March 30, 2020
500K Pre-Party  | Inside KlientBoost Episode 006

500K Pre-Party | Inside KlientBoost Episode 006

– Friday catered lunches, they start today. And we should also think… What the… – This is my philosophy on celebrations. I think is it needs to happen more often. It doesn’t happen enough and I don’t think
that team members and employees know enough about how the company is doing and they’re
not seeing that transparency and so, you know, a lot of people… I try to make it unfair. That’s basically my philosophy on celebrating
and high-fiving accomplishments, because I wanna make this a place that is unlike any
other place. And, so I think more of these accomplishments
and good times will happen more often. You know, the more that we actually do ’em
and the faster we grow. So, I mean that’s my side of it and I think
that if I were on the other side of the fence, I would enjoy my boss to do that, as well. And, so that’s a big reason why I wanna keep
doing it. – I’m Jenn. I am the office manager. Right now, we’re setting up for a 500K party,
which is tomorrow. We also got some KB swag. We got Nike pants that I just went and picked
up. We got Converse high-tops that everyone’s
gonna be wearing. And, we got our new 500K shirts. So, I’m going to bag those all up so I can
decorate the office and set it all up on people’s desks. – So, where’s Arik? Arik, I promised you something. Do you remember what I promised you? Oh yeah Something is being delivered today. So, I promised Arik that if we hit… When we hit 500K, he was gonna get Gucci sandals
and, so, I want you to be wearing them for the rest of the day. Is that okay? Okay, cool. So, as you guys already know, we actually… What am I doing? Sorry. We hit 500K. You guys can start passing these around. As just a little thank you. There you go, Graham, that’s for you. Start passing them around. So, now that it’s kind of custom that every
time we hit a milestone, we all glam up together, we look like a squad. So, you’re more than welcome to open them. And some of you you’ll notice there’s a difference
between the t-shirts. The people who are going on the trip have
a palm tree on the sleeve. The people who are not, have an oversized
dollar bill because it was way too big to actually iron on your sleeve. So, you get it on the side. Alright, you guys ready to move on? Friday catered lunches, they start today. And we should also think… What the… – Confucius say…respect your parents. – Oh, I have no idea where we’re going. JD posted on our Slack channel, make sure
you dress warm but, how warm? Do my warm clothes need a passport holder? Do my warm clothes need to be fully insulated
like we’re going to Antarctica? Like, I think those are valid questions, alright,
let’s go ask him. Do we need a jacket? – No, no, no, the cold part was that. – [JD] We’ve gotta go catch a bus, actually. Which way is it? This way? – [JD] Everybody start stretching…we going
bowling. – By the way, Jen is the one who basically
was the architect for everything that you see tonight. So, massive props to her. – [Jenn] Thank you. – It’s a lot of stress and there’s a lot of
changes and things like that, too. She’s planning the vacation, as well. So, she’s doing amazing. – Thank you. – We’re about to go bowling and then we’re
about to have some food and maybe go to Dave and Buster’s and challenge each other a little
bit. -[Stone] Are you excited? I’m really excited. This is my first event with KlientBoost. First milestone. Go on in. – This is for you Stone.

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