April 5, 2020
5 Ways To Increase Your Online Sales | How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

5 Ways To Increase Your Online Sales | How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Welcome to this week’s workshop mini. Today we’re going to be talking about five
things to do to get something to either sell better, sell more, or start to sell, okay. So, you might be in a position where you put
out something and it’s not selling at all, or you might be in a position where something
is selling and it’s selling okay, but you know that it could be better. You know that there might be something that
you can do to make it better, to make more of an impact, to get your conversions up,
to get people to click that buy button a little bit faster, a little bit sooner, and more
often, okay. I know we’ve all been in this situation. I’ve been marketing online for nine years
now, and to this day, there’s still tweaks that I need to make, because not everything
is perfect, and also you as the creator of something, you don’t always see things from
a 360 point of view. You’re only seeing different, certain vantage
points, and you’re not seeing what outsiders are seeing, right. So it’s kind of hard if you don’t have like
a whole team of copywriters to say, hey, have a look, why don’t you look at it from this
way or this way or this way or this way? So, that’s kind of a problem most of us don’t
have the means to hire a whole team of copywriters or even one copywriter, right. I had to kind of learn from the ground up,
and learn how to copy write, and I wanted to learn this, because you can’t hire a copywriter
for everything. You can hire a copywriter, but it’s going
to cost you lot of money eventually if you’re going to be like, hey, write me email copy
for this, write me a sales letter for this, write me copy for my squeeze page. You need the kind of learn those skills, but
those develop over time, and you also develop those just from putting stuff out there, and
getting feedback from whatever you do put out, right. So, let’s go over five things. Now, the reason why I have this sales letter
up, not because I want to showcase my product, but I want to talk to you and use this as
an example of how I’m putting all this stuff into practice. So, this is a product that I had that I put
up kind of very quickly. It was something that I decided to do last
minute. I was like, you know what, I’m very excited
about this product, I know that it’s going to help a lot of people, but I was traveling
last week, and I’m like, oh my gosh, let me just put this together. And I did it in a weekend, and I put it together
in two days. Now, when I say when, “I put together a product,”
the content part was already done, but a new sales letter had to be done, a new video had
to be done. I had to set up the product. I had to do all the kind of set up work. So, the product was already done, all right,
but I wanted to put together a new sales letter, and I wanted to make it a little bit better. So, here’s what happened. I put it out and I was getting good results,
but I knew that I could get better results. So, the very first thing to do, the step to
take to sell more of something, is to perhaps provide a different format, okay. So what do I mean by that? So, I had a video here, okay, and a marketer
friend said, “You know what, you might want to add some text down underneath for people
who don’t want to watch the video, or they maybe missed stuff, or they prefer to read.” All right, so I then go in ahead and kind
of summarize the video underneath the video right here. Okay, so pretty much the video is only about
four minutes long, and that’s good. You don’t want and … Unless you’re a very
well crafted video sales person seller, you do not want a long video, ’cause no one’s
going to listen to you, right., so I try to make my videos shorter, less than five minutes. A lot of the times they convert, but can something
convert a little bit better if you have a different format, maybe summarizing what you
said in a video, right, in text, or maybe you just have text and you’re like, okay,
maybe I can jazz this up and add a video, right. So, consider adding different formats to your
sales process to see which one maybe works better. Now, what I could have done here, I could
have went an extra mile, and I could have split test this. So, I could have split this up into two pages,
one with, maybe even three, one with just the video, one with just the text without
the video, and then one with both, and see which one was converting better, okay. So, for a $17 product, I’m probably not going
to go and do that, but I certainly could, okay, and then you’d have to set up different
tracking to see which one is actually selling better, okay. Number two, this is a great, great thing to
do, okay. So, if you get enough traction to whatever
it is you’re selling, and you have some form of a help desk or a way for people to reach
out to you, you can … People will actually ask questions to your help desk if they’re
unclear about something, and I realized in putting together this sales letter very quickly,
that I didn’t incorporate all the answers to potential question that people could have
had. So they’re like, well, what kind of … You
say that you put together, you could make interactive PDFs, like people can fill in
text boxes and checked boxes, things like that, and interact with your PDFs, but what
else can they do? So, what I then did was I went ahead, and
I’m like, oh, if one person has this question, that means that a lot of people probably have
this question. So, you want to go ahead and address those
in your copy, right. So, that will eliminate people going and having
the need to access you, and your support desk, to ask you a question if you already answer
it on your sales copy, right? So, I went ahead and I added some visuals,
and I said here are somethings that you can actually do. Okay, you can add text boxes, text paragraphs,
checklists, radial buttons, drop downs, everything, all of these different things to your PDF. Somebody’s asking for the link to see it,
I’m just going to go ahead and put that in the chat box right now, so you can see the
link that I’m talking about here. So basically, this is sales page definitely
evolved from the first day that I put it together, and I put it out to now. Okay, because of these things, and you want
to really pay attention to what people are asking you. Because if one person is unclear, that means
a lot of people could be unclear, and instead you had one person, or I had one person to
go the extra mile to reach out to me on my support desk, but not everybody’s going to
do that. They’re just going to click away, oh, I don’t
know what the heck this is, and they’re just going to click away and not buy. So, you’re missing out if you don’t address
these, right. The next thing that you want to do is again,
you could have a static page with just text, and what you really want to do is jazz that
up. And so step three would be to explain things
with text, pictures, and video. So, just always have that in the back of your
