guys need to be prepared for that and start running your
sales on Thanksgiving this year rather than Black Friday. Black Friday is out. Thanksgiving is the new black. Not Black Friday, Black Friday is the old black. Next thing from the interview is
expect the holidays to get pushed back even further so we all know that
holidays like I don’t know probably starting seeing Halloween costumes in the
shelves next week and that trend is not going anywhere. So be sure that you
are you guys are prepped and ready to start promoting your sales even prior
to Black Friday whatever I don’t know I’ll probably say mid Thanksgiving just
make sure you are promoting in in running your advertisement. And the last
takeaway from their interview is focus on one click Buys. So Amazon is the world’s largest
online retailer and it’s because they have one click Buys I think I bought
something on Amazon other day and I mean I have an Amazon Prime account but everytime I do it I just feel like wow this is so insanely easy. …. It was a one click buy – boom – click – buy – Then at 8:00 in the morning it was at the house next day. so you know that’s another
thing is thats not in this interview but you guys need to be on point with your shipping. Be onpoint with it because your competitors out there they not sleeping.
they’re shipping it immediately so that’s how you get that repeat customer
when you send things out immediately. The next bit of news is was
redesigned. When large companies like this redesign their e-commerce website I always take note
because I wanted it is a major indicator as to where design is going to go and it
trains people’s brains on how to think when they look at ecommerce web
sites. So a large website like or Amazon these people Many people going to these websites
every day and its training people’s brains out how to think when they look
at other e-commerce site. So I always take note of when these websites make
redesigns so one of the big tips that I got one to take away that I got from
this redesign was large pictures we already do that now for our clients
because it’s kind of been the thing for quite some time very large very vivid pictures there is
no shop tab in the menu so in the past you would have like a home about
contact us in a shot there’s no shop tab, what they already
did with a simplified their menu and they put the actual categories of
products. So, I have it on the screen so the menu says
it’s an icon for the home that kept the actual Apple then its MAC, IPAD, iPhone,
watch, music, support, that it, so we already know your Apple because you want to shop for
apple product so we don’t there’s no shop they did a way they used to have
when they did away with that icon and now here are our products. Its taking
a step away from the buy – buying feature because if you had to shop before you had to
click on shop in then click on these but now you don’t have to worry about that
you click here for iPhone click on iPhone and boom I can buy my phone right
from that page. maybe the next big takeaway that I got from this redesign is actually I noticed
this is something that was surprising to me with their short menu bar. So the
menu bar at the top of the page was very short in height. Standard menu bars are
somewhere between 100-220 pixels tall but this one is only about 45 pixels tall so it’s really cool because it optimizing the rest of the space on the
page for these large vivid images so take note of that, I don’t think that
something is going to be like new across the board and you got a copy but it
definitely a design element to consider when redesigning your site if you’re
redesigning or designing for the first time there’s not much content on the
home page at all. it is a slider and a couple of pictures down below and that’s
it. it’s really talked about above the fold it’s really almost nothing below
the fold. you come there and then if you scroll down a little teeny tiny but you
don’t even scroll down to the slider doesnt even go away and then that’s it that’s
the only content on the page. we actually just did a site like that literally just finishing up this morning.
where the home page is just a slider so be on the lookout for this design and
consider that for your website. the last bit of take away that I got from this
and this is something that we’ve been doing we’ve been trying to steer our
clients to do is very little text on the slides. So a lot of people come to us and they want they want to design the slide and they put so much information on the
slide. people don’t take in information that way and it very little information
on the slide. so that concludes our ecommerce tips, tricks and news for this week episode 8. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at
and subscribe to our podcast at If you have any questions email
us at [email protected] and so next week you guys have happy ecommercing and happy successing and make all the money! Bye!

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