April 2, 2020
5 Tricks from Successful Ecommerce Sites

5 Tricks from Successful Ecommerce Sites

Hi everyone! I’m glad to welcome you at Cleveroad studio. Mobile app development is an endless subject. Today, we are going to touch on a relevant
topic that concerns a special kind of mobile applications – ecommerce apps. ECommerce is no longer a promising prospect
of the future. In our time, this is a must-have for each
entrepreneur who runs a retail business. Let’s consider the brightest examples of
ecommerce sites that deserve to be followed and reveal the ingredients to prepare a successful
eCommerce site. First of all, start with choosing an eye-catching
name and a memorable URL. Here are a few tips that will help you in
this matter: Don’t use too long words and expressions. Make sure that your title can be easily pronounced. Give priority to “.com” because this is the
most popular domain worldwide. Mind that if you work in a specific region
only, it would be more reasonable to use the relevant domains, e.g., “.au” for Australia
or “.co.uk” for Great Britain. Create a unique name. For that, deploy compounded words, affixation,
creative word combination, or totally new words. Further, proceed to the building a well-thought
Home page. Work out each detail of the facade view. Here is how you can do it: Let users know who you are and what you do
from the first second they enter your site. No one has time for digging out what your
site is done for. If there is no clarity at once, you get out
of play. Refer to the right people in a right language. Avoid any gobbledygook in your slogans and
make them clear and explicit. Make an attractive offer that distinguishes
you from others. Use discount, a special bonus, or communicate
that a certain part of earnings goes to charity. Optimize it for each possible device. Note that the page view does not have to be
necessarily identical across all the mobile platforms. Call to action.Place titles like “Shop Now”,
“Learn More”, “Join Community”, “Check what’s raising”, etc. in a prominent place on the
home page. Don’t forget to add suitable photos. High-res images along with offbeat design
are very important for your business. To benefit from the eCommerce site pictures,
follow the recommendations below: Give priority to the white background Use photos of the big size only Include zooming feature Compose the gallery of photos from different
angles We proceed to the next recommendation that
concerns site navigation. Make sure that it’s understood intuitively. Consider including the following components: New products. This feature is very useful for your standing
customers. Instead of making them come out the entire
collection from scratch you can greatly save their time by gathering the new arrivals in
one place. Recently viewed and recommended goods. This feature will help your customers easily
return to the products that they have already seen. Also, it will offer the relevant products
basing on their preferences. Drop-downs. They appear as a logical follow-up to other
elements and simplify the navigation through your website. The last but not the least tip says that you
should think of the unique selling point. It brings something that makes you not similar
to others. Here are a few examples of fresh ideas from
different eCommerce sites. Brayola, a big shop of women’s lingerie, has
a smart engine that advises whether a chosen bra will fit a buyer. It analyzes several favorite bras of a woman
(that she shares on the website) and compares the results with the same models and sizes
of other customers. Warby Parker, an eyewear store, sends several
glasses to a client so that he or she could try on all of them and choose one. Jet, the eCommerce site of various goods,
offers an interactive shopping cart that automatically recalculates total amount depending on the
number of products you buy. I hope the above examples inspired you on
choosing an effective strategy for your eCommerce business. The companies mentioned here are all big names
that definitely deserve to be followed. In spite of this, the blind imitation of someone
or something has never led to success. Therefore, adhering to proven tactics, do
not forget that the best thing you can do is to be the one and only for your customers. On this note, I’d like to finish our All
About Apps edition. Hope to see you next time. Be safe and don’t forget to subscribe!

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