head, that ask yourself how can I explain something a little bit better? Right, because not everybody is going to consume
that information in the same way, and not everybody is going to quite understand something
just because they read it, right. So, maybe like I have a passion for this topic,
and the whole reason I put this together was because I paid thousands of dollars for a
coaching program and they gave me a welcome package. And inside that welcome package was a PDF
that I can actually fill out my goals, whatever, issues I was having, whatever thing I wanted
to work on. I was like, wait a minute, from a content
perspective, this is amazing. So, when I talk about this, you could hear
the inflections in my voice, you could hear how excited I am about this. You can hear how this helped me, and how this
changed my business, and that comes through a lot more clear perhaps in video than it
does maybe in text. So, always consider different formats and
different examples, ‘kay. The fourth thing that you want to talk about,
right, and we’ve mentioned this before in past workshop minis, is you want to show examples
of people having success with your product. Now, this could be your own success. Like I have my own success story, but what
you want to do is somehow in the backend, you want to try to get some feedback from
your customers or even from people who you said, “Hey, try out this product.” So that you can maybe show examples of success
in the form of a testimonial, and someone saying how easy it is or how great it is. I could probably doing a better job at this,
and I think I have one testimonial on here already, but as I keep getting those in, I’m
going to keep adding to the sales letter, and just bulking that up with people who are
giving me success stories and examples of checklists that they’ve made or PDFs that
they’ve made that are now interactive, whereas before they were static. Okay, so do your best to kind of get those
success stories, because if you look at anything that is selling online that is doing a decent
job, you’re going to see that they have testimonials. They have videos of people like explaining
the product. They have text boxes of just text of people
talking about your product, and this just gives some social proof that the product actually
works, people are consuming it, and they’re getting stuff out of it, okay. So, that’s always a great thing to add. And number five is something that we should
always be thinking about, and then as we write out copy, as we evaluate our copy, as we see
what’s going on with the copy. Is it converting? Is it not converting? Is it … What’s going on with it, right? We should always try to simplify the process,
okay. How can we look at the copy and say, okay,
what is confusing about this? What is potentially driving away customers,
right? Maybe you’re too wordy or you’ve gone too
deep into something, in the process, right. So one of the challenges here for me at least,
I put another demo, a segment about how I was making PDFs interactive, and the demo
kind of showed similar to this but it was more of a video. But it showed like a step by step process
of what you need to do to make your PDFs interactive. Sometimes you can go a little bit too far
in your sales process, and actually drive people away, right. You don’t want to do that. You want to make it as simple as possible
for the person to not only buy but also once they’re in, make it as easy as possible for
them to actually consume your product and get the most out of it, right. So, inside this product, I think I made like
four short videos, and I had a couple people say like, oh, where is the product? And I’m like look, you don’t need an 800 page
PDF and 100 videos for a product to help you necessarily. I’ve actually made it very, very simple for
you by not giving you so much to consume. You’d have very little to consume, and you
can go ahead and put this into action right away, right. So, you want to make that clear. So, even on …
I’m not sure if I wrote it here, but that’s actually a selling point, if I say, look,
you can go through this content in less than an hour, and make your PDFs interactive. This way people who consume your product,
they will consume your product, they’ll remember you because you’re the one that helped them
through a process, right. Like my coach, I will never forget her, because
she helped me through a process by actually having me write stuff out. I didn’t have to print anything out. I did it right on the screen. I saved it for later. It was nothing that I had to kind of like
… You know how PDFs, you can’t interact … You don’t do what I do in this product,
you can’t type anything in unless you have like expensive Adobe products, which has nothing
to do with what I’m showing here. So, in that sense, you’d have to kind of like
open up a Word document and look at the PDF, and then transfer the answers to the questions
on your Word document, and that’s kind of annoying. As opposed to interacting right on the PDF,
saving your work for later, saving it to look back on months from now whenever it is you
want to, right. So, that’s … These are some of the things
that you want to take into consideration when something is maybe not selling at all, or
you want it to do a little bit better, and you’re not exactly sure why. So, you get feedback and you want to always
get that feedback, and make sure you put that in you copy, so that it answers questions
for everybody. You want to simplify it. You want to show case it in different formats,
texts, pictures, videos. Cater to all your visitors, not just the ones
that like to read, or some people don’t like to watch video, things like that, and explain
things in different ways. And again, make it as simple as possible. Don’t get too caught up into too many details,
because you’ll just drive people away. You’ll confuse them, and they won’t buy from
you, okay. We used to call this in outside sales, we
used to call it, “Getting in the weeds.” Right, so it’s almost like when you’re selling
something, you don’t shut up, and you keep going and going and going and going and going,
you almost talk yourself out of the sale, and then what you do is when you say too much,
you bring up objections that would have never been there if you didn’t just talk too much,
and bring them upon yourself. Right, so now you have to dig yourself out
of that, and that’s what you do not want to do. You want to avoid that, all right. Somebody says, “Do you need to buy Acrobat
fillable PDF?” No. This is not about buying anything extra. This is actually a free tool that I show you
how to use inside the product, so that’s really, really exciting. You can go to the link right here, and you
can purchase if you want. It’s Printables on Steroids, and if you’re
watching the replay, the link will be in the YouTube description box, and we have hit our
20 minutes. And I hoped that I helped you sell things
better by just simplifying, creating different formats, and just explaining things in a way
that make it easy for your customer subscribers and visitors to understand, okay? Have a great rest of your day. I will see you on the next workshop, bye-bye.

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