April 6, 2020
5 Types of AFFILIATE MARKETING website with examples

5 Types of AFFILIATE MARKETING website with examples

– In this video I’m going
to be sharing with you five different types of
affiliate marketing website. So if you’re currently
thinking about setting up your very own affiliate marketing website, but you’re not too sure
about the sort of site you want to create, keep watching and hopefully this video will give you a bit of clarity. Let’s go. (air whooshing with light piano music) (bright piano music) Hello it’s Alex here from WP Eagle. Hope you’re all well, thanks for watching. So yeah in this video
we’re gonna be exploring the different types of
affiliate marketing website that you can create and are
out there on the internet to give you some
inspiration and some ideas. So that you can go out and
create your very own site. Now, I’ve got a number of
tutorials on my channel which show exactly how to create an affiliate marketing website. And I will be adding links to them as we go through video in the relevant spots. So be sure to check them out. And if you miss the cards
you can always find them in the description below. By the way I’ve also got
a number of other videos in the pipeline which I’m hoping to upload over the next few weeks. All about, again, creating
your own affiliate marketing website, so be sure to subscribe by clicking on the button below and click the little bell icon,
so that you don’t miss out when I do upload those. But anyway let’s get started
and let me tell you about a few of the different
affiliate marketing websites that are out there. Great the first one I want
to mention is a blog site. So this is your kind of basic vanilla sort of affiliate
marketing website. When I say basic that
doesn’t mean you can’t earn big money off
them, you certainly can. A blog is basically just
a collection of content. A good example of this
is an affiliate site called BabyGearLab.com. On here you’ll find loads
of articles and how-tos and reviews, just basically
loads of content all around. Baby Gear, so it really
helps people that are looking to make a purchase in the baby niche. They’ve got articles for example on how to choose a stroller, the best nappies. All sorts of things, everything a parent needs to know really when
their gonna have a baby, or they’ve already got a baby. The great thing about this site is that they actually purchase all the products that they’re gonna be talking about. Now that sounds quite excessive I know and obviously not every
affiliate needs to do that. You can created your content without buying all the products. But this really gives them
an extra bit of credibility and it allows them to churn
out lots and lots of really high quality content. The second sort of
affiliate marketing website is an ecommerce site. Now I do have a number of tutorials on how to create one of
these on the channel, so be sure to check out the
card and the links below. But the benefit of
having an ecommerce site is that you have a blog, just
like the first sort of site. But then you also have
a selection of products on your site as well and it kind of looks like a traditional ecommerce site. This allows people to
kind of browse around and add products to their cart. And then when they check out they then get redirected off to the merchant, for example Amazon. And when they make their
purchase you get the commission. You do still need blog content
in order for these to work. But the benefit of having
lots of products on your site means that you often get
found for long tail searches. So when people are searching for things that are very particular and they’re typing in long
product names and codes and that sort of thing, there’s a good chance
that your product pages will come up for those searches and you’ll get traffic that way. You will need a plug in or
some other sort of software to help you manage this and
kind of pull products in via an API. But yeah they’re a good
site to have and as I say they allow you to pick up
a lot of long tail searches as well as getting traffic
to your main content like you would with a blog site. Third sort of site I
want to talk about is a review focused site, so it’s
very similar to a blog site, but it’s geared towards
just offering reviews. So an example of this would be a website that I may awhile back
which was all around WordPress themes, where I add a load of content
and added loads of reviews. And it had kind of star
ratings, that kind of thing. I’ve put a link up to the video tutorial on how you can make a site just like that. But yeah, it’s a site that
very focused on reviews, that’s the kind of main content that you’re gonna be offering. And you’re helping people
buy by reviewing products. And then obviously liking off
with your affiliate links, so that people can make the purchase. The fourth sort of site
that I want to talk about is a voucher code site. Now I’m sure you’re familiar with these. A big one is vouchercodes.co.uk in the UK. There’s a tonne of sites out
there to offer voucher codes. And it is a very competitive niche, especially the more general sites. A way that you could
possibly enter this market would be to have a
niche voucher code site. So maybe you just, you know voucher codes for health products or baby products, or some very specific niche. But basically this way this
works is you create a site and you offer a lot of sort
of voucher discount codes. And in order for someone
to access those codes they have to click a button
or something like that then, sends them off to the merchant site via your affiliate links
in the gate cookied. Or indeed you’d create some voucher codes via your affiliate campaigns that you have with these merchants. And then when someone uses that code they’re then able to track
that sale back to you and you get your commission. So again, fourth type of
site is a voucher code site. Number five is a comparison site. Now I’m currently in the
process of actually making my own comparison site. But as the name suggest
a comparison site is just a place where people can go when they’re looking for
a certain type of product. And it allows them to compare prices and stock available to you,
that kind of thing, very easily. Now I’m creating one all around trainers, or sneakers as you say in the States. And it’s gonna be you know, very specific in a very specific niche
and it allows people to find the cheapest price of trainer. The way you do this is use a plug in, for example Content Egg, or
something similar like that, Where you can pull in
lots of prices via an API. I’m using Affiliate Window, Commission Junction and Amazon. And you’re pulling all the
data from all those guys then laying it out really nicely, so people can clearly see where they can get the product
for the cheapest price. If you’re thinking of
doing a comparison site, again similar to the voucher codes, I’d make sure that you
go into a specific niche. That way you’ve got a good
chance of getting ranked. And again kind of all these sites they are gonna need content. So you are gonna need a
blog somewhere within there where you can serve up some good content and help people make a purchase. That brings us to the end of this video, I hope you’ve found it useful. I hope it’s inspired you and kind of given you some
clarity in terms of the sort of site that you want to create. As I said I’ve got tutorials on a number of these different types of sites. So I’ve got tutorials on how to create an ecommerce type site,
how to do the review site. And as I say in the pipeline I’ve got a video coming through on
how to create the blog site and the comparison site. So yeah. If you haven’t done so
already please do subscribe. You can click the little bell to make sure you get notified and join
the notification squad, as I hear other YouTubers
saying. (chuckles) Here’s a video from the past
which I hope you’ll enjoy. And there’s a couple
more channels that I’m on that you might like. Until next time, bye for now.

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