November 17, 2019
5 Ways To Manage Your Time Better to Build a Successful Online Business

5 Ways To Manage Your Time Better to Build a Successful Online Business

hey Tanya Jennings here from your
ueconomy lab welcome back to the channel today I want to give you five tips on
how to use your time wisely everyone has 24 hours in the day that’s
that’s the one thing that we all have in common is we all have 24 hours in a day
and it depends on you as to what you do with those hours and those minutes and
those seconds so I want to give you five tips today on how you can keep organized
and actually get more stuff done the late Jim Rohn says at best you either
run the day or the day runs you and it is so true if you’re not organized when
you get up in the morning and you go to start your day
then it’s just forget it it’s gonna you’re not gonna have any organization
you’re not gonna get anything done if you don’t have any if you don’t have a
game plan to your for your day then it’s just game over so something that I
actually implemented probably this year actually was I got this
it’s a planner now look I’m bit old school yes I have Trello and I use that
for my virtual assistant you know we’ve got our Trello boards and we’re all
organized with our online stuff but I’m old schooling I like to write things
down so on a Sunday night I’ll sit down and I will actually write out what I’ve
got to do for the week and you know what my goals are what are my three big goals
for the week and the beauty about this one is and you know I got these soft
Amazon I think it was like 20 bucks look probably the best 20 bucks I’ve spent
apart from some of the domain names that I bought that a cheaper but this is this
is what it looks like it’s probably back to front here but you can see this
week’s top focus what are the top focuses for this week and then what am i
grateful for and then reflecting you want to reflect on you know what’s
happened in the week how what’s gone wrong what’s worked what hasn’t worked
and actually Riffel done that and a lot of people don’t do
that they just head down you know okay but I did this this this just getting
stuff done but not actually taking a step back and going okay well I ran some
traffic this week I used a new solo ad provider how did it go check the metrics
are yet it worked great okay let’s run more traffic with them or maybe it
didn’t work maybe that ad didn’t work maybe you know like actually reflecting
on what’s working and what’s not working instead of just spraying stuff out there
you really need to have a look at okay what’s working for me and if it’s not
working change it great tool and as I said I sit down on a Sunday night and I
just plan out okay what am i doing and you’ve got your um to-do list you just
write down your to-do list there and you know it’s it’s really clearly sorted and
let me say when I started doing this I mean I’ve got we’ve got Trello as well
but we’ve got on the online stuff but when I started actually doing this and
writing it down and focusing on it my income has tripled without a doubt
without a doubt it’s just I’m very organized now I know exactly what I’m
doing and you know that’s what you need to do
when you’re running a business you need to be organized and and I think that’s
where a lot of people when you’re in the online space you might still have a
full-time job I’m fortunate I don’t this is my full-time job and for me it’s not
a job because I love what I do but when you’ve got a full-time job and you’re
trying to do that and you’ve got house and kids and all the rest of it and then
you’re trying to run an online business it becomes a hobby and that’s where I
think people fall down and they don’t succeed is because they’re not treating
it like a business so getting organized and actually
treating it like a business and you will see your results change and number two
is you know a lot of people go I’m just busy I’m busy all the time and you see
those people they’re like I’m just busy and like but busy doing what what are
you busy doing are you actually getting momentum in your business so you’re
doing what needs to be done done are you doing ink
producing activities or you’re just busy doing stuff you know and that’s where
you need to look and go okay if you’re not doing income producing activities if
you’re spending most of your time doing graphic design or making your website
pretty or doing a blog post they’re things your virtual assistant can do and
you might go well I can’t afford a virtual assistant but have them look at
it and go okay if your time’s worth fifty dollars an hour just say
hypothetically it’s fifty dollars an hour and you can get a virtual assistant
to do the tasks that you’re doing for five dollars an hour then you’re
forty-five dollars an hour better off look it was a game changer for me when I
actually got a part-time virtual assistant and it’s she’s only ten hours
a week and that will grow over time but it’s just all those little things that
that take up time that she’s now doing for me and probably doing a better job
than what I was doing to be honest that’s where you need to look at it and
go okay what am I actually doing in my business and if I did get a virtual
assistant can i scale quicker and the answer is yes of course you can because
you’ve got someone there helping you and number three is give the gift of
attention and what do I mean by that is is that if you’re sitting down for
breakfast with the family don’t be looking on your phone or sending emails
actually be there be present with your family and the same is you know when you
first get up in the morning don’t go straight doing work be present do you
know actually be there in the moment if you’re in the shower enjoy the shower if
you you know at the gym enjoy the gym whatever whatever you’re doing actually
be present in that particular moment and and not you know you need to sort of
shut off at certain times and actually just be in the moment and number four
this is a big one is actually learn to say no and it is hard but you need to
learn to say no because if you’re saying yes to everything
these things in your business that are suffering because you’re saying yes to
that and as soon as you say yes to something whatever else that is in your
business or in life you’re saying no to so really prioritize what’s important to
you and you know where you’re spending your time because you know and I’ve had
to do it myself like I think I’ve got 1,200 people in my facebook group and if
I said yes to all of those people that wanted to have a zoom call with me or
you know wanted one-on-one time yeah I just
you can’t I can’t do it I’ve got a lot of other people in other groups that are
asking me questions about certain things you know they’ve joined a program and
their sponsor has just abandoned them and they don’t know what they’re doing
in their program and I’m in the same program and I’m one of the leaders so
they’ve come to me to for help but I can’t help everyone as much as I would
love to and that’s why I do these they have my youtube channel and I’ve got my
Facebook group is that I can actually share my knowledge and you know try and
help as many people as I can on mass and that’s you know that’s what I do but you
need to learn to say no and it is hard and number five and we don’t do this
enough to celebrate the wins you need to celebrate when you actually have a sale
or you know you reach a certain amount of subscribers or you have a certain
amount of people in your group or something happens you know you just need
to celebrate the wins and we don’t do this because you’re just constantly down
going okay I’ve got to do then and get this done and doing everything and
you’re not actually celebrating and enjoying it
so doing yourself a favor and actually just sit back and look at where you’ve
come from and you know a lot of people they go you know it’s it is a grind and
and they don’t think they’re getting anywhere but look but what if you
started your online journey six months ago okay when you first started – now
what have you achieved you know you’ve got your funnel setup you’ve got
your email autoresponder setup you might have started a Facebook group you might
have studied a YouTube channel which I highly recommend
I would never thought that I would say that I’m a youtuber but let me say 30%
of my leads actually comes from YouTube and YouTube’s free so there’s a tip for
you if you’re wanting free leads start a YouTube channel just share whatever
you’re learning when you learn something share it there’s gonna be someone that’s
always you know one or two steps behind you just share what you’re learning
going back to celebrating is actually you know that’s it sharing what you’re
learning and looking at where you started like you’re here and you’re here
now where what’s happened in between and actually celebrating that because you
know I think if you sit down and you look at where you started and where you
are now you you know you will be very very proud of yourself and what you’ve
achieved so I hope that’s helped you and subscribe to the channel hit the bell
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help you scale up and get to that next level so thanks for watching and I’ll
catch you on the next one bye for now

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