April 3, 2020

5 Ways Your Retail Store can Compete with Online Retailers

– So one thing you have
to remember is that online and offline sales
are really two sides of the same coin, right? It’s just two different opportunities for consumers to purchase from you. So if you are an offline
or a retail store, you really need to be considering the fact that you need to
have an online store as well. That’s just another opportunity to sell. Now, if you are online only, you may also wanna be thinking
about a retail location. Maybe your products
will benefit from that, maybe your customers
will benefit from that. So while we’re going
through this conversation, I’m not saying that one
is better than the other, what we’re talking about
is how do offline retailers compete with the online
retailers, compete with Amazon, compete with companies like that. That’s what we’re gonna dive into. So first things first, people
need to be able to find you. So the very first thing you have to do as an offline retailer or
as a brick and mortar store is make sure that you
are listed effectively in all the maps listings
that you can be in. Google Maps being the most important one. Now, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, all of that is incredibly important to make sure that when
people are looking for you because they physically
want to visit your location, they can find you. This is absolutely your first step. And the next thing you wanna
focus on is digital marketing. Now this may seem like, well now we’re immediately jumping into talking about E-commerce, right? And that’s not really the case. There’s a lot of digital
aspects of marketing that you can use to
promote your retail store to make sure that when
people are searching for you or are searching for a product
that you offer, you show up. You know, we can talk
about things like Waze and using Waze marketing
so that when people are searching or they’re trying to, you know, find a place to go, they’re looking at their maps
listings that you show up and your banner shows up there to drive people to your store. Another thing that we can talk
about is digital billboards. Incredibly valuable, especially in high commuter
or high traffic areas. Because it’s a great way to start to get that brand recognition. And brand recognition is
incredibly, incredibly important, especially because at that time someone’s not really gonna go through and search while they’re in
the middle of the traffic. Oh, I see this billboard
and I see this website, I should check it out. But what they will do is
when they get to the office or they get home, they’re
gonna search for that product or service or something
that they were looking for. If your ad shows up at that point, again with your brand name, all that is is just more
indication and more of a reminder, Hey, I saw that logo earlier today, or I saw that brand earlier today. They’re here local, I can
just pick it up tomorrow on my way to work, or on my
way home, something like that. Maybe it’s the weekend. Now all these things kind of add up and build into this brand awareness of that you are local and easy to access. So your digital marketing
is incredibly important. Another side of this would be
to offer Free Local Pickup. Now, especially on your website, you can set this up where
if somebody in your area wants to buy something at their
own convenience, you know, at midnight on a Saturday they can and they can select local pickup and then just come in
tomorrow and grab it. This is another way you
can start to compete with Amazon that has, you know, two day or sometimes one-day shipping. They can just get it tomorrow
at their own convenience. So start looking for
opportunities like that. Top of mind awareness,
using this digital marketing to make sure that when
people are searching they’re finding you and giving them easy, convenient opportunities
to pick up what they need and physically visit your store. Another thing you wanna focus on is emphasizing the actual experience. You know, a lot of retail stores, brick and mortar stores have an experience that comes along with them. Maybe you’ve been in
the community for years, maybe there’s just something
unique about your space or about where you’re located. You know, a lot of places
you’re not really gonna be able to compete with the
Targets and the Walmarts and things like that
because that’s just a level of convenience that is
essentially unmatched, right? They have to go to the store, they’ve got to get their groceries and they’ll pick up X, Y,
and Z while they’re there. That’s why it’s a
large-scale convenience store or a supermarket. But for a lot of mom and pops or brick and mortars like this, you’re not really the convenient location or the convenient store
that’s not a part of it. So lean into the fact that
you are a destination. And create this destination
and this experience around visiting your store. What is something that they
can experience about visiting you that they can’t
experience on a website? Maybe it’s this white glove,
you know, white-touch service. Maybe it’s this high
concierge kind of experience. Maybe it’s the fact that they can come in and actually try the clothes on or they can test the makeup
or something like that. Things they can’t do online, no opportunity to do online and something they probably can’t do at one of the big box stores that you may be competing with. So by finding those little
things that make it important and make it valuable for
someone to leave the beaten path and come to see you is a great
way to set yourself apart. Something else you need to consider is being incredibly involved
in the local economy and this just this local environment that you’ve created around yourself. Think about it like this. When you are buying something online, a lot of times you don’t
even know what state that product is coming from. You know, it’s out of town, out of state, out of mind, right? That money leaves your community
and it doesn’t come back. When money is spent in the community, it turns an average of
seven to eight times before leaving the community. That’s additional income, that’s tax revenue for the town
or the state that you’re in, that’s just additional
income for businesses, for families, for homeowners,
you know, for schools, for teachers, all of this. Be involved in the local community. That’s a great way to start
to build this reputation of, Hey, we’re here for you,
we’re here year round, we’re here all the time
and we employ people that work in the same
neighborhood you live in, right? If you’re buying from a website or your customers are
going and buying online, they’re not supporting local jobs. So this is definitely
something you can lean into. You know, when you shop
small and shop local, you are supporting the local economy and you’re supporting
people going through school, and you’re supporting families and you’re supporting this community. But one of the greatest ways to ensure that your customers believe
that is if you yourself are involved in the community. You have to be involved as a business and as a business owner. You have to be the name. You have to be the face and kind of lead that charge of we’re here, we’re in the neighborhood and
we’re about the neighborhood. You know, support your nonprofits,
support school functions, support the arts and sports and whatever’s important
to your neighborhood and your kind of sphere of influence here. By doing that, it helps to build
this neighborly feeling of, I could get this online, you
know, I could wait and just, you know, buy it later, or I could grab it at the, you know, the big box store down the road, but it makes more sense to do it here. I get the great experience, right? I get to have an experience in a store that I don’t get to have somewhere else. I get to support my local economy. I get to support my local business owners. I get to shop small and shop local. And these are all things that
tug at consumer’s heartstrings and help you grow your business. You know, I kind of wanna end with this I love this because to me it’s just an incredible case study. Amazon has opened brick and mortar stores, Amazon which started
online and online only and really kind of created
this E-commerce world that we live in today has understood and is
starting to realize that consumers demand an experience
that they cannot get online. So this is your opportunity as a retail or a brick and mortar store owner. This is your opportunity to
start to set that standard. If Amazon is realizing
it and they are starting to create brick and mortar stores, they’re understanding the fact that an experience is necessary. Not just because somebody
wants a convenient place to return something
that they bought online, it didn’t work for them, not just because they’re looking for that ultimate experience of, well, I didn’t like it, I just wanna pass it off or I
wanna touch the fabric first or something like that. But people are looking for a meaningful place to go and connect. And they don’t just wanna
connect with the product, but they wanna connect with you as well. So consider that as you’re
building out this store, you’re building out this experience, you’re building out your
digital online presence, your website, because
you need that as well as you’re building all this consider what am I truly building here? What kind of experience can I create that my consumer cannot get anywhere else? And maybe it starts with you. Maybe it’s not the brand or
the logo or the location. Maybe it starts with you or your passion, your excitement that you
are able to translate into your team and your employees, and that’s what keeps
your customers excited and coming back. And the product and then the experience and the service and everything
that they will receive after that is just the cherry on top. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you’ve got other tips
or other suggestions on how to compete as a retail
store in an online world, we’d love to hear them. Please be sure to like, share and comment. Subscribe to the channel. We love to hear from you guys. Thank you so much and happy marketing.

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