March 30, 2020

5 Ways to find a Good Niche for Dropshipping | How to Pick a Good Niche 2-2

Hi guys, it’s Demi from CJ dropshipping. In a previous video, I told you guys that
some successful dropshippers cooperating with CJ make tens of thousands bucks of sales per
day, it is because they made thorough preparations
and found a profit niche to start with, and I shared features of good & bad niches. Today, I am going to continue this topic,
and share 5 ways to find a good niche. Okay, no more talking, let’s go straight
to the point. 1.Brainstorming Brainstorming is a important step for niche
selection, when first brainstorming, make a list of at
least 50 workable niches for dropshipping. This doesn’t mean that you think about it
during a lunch break or queueing time, you need to block off time and focus on brainstorming. Here are some tips that will help you brainstorming
a long list of potential niches for selection. 1.Check the last 10 times you bought online 2.Find out the most practical and your most
like items you bought online. 3.Ask your family and friends what they bought
online recently. 4.Think about all your family and friends
and what they have in their houses. 5.what do people like to do on vacation 6.What are popular hobbies in your target
area Write everything down, even if it seems questionable
at the time, and then take this list and begin running
them through features of good niches and bad niches to have a rough sifting. And to make your list more workable, there
are extra two lenses you can view through: One is your interest-running a dropshipping
business sometimes cost your time and effort in winning product sourcing, if you have interest in niche you are doing,
it could be enjoyable and you will have great sense of accomplishment. Another is competition-Scout out other dropshipping
stores and see what products are over-saturated. You bet don’t want to sell those. 2.Finding niches on popular e-commerce platforms Amazon is the world’s biggest retailer and
they sell almost everything you can buy online. That’s what makes it one of the best places
to find good niches and the products that are super hot. Here’s the step by step process to finding
good niches using Amazon: Click on the ‘All’ tab at the left of the
main search bar it will show a list of categories or ‘niches’. Click on a specific category, that interests
you. Then leave the search box blank and hit ‘Go’. A new page will display and on the left-hand
side a whole list of subcategories will pop up. Click a subcategory and it’ll take you further
down into the niche into a more specific sub-niche. Amazon is especially great to help you find
a super specific niche and the products that sell best. Even better is you can choose ‘top sellers’
from the home page and see what’s currently selling best. There’s no way you can’t find a good niche
on Amazon, or at least have a good brainstorming session
browsing the site. Besides Amazon, you can search on Ebay or
any other popular e-commercial platforms you are familiar with. 3.Local stores research Doing local stores research is an unskippable
step in your dropshipping business preparation. You should should know what are selling now
in offline stores, and try to skip the common items you can see at every store. And you can write down the retail prices,
it’s a good way helping you to find a profitable niche. 4.Doing market research by Google Thanks to the development of internet, you
do not have to go to the library and find data you want by rummaging though hundreds of bookracks. With a laptop or a smartphone, you can Google
whatever you want to know. It is very necessary doing market research
before you set up any business, or you are probably suffer money and time
loss. We just set warehouse in Thailand the past
year, before we take actions, complete and detailed
market research is a matter of great account. This diagram is online consumer spend by catalogue
as a share of total online consumer spend in southeast Asia, compared to global averages. We can see from this diagram that in southeast
Asia, the percentage of travel is 51%, far surpasses 29% of global average. And what impressive is, the percentage of
electronics & physical media is 12%, larger than fashion & beauty in Southeast Asia, which is opposite to the global average. According to this data, if your target market
is Southeast Asia, you can make an inclination to these two categories. 5.Finding hot niches from Facebook, instagram,
pinterest ads Put ads on social medias is a major way to
draw traffic and convert customers for dropshipping, and it’s a easy and practical way for you
to find what’s on trending. You can follow e-commercial posters, and like
dropshipping products ads, then you will receive these kinds of ads push. Dropshippers are paying to make ads for profitable
items, so why not sit idle and enjoy the fruits of
others’ work? Okay guys, that are all my 5 method of how
to pick a good niche for dropshipping. Watch this video and review the features of
good & bad niches. Do not forget subscribing us and set alert
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so we can make it better. Thanks so much for watching, can’t wait
to see you at the next video, bye~

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